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    PC hard/soft ware (duhhhhhh)
    CARS (tuning)
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    studying :S


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    ryzen 7 2700X
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    asus prime X-470 Pro
  • RAM
    16 GB G-skill tridentz 3200
  • GPU
    1070TI ausu strix
  • Case
    corsair crystal
  • Storage
    500 M.2 1TB hdd
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    samsaung ...
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    Fractal desing celscius 360
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    skiller pro+
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    skiller pro
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    sound blaster katana
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    win 10 :S

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  1. hye, i now have a onkyo ls 3100. i love it!!!! but the speakers are acting up so i need a new one. i first looked for a new onkyo ls, but there almost done for it :(. so now my question: anyone have suggestions? i loved that its a 2.1 so i would love another 2.1 whit a bluethoot sub if possible. i also loved the bt function that i could use my speakers whit my phone. thanks for the help :D.
  2. not much just youtube, word and excell, only thing i can think about it happend 2 after gaming. but like after 30+ min. the file from word and excel is from my nas.
  3. hye, so my windows somtimes freezes but i can still save my work. but music keeps hanging. i also can shut it down only it doesnt do anything. my background also stops (i have wallpaper engine) anyone have ides? or if u need more info let me know if u can help.
  4. so the second one is acurate? this was the other one that i found for calculating it. Activity / Task Mbps per User Voice or Fax over Internet Protocol (VoIP or FoIP) .10 Email and Instant Messaging .08 Web Browsing 2.00 Data Sharing 4.00 Video Conferencing .50 Large File Transfer 50.00 Web Hosting and eCommerce 500.00 Streami
  5. hye, i need to se for a school project what bandwidht i need for a businesses of 600 people and 1000. they will do medium work such as: voip mail basic web browsing. my question how do you calculate this accurately , i found 2 main way of calculating. but they are that far apart that i don know what. Low – 100 Kbps (kilobits per second) or less: E-fax machines, VoIP phones, laptops and computers for emailing and simple web surfing Medium – 100-500 Kbps: More intensive web browsing, streaming, emailing, and downloading High – 500Kbps – 2.0Mbps (megabits per se
  6. draw.io looks nice! is there a way to download it or only web bassed?
  7. Hye guys, i need advice! for the belgian law you need an elctrical plan for the house. i learned way back in school how to make/ read one. But im a lazzy person + belgian lawmaker probably want a printed one. so my question anyone know a free program for drawing one? manny thanks alreaddy!
  8. Hye, ive used inventoer for over 6years in my studies. but now that it comes to an end, my inventor licences does so to. i need a good and free replacement for my hobby (3d printing parts) i try freecad but i dont understad the layout etc. i could spent time to learn it but, i first want to see what is around. mabby you guys have some better options. fingers crossed.
  9. nope whit other pc's jst showed up and yes did remove and then update. pc specs Processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor, 3400 MHz, 6 core('s), 12 logische processor(s) MB PRIME B450-PLUS
  10. hye ive got an external hdd but it wont show up on my pc but is does on others. what i tried: didnt show up at diskmangement. doesnt show up at diskpart doesnt show up at devide mangager. does show up at anny other pc updated the whole pc and usb drivers. formated the external hdd in exfat and fat32. used more than one usb port both 3.0 and 2.0. so now im clueless and apperantly common google to. anny ideas?
  11. so u cant get it in the new version? not even somewhere in settings?
  12. like this. and u see in the pic its like its hiding processes. i first thought a virus. But i scaned my pc. and not the quick scan but the full scan. what i mean.
  13. hye, i noticed that when im counting all my process that its does not match the totals task manger says. most of the time its off whit 5-10 percent. i asked a teacher of mine. he said that there was back in the day an option in windows to show all process. but i cant seem to find it. can anyone help me to find out if it still can? or that my pc is misbehaving. thanks already!
  14. Ive got the samsaung madicen app and i like it plus the qvo 1tb is the cheapest here around me and the evo is like a few dollars more than the compeditors so the i taught samsaung is the best they says. So but i dont know wich one of the 2 i need to buy