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  1. I have his permission to use that. Like he barely uses it nowadays, so he don't know about the issue as of now.
  2. Hey guys So i was playing Human fall flat on my Laptop & the keyboard stopped working. Mouse was responsive but not the keyboard. So i connected an external keyboard to it but still nothing. Then i tried to hold the power button but the screen went blank with the power indicator On. I closed the Lid so that it could get into sleep mode or something so that i can restart it from the lock screen, but still no response. Just a blank screen(i mean screen is off) with a light on which indicates whether the Laptop's turned on or not. I again held the power button to force shut it down, this
  3. My phone has a default recording app but it doesn't support internal audio recording. And i have an aux cable with 3.5mm headphone jack in the both sides. But the issue is, i have an laptop with both headphone & mic jack. Can it work. Or else i have to try through my family PC(it can stream games, no problem but my parents nowadays do a lot of work due to work from home situation)
  4. Hey everyone So i've been a mobile gamer since 2 years & a PC gamer for 14 years. I was planning to stream PC games on Twitch or Youtube but my PC lags a lot if i stream on that. When i play games, it's fine. But while streaming & playing together, it lags a lot. So i planned to record mobile gameplays & upload it to Youtube. My android phone can record gameplays very easily, that's why i'm considering mobile gaming as of now. But my phone can't record internal audio for some reason. My PC has both a microphone & an headphone jack, so can i just plug in my phone to my pc &
  5. You could use a Virtual machine on your current computer. You can use VM managers like Virtualbox or VMware. It runs great if you have a powerful PC
  6. I too had this issue. All i did is updated my pc & done. It worked. Maybe this will work for you too
  7. I agree but it was $750 a month ago & now it's around $850 due to increase in Tax. But people do buy them. I'll maybe consider that one. My mom has a 11 pro max, so I'm familiar with that. Thank you btw
  8. Then basically IPhone XR is worth the buy right. All I'm sacrificing is the performance over SE as it's a generation older than SE & others. Then everything is a pro. Thank you so much
  9. Hey guys So I've been an android user for several years & been planning to switch to an IPhone. I bought many android phones since many years & had issues with updates & compatibility. Like few of them had worst UI or had no OS updates. My mom broke her galaxy S9 last year during December(She dropped the phone & broke the back glass & again dropped it into a water bucket which killed the phone). So she now has IPhone 11 Pro max which she's taking good care of & she's happy with it as she doesn't switch her phone very often. So i too needed an iPho
  10. Hey guys So my friend gave me Adobe Premiere Pro cracked version as he had one. I was about to buy one myself but i wanted to try out before buying it. He said it works perfectly for him. But the issue is while installing, it gives out an error with a error code 127. I just checked i out on adobe's website & it claims that i'm having extraction issues. I tried on my Laptop with 7th gen Core i5, 8gb ram & geforce 920m. I even addressed this issue with my friend who gave it to me. He again installed it on his system & worked for him. But not for me. So please help me.
  11. I have an old laptop. So tried to run retro games like cod, gta sa & 3, counter strike etc. It lags on windows 10 due to stupid updates. Then adobe photoshop, premiere, audacity etc.
  12. like There's no wine32 installed. you should install wine32 etc. But winecfg opens, but not the apps