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  1. Don't forget that youtube takes 30% from super chats.
  2. How do you Americans always get such good deals? There is no way you can get any 510W PSU for $20 in Europe.
  3. Nice! Well done CoolerMaster (or should I say CM employee?).


  4. @Mel0nMan That's not how you pack it. The red stuff doesn't protect against ESD.
  5. Always double check your work if it is critical.

    For some reason I connected the blue wire and with that neutral to the fuse.

  6. Just had a look. Google doesn't delivery a good answer to how I use vTPM this with VirtualBox. Also Hyper-V has very big issue (and with that also WSL 2): hyper-v takes exclusive control over the virtualization at all time and with that nothing on a OS with hyper-V enabled can use this technology.
  7. Glade to know. Still a shit move from Microsoft as home user don't profit at all from enforcing TPM for VMs. What's next HyperV requirement?
  8. How bad is a TPM for privacy? To be more specific can someone running in the VM identify the host by looking at the TPM?
  9. That's odd. Motor aka. fans consume additional current when they start. If you have a lot of those e.g. 32 that might be enough to blow a fuse. A soft starter is there to control the initial inrush current. another strategy would be spinning them up staggered (one group at the time). But that would mean either all or a entire fan hub wouldn't work not just 3 fans.
  10. That's 100W for fans? If you run it with 12V it is fine as long as the PSU use thick cables (1.5mm^2 should be fine). Molex connectors are roughly capable of 10A which would be approx. 120W@12V. Btw. Does your active fan hubs support soft start? Otherwise you might run into a issue if all 32 fan spinn up at the same time.
  11. That's a Fujitsu exclusive. Not sure if it is a patent issue or nobody else cares about it. The usual way of using a plastic hinge sucks if nobody tested it: the ethernet plug is often higher then the rubber feet and with that your notebook is tilted and worse all of the force is on the connector.
  12. CoolerMaster NR200P? You see the price. 


    All filter are more or less aligned/build like this one.

    On the side panel they have saved themselves the long magnets running horizontal which isn't great. How about $1 higher retail but the fan filter don't look like a 5 min. DIY hack a drunk person did at 3 am?



    Any NR200p owners: Is it worth to have a closer look at the build quality before using this case? 


    Btw. not sure what cooler master did to the photos but the color doesn't match the product photos.

    Btw. 2: I hope for them the NR200P max has a better QC as for 80€ ITX case with two side panel options included and pcie riser I am fine with that but at the 350€ for the max ... That would be a show stopper for me.

    Another thing they could step up is surface finish as the one they have chosen looks cheap (on first glance paint job itself seems fine).

  13. Wago 221 got an update 8 months ago:

    Wait. Wrong video.

    That's the Chinese variant which launched a decade ago.

    Anyway. Thank you wago for finally launching this thing.

  14. That's unexpected ...

    Was so kind and made them aware of the issue. A tone deaf reply basically reads don't annoy us. We don't consider it a problem that you can steal money through a design flaw.

    1. Schnoz


      By "stealing money", is it something like being able to order a negative quantity of items?