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  1. Fixed it all, will be restarting, and flushing all my DNS' and then be testing
  2. Looks like there are Query's coming from my PC, meaning that I indeed have the right DNS. However I am still getting ads on youtube when I go into incognito. I am also getting ads on Speedtest.net. What should I try? Sorry for the newbie questions, I am very new to this sort of stuff
  3. All done! Thank you! How do I find the DNS address that my devices have to connect to?
  4. I was asking if it was possible on a regular PC, and how to do it.
  5. Aight. I still wouldn't mind knowing how to setup PiHole, I would still prefer to get rid of ads, and PiHole looks like the easiest way to do it
  6. I haven't gotten any other router that what my ISP has given me. I doubt it will work. However I know that I can change my default DNS for PiHole.
  7. I have 0 experience with networking, other than plugging in a few ethernet cables. Please explain?
  8. So I saw Linus' video on the PiHole ad blocking thing. Figured seeing as I had a few Dell Optiplexes laying around, I kind of want to set it up. I am not too interested in blocking YouTube ads (as I have premium, big flex) but I would also like to block mobile ad's because whenever I am playing a game with hella ads, I always have an Internet Blocker app on, which is annoying bc it shows as a VPN in my Notification Bar and I really like having it clean. I would also like to block specific websites (don't ask), but I would like the blocked websites to redirect to a specific page of my
  9. From what you linked, it says that it is a Mini ATX case. If you have a dremil, just go to town on the cooler to make it fit well, touch it up and boom. THATS HOW TO FIX IT SLAV STYLE. If you had photo's I may be able to link a scuffed way to fix it
  10. No shit sherlock, usually you want to get a Mini ITX GPU if you are doing a Mini-ITX build. I would recommend just returning it or either DIYing a scuffed cooler onto it. Otherwise get a different case. In all fairness, PCPP says that they don't calculate distance between RAM and Cooler and Case and GPU.
  11. So I made a boo boo and told a friend that I would buy them a PC. As someone who is known to stick to their word, I want to follow through. I don't want it to be an absolute piece of junk, but it doesn't need to be super powerful. They are mainly just playing the Sims 4, Minecraft and a bit of Overwatch. I was thinking with just going with a 3200G system with a B450 BIOS updated board. But I was just thinking, I could cut even more costs, while keeping a similar upgrade path, I could get a R3 1200 with an A320 mobo for alot cheaper and update the bios to a B450 one so there is a second ge
  12. Hey Guys, I have forgotten the password on one of my laptops. However it isn't using a live account. I was thinking that the best way to fix it would to be boot to a USB stick (using ubuntu or something) downloading all my files onto a different drive. Formatting the disk and reinstalling windows with those files. I would certainly be open to other ideas as this seems tedious.
  13. Try re-seating the GPU and power cables. Also if you had photos of it, I may be able to locate the issue.