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  1. Not sure, some really old thermaltake one which is sitting in like one of these at the bottom right No door though.
  2. Better cooler on my GPU? What do you want me to buy like a Morpheus?
  3. I'm at 144hz and I usually play games like Rust and Siege. I'm considering getting DDR4 3200mhz with R5 3600.
  4. Yeah but I'm playing at 1080p and my GPU is sitting at 50% in every single game. Could it be that I am bottle necked by CPU and RAM? I have DDR3 Ram and an i7 3770
  5. Manufacturer: GALAX RTX 2070 EXOC I also have a problem where my gpu usage is pretty much always at 50% as well, would lowering power make that worse? How do I stop that too?
  6. I have really high temperatures and low usage. Temperatures sit at around 85 degrees with 50% usage and fan speed.
  7. Also how do I find the throttle in GPU-Z?
  8. Anywhere past 50% is quite loud though. Like at 50%, I'm wearing headphones while listening to a video and i can hear it relatively clearly still.
  9. I have an RTX 2070 and while running a game, it goes up to like 85 degrees while the fans are on 50%. How can I reduce this while not making the noise unbearable?
  10. I want to get Freesync on my 144hz monitor, but I need a display port, will this one be able to support both of those features? https://www.amazon.com.au/DisplayPort-6ft-Cable-Benfei-Laptop/dp/B07B8MPLR2/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=display+port+1.3&qid=1568636878&s=gateway&sr=8-10
  11. If I get a Ryzen 2600 will it bottleneck my RTX 2070? Would it be best to wait for the Ryzen 3600 to avoid the bottleneck? I'm playing at 1080p 144hz
  12. I used a Bottleneck calculator and it says that my i7 3770 will bottleneck my RTX 2070 Is that true? Will it be a big issue and should I consider a new CPU?
  13. I don't really feel the need to get myself a 240hz monitor since the performance is not worth the price jump in my opinion. I'd love to get a really nice 144hz though, and I heard that the xg2402 is a superb monitor but I'm worried that the older 2401 won't live up to that expectation. Do you think it's still gonna be good?