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  1. Sorry for late replies, i tried everything with that GPU and it doesn't work i bought new rx 5500xt
  2. Thank you for your kindness.I put some thermal paste on GPU memory now it's hard to remove. is that ok
  3. PC fans did not start to spin when try to turn on the PC. without GPU it does. let's hope there is no damage in GPU
  4. It has mentioned it can be used for electronic items, but after applying that feels sticky that why i washed it with water then after with the Distilled water and put fan on to dry
  5. Today i cleaned my GPU using some kind of cleaning spray and i let it dry and put some thermal paste and tried to turn on the PC but it didn't turn on, but without 8 pin connector it does turn on but no output(CPU fan spins). this has no integrated graphics. so i thought something wrong with the spray. so i remove the pug and washed with water and let it dry tried to start the PC but the result was the same, I put some thermal paste on GPU memory also, could some help me, graphic card is a RX 570
  6. Can I Use mPCIe port for this? cuz i don't have a m.2
  7. When i startup my computer this process begin within few minutes and it never stops until i stop manually by task manager. it uses more than 20% of cpu. it slow downs computer also. i have seen this issue in lot of computers who uses google chrome