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  1. It won't damage the GPU. Besides, Valorant is precisely the type of game where you usually want to go with unlocked FPS. That being said though, 60Hz monitor is not great for this type of game and, while there will be benefits to running unlocked, they won't be too noticeable.
  2. That could simply be because the mobo beeper is disabled. Could be helpful to know the CPU-RAM-Mobo combinations.
  3. What CPU-Mobo-RAM combinations have you tried? I've personally had this behaviour with Ryzen CPUs due to "Memory Training" (the Mobo needs to try a few times before it can boot with my desired RAM speeds).
  4. Yes, 650W should be more than enough. And yes, you would need to change motherboard. Ryzen 5000 does NOT work on any 300 series motherboards (A320 - B350 - X370)
  5. I have one of those Sony 4k display models; bloody f***ing pointless. That's just nitpicking though, got a pretty good deal on it and in general, I'm rather happy with it. 2 years with it and still going strong. My only real gripe is that I'm stuck on Android 9 - Sony doesn't seem to be all that great when it comes to software support...
  6. That was with both SAM and RAAAAAGEEE MOOODEEE enabled, and was most likely an outlier.
  7. True, but there is a random chance involved -after- you cough up some money, and then if you win big you can cash it out on the marketplace. I know nothing about Dutch law, but it feels as though this should have the same consideration as FIFA ultimate team...
  8. In most cases, they "gift" you the box but then you need to buy a key for like, 1.50€ and then the lottery starts.
  9. Hrm; what of the Steam marketplace? Can CS:GO, Dota2 etc. skins be bought/sold on the Steam marketplace in Belgium/Netherlands?
  10. I meant it reeked of surrender for this generation. I thought my hopes for a 10nm bounce back would indicate that, but perhaps that was only clear in my head. So yeah, to me it feels like "we're not even gonna try this time around so we can focus on future products". I just hope it pays off because, again, if AMD stands unchallenged, they'll become as consumer unfriendly as Intel did.
  11. IMHO, they're being rather smart and evil with the pricing, even though it may seem weird. Please keep in mind all this is based solely on yesterday's presentation, so truck o' salt and all that with regards to performance; also, I may be insane: They know the 6800 trounces the 3070 in rasterization and offers double the memory; so even if it has worse RT performance, they can easily charge more for it. The 6800XT more or less trades blows with the 3080, while also offering more VRAM, although slower. Also, RT performance is also likely going to be quite worse (ot
  12. Oh joy, 18% over Skylake. So 18% over a 2015 product. Gimme a moment, gonna grab the fireworks... Also, 8c/16t maximum means that the 5900x is going to reign supreme and unchallenged, and the 5950x/Threadrippers will be the only choice sensible for pro-sumers unless they're somehow already invested in the Xeon ecosystem. I hope they can bounce back once they really get 10nm going, because to me this looks like waving the white flag; it reeks of surrender. And AMD will not be any better than Intel if they stand unchallenged.
  13. Performance wise, a Ti model makes no sense in this case unless Samsung's 8nm is somehow horrendously worse than TSMC's 7nm and then, by virtue of Taiwanese black magic, it performs a lot better. So yeah, can't see it happening. Only reasonable approach would be to put out a 16GB card for those that really want the extra VRAM, but then one could say that they're diluting the Ti moniker that has always been attached to the idea of superior performance; clearly superior performance. Specially in the xx80 models.
  14. I think Zen2 being EOL is pretty much a given, regardless of how well Zen3 sells. TSMC fab capacity is limited, there's no point in using their limited allocation on older and less profitable parts (specifically talking about desktop Zen2, of course). First hand? unlikely. Second hand? Might be able to grab some decent deals... I can see 3900X for under 400€ already, after the 5900X and 5950X hit market they might end up close to 300€.
  15. I suppose it's because 550$/€ is expensive but still kinda doable for many mortals, so there are a lot of people (to a degree, myself included) mulling it over. 800$/€ is getting into "LOL NOPE" territory. Sure it's gonna be better, but most people won't be willing to spend the moolah it takes to buy it. Same thing happened with the 3900X and 3950X, really. 3950X is better, but the 3900X is the one that became the star of the show. Edited to add the quote.