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  1. So I’m sure someone has pointed this out at some time. but, most cases have 2-3 fans at the front and 2-3 fans at the top right? So do the front top and the top front fan on case cancel each other out? basically one is pulling cool air in and the other is just taking that cool air and just pulling it out? Idk if some of it gets thru but I would think most of it gets lost? so if that’s true why do manufacturers design cases like this? just seems like most cases are designed to be flawed? but I’m probably wrong. Never tested or have yet
  2. So I am need of a laptop that I can use for light video editing and Adobe illustrator & photoshop as well as some music editing. i have researched the Asus Zenbook pro duo & the Microsoft surfacebook 3. I like the idea of the MSB3 turning into a tablet. Would make it easy to take notes. I also like the idea of Asus 2nd screen. they can both use a stylus. The MSB3 can lay flat. Which I think would be easier for drawing or using the stylus? My concern is. 1.Do I need a stylus at all? I know I’m just starting but I do intend to improve. 2.Is
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the advice
  4. Hello! I’m building inside the Lian li o11. And was wondering if this was a good radiator setup. There is no fans from the side. I was hoping to do something similar. i was just worried this set up would not have enough cool air?
  5. Is there a guide on how to set this up? I’m interested in learning.
  6. ekyona

    My PC

    Here is my 3rd pc watercooling! Went with soft tube because I have to transport it occasionally. I used mix fitting chrome and white....I know I probably should have used all white, but I think it’s okay. This has been fun. A little challenging because of the size of case. But I think I fit quiet a bit into the Lian li TU150. I’m waiting on soft tubing fittings...I didn’t order enough . FYI the 240mm x 21mm rad was hard to find! I searched the web for this and I mean I searched! Anyways I thought I’d share my build with the SFF community here. Hope this gives you some ideas. if s
  7. ekyona

    My PC

    I got this card when it first came out. I just now got around to water cooling it. but fear not! sold my rtx 2080 super at a good price. so this RTX 2080 ti will go into my VR pc system. so this build will wait till I can get the new cards.
  8. ekyona

    My PC

    So this is my 2nd water cooling PC. I've had my GPU since it came out and my CPU. I finally got it complete, only to have it tear down for a new GPU. I though I did pretty good. I use this mainly to do gaming on and video editing. I might sell this case with the distro plate. love the lian li case, but I feel like everyone and there mother has one now. but maybe that is due to me having one and I notice more. Here are the specs. CPU: i9 9900K clocked @ 4.9 w/ 1.287v (still working on 5.0 but idk if mine can do it at low volts. also not very experienced at OC) GPU: FE RTX 20
  9. so i just transferred the video from the USB to my laptop and the video plays just fine. so is it safe to assume that video is fine? does read and write speed matter on a USB if you are saving a video?
  10. it was H.264.. should we just export it directly to the usb? when i mean choppy i mean it plays back really slow. i assume its because of a bad copy like you said.
  11. hello so me and a friend film a drone video. and our customer wanted a copy. so my friend just copied the film from her harddrive to her usb. but each time we play it, its choppy. are we supposed to use higher end usb's?
  12. its 1080p 60fps & SSD Storage. i read thru the link provided. so far my hardware should be enough. but im still reading thru this.
  13. I am having trouble when I apply several things like color grading, fancy transitions, and utilize the retime controls to speed up portions of clips. Sometimes just applying one kind of transition, like smooth cut, and nothing else, makes it stutter i figure my hardware should be able to run it. Laptop Asus my hardware is i7 8750H 16gb of ram rtx 2070 any advice?
  14. Thanks for the advice! I’ve just been using va panels with high refresh rates. And I wanted to take advantage of the ps5 and the next GPUs that support hdmi 2.1. Lately I’ve been wondering if monitor. I have the Asus ultra wide. And I almost thought about getting the g9 odyssey from Samsung. I’m sure I will go with the C9
  15. Hello, id like to know other people’s opinion on a monitor. I’ve read reviews in both and watched videos. But I always think it’s best to get opinions from others. So which monitor best? As a display? Does hdmi 2.1 really matter? I was surprised the Asus didn’t have any. I would be plugging in my pc and ps5 on this monitor. if you guys could give any advice. It help me out a lot.