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  1. I am confused. Did I missed a NVidia GPU launch?

    3090-3070 launched weeks ago

    3060ti not yet official




  2. me: block domain (spam)



    The sender's domain has been added to the Safe Senders List.


  3. What a upfuck.

    You can technically make a 4 mm wide PCB as panel but reject it due to your policy of 6x6 mm minimal size. If it is a single large PCB with the same slots they would produce it. 

    Also don't (automatically) make a user account if somebody sends you a email. Meaning OSHpark is out (with that the FlexPCB alternative) and on the PiHole list.

  4. This blackfriday is crazily different. Last year where like xbox one S under 100€. This year there is close to nothing. 

    Except one category: SSDs (no crazy discount but good offers)


    970 evo 1tb - 90€ (75€ after newsletter)

    Crucial P2 1tb - 75€





    870 QVO 1tb: 77€ (52€ after newsletter)  (also the first time this drives makse sense (with newsletter discount). 52€ is cheaper then anything else at the moment)

    Kingston A400 1tb 72€


    1 TB SSDs is apparently soon/now 75€.


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    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Yea last year you could get an Xbox one S with 2 controllers and 1tb of storage for 170€ ( but before Black Friday)


      but SSDs are really cheap now 100€ for a 970EVO that’s super cheap 

    3. James Evens

      James Evens


      MSRP are now totally irrelevant they could also announce the 6800XT cost $1. It wouldn't make a difference as there is no card even close to the MSRP at any retailer. This also screws up any review which still believes the MSRP as value is always depended on price and alternatives.


      Surprising that everybody decided to run SSD offer this year. 

    4. Donut417


      @James EvensMSRP is still relevant. The issue we have is a lack of manufacturing capacity. If I recall correctly AMD, Nvidia and Apple all rely on TSMC. TSMC only has X amount of capacity. What we have right now is elevated demand due to Covid. At some point demand will drop and prices will return to normal. People just need to learn to be patient. 

  5. Quick and dirty mod PCB:



    Allows the usage of SMD  parts instead of 3mm through hole LEDs.

  6. Please for the love of god stop advocating newspeak: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak It is bad enough that slave, master and so on good banned this year as saying for example I2C slave is now racist. .
  7. Tried it but can't find a good option. Already thinking about a mod PCB to use 0603 leds: like this one with a custom footprint
  8. Just thinking: 3mm LED to 0402 LED. Maybe 0603 0402 resistor for cherry MX keyboards.



    Now I only need to find a way to manufacture sub 3 mm PCBs. 

    Maybe flex PCB and cut it to size?

    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      0603 led variant: it already works with stock packages 



      OSHpark doesn't specify a minimal size for flex PCBs. :/ 


  9. Anybody a part number for through hole LEDs warm white (approx. 4000k) for cherry mx?
  10. I have another occasion: cheap beer in pubs
  11. epic:

    coupon with MOQ of $14.99 

    every game: $14.98









    $2.00 isn't above $2.00 meaning technically this is a bug. In general language/wording is difficult as there is no word for XOR. You only have AND, OR, and NOT but not XOR.


    Can't do assambly as they only offer 1.0mm and 1.6 mm but not 0.8 or 0.6 mm.

    For colours the same: black (only with Pb but it is black) & green is fine. Blue not in 0.8 mm. 


    Also Acronis is fun. They now had 15 days to solve a issue making backup files worthless and sent me a mail (today) I have 14 days before my subscription expires ... 

    Do you know what is a bad move? Telling someone the services expires within 2 weeks while a support ticket is open for 15 days without progress.

    1 week nothing -> asked

    2 week nothing -> asked again. This time at least some input which didn't solved the issue at all and now waiting again for the promised email ...

    Let's hope week 3 finally brings a solution/answer.


    Anybody recommendations for a backup software which doesn't cost a arm and a leg and just runs in the background?



  12. Nearly done. Just some clean needed.




    If not fully populated it is as thick as a USB typ-A port.


    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      What‘s the purpose of the pcb?

    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Keyboard controller:

      2,.0 USB hub (external port with RGB option)

      32u4 -> keyboard

      STM 32G0 -> fake dual port RAM & eeprom

      ESP32 -> bluetooth &  wifi, light controller

      light sensor and BME680 option

      3 lipo battery cells

    3. Schnoz


      Now to go completely overkill--give your creation some 16-phase VRM circuitry!


      In seriousness though, that looks like a nice clean design. Amazing work so far!

  13. Single layer routing. :/ 



    The entire game:


  14. Any duplicati user? Is it relaible?

    from the feature set it looks fine and falls in the sub $30 per licence category:

    - incremental backups

    - can mount them

    - supports FTP

    major downside: 


    Either a beta or deprecated. No stable release

    1. Levent


      I hate rolling release software because of that reason. Makes sense if there is only handful of people working it but extremely frustruating when it comes to user experience.

  15. Paypal locked me out of my own account.

    Why? because there 2FA doesn't works right now. aka. the SMS arrives after it expires so it isn't a successful login and there hotline straight up doesn't work ....

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens



      - Currency with 10 transaction per second?

      - based on a extreme low trust approach which is not what you normally want for a currency

      - no real time payments due to low trust and how it works

      - reports showing that the exchange rates might be due to manipulation

      - no privacy as everything is visible

      - waste of electric energy/inefficient

      - ...


      in general:

      - 50%+ 1 attacks btw. did you know AWS and azure is a thing? yes for the small ones you could just rent your attack in the cloud.

      - hard forges once something goes wrong (e.g. somebody reads to documentation/code and notices he could get free coins or just a exchange get's hacked) while (still) saying it is completely independent/safe

      - most ICO are scams

      - most startups could use better technology for the same but then it wouldn't be blockchain in the investor pitch ...

      - private blockchain and state founding for these things is a entire topic on its own ...

      - ...

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      it has a low adoption rate ie the 10 transactions per second

      idk what you mean by low trust, but for the transaction to be sent it has to be processed by "mining"

      it being visible is a good thing, since it's a fool proof way of showing you sent the money and never received what you bought, everyone who wants to see it can.

      and as for actual privacy it's just your BTC wallet number, which makes 0 difference.


      idkl what you mean by any of the stuff in the bottom because i haven't put to much time into research on BTC or ETH.

    4. James Evens

      James Evens

      Blockchain doesn't have any form of trust. The one you believe is whoever has the longest chain of proof of work at the given time. If somebody gives you a different chain which is longer that one counts.

      There are alternative implementation to bitcoin where you can still verify the transaction but can't see every transaction ever done.

      For it is just a random identifier: correlation attacks. Those are one of the worst kind of attacks as there is very little to no protection against.