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  1. o_o That seems excessive. VERY excessive. Maybe I'm wrong, though; this makes me think that you easily drink 1L of soda a day. Which is, from my point of view at least, horrendous. You should curb that fast, specially if you have diabetes (yes, it's diet, it's still bad). If you have weight control issues, I'd say be wary of any carbohydrates. Potatoes of any kind in moderation, and not all days. Pasta only occasionally. If you want an alternative to potatoes as the "meat", the brunt of your dishes, you can try chickpeas, lentils and beans. They are very exten
  2. Well, no. But it's also not a surprise that they're marketing themselves as being "THIS MUCH BETTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS WOOOH OU YEAH" when in reality their advantage might not be as impressive. Not saying this is an Intel thing, though, this is a global "I hate marketing PR" thing. Back to you, Steve.
  3. We need to wait for independent reviewers to not just get their hands on them, but also to test them using DDR4 because right now, we just have no idea how much of an impact DDR5 has on performance of various tasks; and you can bet your collective asses Intel has been showing performance using DDR5. Guesses, yeah, but no actual hard, cold data (AFAIK, please slap me towards wisdom otherwise). Which I guess is a really cool thing about Alder Lake, being DDR4 and DDR5 compatible, will give us a somewhat realistic view into what the performance difference between the two will actual
  4. Smaller enthusiasts at their homes and/or garages? probably. But most of the mining was being done in large farms, and no matter how many VPNs they activate they simply cannot ever hide their power draw. And the bear in charge wants not only to kill crypto in his country, he also wants to reduce power consumption, so he is actively going against any "unworthy" use of power. Anyone still running a mining farm in China is basically, well, risking their lives. This is just a different version of the "you have nothing to hide, right?" argument. Privacy itself i
  5. Sounds like your standard, run-of-the-mill "explorer.exe is being an ass and has decided to hang". Not as common nowadays as it used to be back in the day, but still happens every now and then. Unless it keeps happening, I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Nope, and unless you know your way around electric equipment and electronics, do NOT open the PSU. It can literally, yes, literally kill you if you touch where you shouldn't. If it's a temperature issue, disabling your fans won't help you. You say it shuts down when it reaches Windows - can you make it into Bios? If you can, what are the temperature readings?
  7. Jesus christ... Alphabet, Facebook and, to an extent, Microsoft need to be broken apart. Will it happen, though? Probably not.
  8. The user manual for your motherboard should contain a description of what that beeping means specifically. You could also try to reseat your cooler, RAM and GPU. Just in case, you did remember to reapply thermal paste to the cooler, right?
  9. You WHAT?! OP, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, buy that GPU. It's a nearly 10 years old part (wikipedia), and you most certainly do not need it to drive 2 monitors; as crappy as the iGPU in the 11400 is, it is capable enough of outputting to 2 monitors at the same time.
  10. 30% usage... on what? I find it hard to believe a 1050Ti can do 200fps in CS:GO with just 30% utilization. I wouldn't call that only, I'd call that "holy crap that 1050Ti is out of control".
  11. I would not trust a 300W PSU to be able to power that computer. It might be able to do it, but it would basically run at max, or even worse, over-spec most of the time you're gaming. Keep in mind that PSUs (like anything else in the world) are not perfect, there are losses when changing voltages and switching from AC to DC. Also, 247 Watts might be the total draw under normal conditions - it's not uncommon for CPUs and GPUs to have momentary bursts during which they demand some extra power. If you want to run that system somewhat comfortably, you need to step up to 40
  12. From what I've learned due to this tragedy, here in Spain they have to use modified guns, by law. Apparently prop guns here must use a different caliber than real guns, which means that fake/blank/prop/whatever ammo they use on set must also be in this modified caliber. That eliminates the chance of using a prop gun with live ammo, it just won't work.
  13. If anything, this makes me doubt how good they will be. They're gonna have a... partial node advantage and so far every rumour and tidbit points to 3070 parity only. Hopefully it's just a hiccup because it's their first go at it, or the rumours are just plain wrong. Bold. Also just remembered I need to buy potatoes. Thank you, Dr. Cutress.
  14. I honestly don't get these reactions to Alder Lake. If you are running a task that demands full power, you get full power. If you are running a task that requires 2W, you get 2W. Is there a negative to this I'm missing? Honest question.
  15. Uuhhh I'm just an enthusiast, not an engineer or anything, this is getting way above my level. However, considering all the talk about how they're working with Microsoft to help prepare the task scheduler, I assume (note the very heavy emphasis) it's tied to processes. So if the GUI/HUD is in the same process as whatever task you're doing, it will all have to go into the same core(s); if they are in separate processes, then they should go to P and E cores respectively.