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  1. As @Technous285 states, even if the top 1% is quite engaged, that doesn't mean that the game can attract, or maintain, a decent casual playerbase. e-Sports titles need to have both to really be considered healthy. That being said I'm no expert (whenever I feel like playing a moba, Dota2 is my jam) so I may have an erroneous perception of the state of the game.
  2. Yes, obviously, but I was under the impression that TSMC, and apparently IBM too? already announced their 2nm process. So if Intel's intention was to try to fit into some form of naming parity with the others, the 20A just... uugghh, why? So close and yet so far. It's like Intel know their naming is basically a meme in the tech community by now and are just going along with it, to be honest.
  3. Sooo... They've butchered StarCraft HotS is on life support HearthStone is... still doing okay-ish I guess? But nowhere near as many players as a few years ago. WoW has managed to lose 30% of their playerbase during the pandemic, what the hell Their own staff are starting to grab the torches and pitchforks Edit: Forgot about the fantastic! WC3 remastered launch Right now OverWatch is the only game that's really healthy and pulling big numbers, I think. Maybe Diablo 4 can be their saving grace? It's honestly starting to feel like we may be
  4. Maybe it's just me, but uuhh this is weird, random and kinda pointless. Not because it's a bad idea, but because it feels like "oh yes, we're going to parity. Only no, we're gonna do whatever the F we want". "Hey guys, we're Intel, and we've decided to match our process naming with the rest of the industry!" Well thats great, that'll make it easier to compare how each fab is advan... "... and our 2nm will instead be named 20A!" *20A-neurysms*
  5. Will wait for further info // judge resolution before taking up the ol' torch and pitchfork. That being said, I can definitely see this happening; Blizzard have been steadily going to hell since the Activision merger, and they've been in my personal "do not give money" list since the Hong Kong debacle.
  6. For when playing directly on the Deck, sure, but they're also marketing it as a proper computer that you can dock and output to a larger screen - that's when FSR makes a hell of a lot of sense for the device. Keep the 720p rendering resolution but upscale it with FSR.
  7. Ooohhh... FSR for the Steam Deck? Would make all the sense in the world.
  8. What exactly is the goal? What is the computer going to be used for? If you're going to perform CPU intensive tasks, then the 3600 will definitely be a budget-conscious nice upgrade, specially if you can manage to grab a cheap-ish B550 board to give you easy upgradeability in the future to a 5000 series CPU. If your objective is to improve your gaming, it's not gonna do much - a 4th gen I5 should be quite capable of driving a GTX 970. Still, going up to a 3600 would prepare you for a GPU upgrade, if you have plans for one. But if you want to improve your gamin
  9. I agree that it isn't the same target audience at all, 100% with you there. But it doesn't have games? No quality games? What in god's name are you smoking? Sure, Steam has truckloads of utter shite and shovelware, but they're basically in the same situation as the PS2 was back in day - It gets all the random cheap crap that's looking for a quick buck, but it also gets ridiculous amounts of fantastic games, be they indie or AAA.
  10. As a fellow HELLdesk, I feel you - like, 2 or 3 times a week. I don't even need to tell them that the computer/software got scared, they say it themselves!
  11. Forget about the RAM - 16GB is more than enough for gaming at the moment, better to invest that money into the GPU. If you can, get a 3000 series one, but be very careful with the prices. It looks like it's on a downwards trend back to reality, so maybe wait a few weeks and monitor the common e-tailers in your country.
  12. According to the security folks at my company, this is related to the patch MS released on Tuesday, but there's a newer one they released yesterday. Kinda feels like an arms race...