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  1. I will try that thanks for the info! This helps a lot.
  2. I used Thermalright extreme odyssey. 2.0mm on front and 3.0mm on the back
  3. I am trying to keep this card cooler. I've used 2mm on the front and 3mm on back. it still gets hot. from what i've read everyone has used these pads. can anyone help?
  4. Hello everyone, I am finally getting ready to do a NAS. I know some will just tell me to buy a pre-built one. fact is that I want to learn. I am wanting part suggestions with a NAS build. switch board and patch board. any tips. I have read a lot on this. some say ECC memory don't matter other say it does. so much information on that. So the NAS is for our construction business. but if you think a pre built one is best then i open to suggestions as which one to get. also any videos out there that expline how to start an AD? thanks for the help. really any advice is welcomed.
  5. we have 5 people in the office who are all family members. so you think a AD is something we need? I was looking at Seagate drives our speed is about 90 Mbps I had read that you needed ECC, but a lot of DIY guides didn't have one except for one.
  6. would this support ECC memory? I read this was like a must have.
  7. Synology those are the ones you just buy the storage right? sorry I'm unfamiliar with what an AD is. we probably need about 20 TB no more honestly. I have not searched into backing up the NAS. but is something we will want.
  8. Hello, first building a NAS and I just need advice on parts. The NAS will be used for our small construction business. we will store Accounting Files, Project Contracts, Billing. we will also use it to store our blueprints. we use a program called planswift and we want all the prints to be stored in the NAS. here is the parts I have so far. I also need help with what network hub do I need? (I'm not sure I called it the right name). any help will be great thank you!
  9. So can someone explain why going thru the configurator is more expensive? than buying replacement cables. its probably a dumb question. I assume its because of the chance to choose the length of the cables.
  10. hmmm... I have an RTX 2080 ti...ill check what the monitor is running at. I can't remember what the settings are at.
  11. Ill try that when I get home and update. maybe I have them to high. you mean the monitor or do you mean in-game settings too.
  12. hello started playing Control and I noticed that the shadows or some shadows didn't look right. is the game supposed to look like this? the shadows don't blend very well. at the very top right corner you can tell. I have tried playing with settings. I have Ray-tracing on and DLSS and I have tried to turn them off. still look the same. my monitor that I use is the LG CX OLED. I have tried other monitors and it looks the same. let me know if guys think this is normal for this game? it isn't all shadows. mainly the ones on the wall.
  13. yeah, it was awesome! just got me 3080 Ti so super excited.
  14. Hello Everyone! I know what I am about to post is not a Build Log, but it literally took me a year and I was in the middle of building a house. Got the house done before the wood prices increased and got the PC done just a few months ago. This is not my first watercooling project. Just wanted to show how I did my Loop and hoping it inspires others to build there own. thanks for looking. A lot of my storage drives came from old builds in the past, so I just crammed all of them into this build. The Custom Cables are from Cable Mod (I will attempt to make my own on my next buil