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  1. What is a gaming router? The run of the mill router has one network for everything and some algorithm to decide which traffic should be prioritized. Not totally accurate. If you have access to the network you can setup a second NAT which you configure to only talk to the main router. So technically it is somewhat like a "own" network. In this config everything still goes down if the main router fails
  2. 7-zip can make your archive executable.
  3. If you don't want this use BitLocker but keep in mind that this a proprietary software made in the USA and only included in windows 10 pro.
  4. I hate chirality.

    Thankfully Inventor allows to cut the body and then mirror it and then it should finally clear the belt holder.




    test printing the fixed/reworked  file from the manufacturer. So much simpler if don't need to reverse engineer anything like you must do for consumer electronics.


    Did I mentioned that this little part is also 5,33€ per chain?


  5. Remember when Google banned Lbry from the playstore for "porn"? https://www.bitchute.com/video/YczQGRXeFRVP/
  6. Fired up the Windows VM and was greeted with this autostart:

    A complete edge setup which they try to make non dismissible (not to mention the first one which comes up every three days ....). Notice how the popup overlays the window controls?


    Btw. alt+F4 is blocked, close window in the task bar is blocked, TaskManger can still kill edge ...

    1. WaggishOhio383


      It's because Microsoft knows the only way people will actually use Edge is if they force it on people who are too lazy or lack the knowledge to switch to something else.

    2. Benji



      It's because Microsoft knows the only way people will actually use Edge is if they force it on people who are too lazy or lack the knowledge to switch to something else.

      It's basically Chrome by now, so definitely not something bad. The only thing that is annoying is that it full-screens and is not closeable unless you finish the setup, but even that is an old hat by now...

  7. Totally forgot this auction. 😞 

    18 core haswell ex for under $20.


  8. Grab four of those from your office supplies (large paperclips): Also check the voltage selector switch on the PSU.
  9. The flashforge and xzyprinting ones? Not worth it in my opinion. Too many proprietary things making them difficult to troubleshoot and maintain.
  10. The assembled Prusa i3 is basically plug and play. Remove some zip ties, follow the initial setup guide and good to go. One thing with Chinese printer is a lot of the time they just work but some units might need some repair/adjustment to work. A well known one would be a Creality Ender 3 v2 which doesn't have auto bed levelling (can be added/upgrade). Much cheaper (at least in Germany) would be a Tronxy XY-2 pro. Picked it up used so potential issues are/where already fixed but should fit your requirements. A Anycubic mega s/i3 might also be a option.
  11. 1-2k CAD is a lot for a home/hobby 3d-printer. For example a assembled Prusa i3 would fit the budget. 200 CAD is probably the entry level but some tinkering/upgrades might be needed. Programs/Slicer: free to use: Cura PrusaSlicer ... paid: Simplify3D (not worth it for home use)
  12. Highly recommend to not use the AM8 upgrade/conversion and if don't trust the 3d model as spacing/dimensions are wrong.

    TL;DR few more parts wasted due to this "artistic impression" of a digital assembly.


  13. Yet another year without a A14x25. 😕 


    1. Den-Fi


      I know slow and steady wins the race, but even the tortoise is growing impatient at this point lol.

    2. Senzelian


      Hopefully they'll at least finally release that passive CPU cooler they've been working on for god knows how many years.

  14. Tronxy XY-2 pro looks like a lot of printer for (just) 120€ new.

    It is a CR-10 style printer (v-roller) but packs a lof of features into this pricepoint.


    Now to the debatable (first impression):

    Wouldn't do this but guess they can get away with it. (strain relief is implemented).


    Just no. z-Axis won't move a lot but twisting a heat shrink flat ribbon by 90° is a straight no no. 


    No, no, no and no! Don't expose a PSU like this below the print surface with things falling into it.



    I see why it is like it is: cost.Imagine what this thing would be 10-20€ more expensive .


    There are more questionable decision like fixed- fixed arrangement for the y-lead screw. In theory this is superior but it requires high precision/lot of assembly time which isn't doable for cheap printer (if even possible with v-roller) so the Anet a8 flex couplings (other side lose) are the better/practical solution.



    Still a A8 fan. Needs a lot of love but then it delivers with its good old linear rods. Even with the shitty stock acrylic frame.


    Without printing anything on this (or looking at the mainboard) it this might  be my goto recommendation for the cheapest entry level printer. The A8 doesn't looks like a good value as it needs at least another 20-40€ on top of the 80€ new and a bit of work. Used it looks differently as I bought my A8 up for 50€ which had the basic upgrades already done.

  15. 3d printer review: Nothing to criticise. 

    me: nothing? 



    Solder blob on the connector.