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    i5 8400
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    MSI Z370 PC-Pro
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance
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    1660 Super
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    NZXT H510
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    500GB Samsung Evo
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    550W Seasonic Prime Gold
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    Corsair H115i

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  1. The problem is this is all better done at the design stage and built into the product. Heat control you could have multiple elements, say 2 of the same size and a 3 position switch that switches one or both in for high or low. The motor can be a type with different windings/poles you can switch between for different speeds. Much harder to retrofit these sort of things after.
  2. See this: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/2381/deciphering-a-dc-jack-schematic If you don't need the pin that switches you just short them together. I'd suspect the 4 pins from the original connector is just doubling up the wires to allow for greater current capacity and is only the positive and negative power.
  3. It may be a socket designed so that if no plug is inserted there is 2 positive terminals that are closed and then inserting a plug opens/breaks the circuit, so say disconnects a battery or load when charging or on wall power. Just check with a DMM, if you don't have one, get a $5 cheapie (only use it for extra low voltage though).
  4. Those swivel usb drives with logos are really common and available online from multiple companies. We use cheap ones at work if we need to give files to customers etc, I don't trust them as a personal use drive. I suspect they're just storeronts with chinese based suppliers that do the printing/engraving from factory. Just get quotes, any alternative printing or engraving done yourself manually is going to work out more expensive than a bulk order.
  5. Well maybe the market sucks ? There are some options like registering, queuing or lottery as to who gets the limited stock. Doesn't have to default to "I'm screwing you because I can, yay capitalism!". Limiting buy quantities and verifying identity are others. A safety store here did that during the PPE shortage, rather than jack up prices and screw everyone they only sold to verified industry companies at their usual RRP.
  6. Can be a convenience thing. There was an aircon at a good price at a store that is a 3 hr round trip away, a store 5 minutes away would price match. It was a big enough difference to think about the drive. Could have vouchers or a credit that will work at certain stores, may have some perks like loyalty or rewards program, better service, shipping or returns policy, certain payment methods or an account.
  7. Call a local company, briefly introduce yourself and explain, then try and spin it as their work and employee will be shown as best practices in the industry, then offer the reward for their time as well, spin it as a site photo and brief phone interview for coffees/beers/gift voucher. Your teacher is naive, as a teacher yeah that may be his mentality but unless you've built a rapport, you won't get this out of most people. I can't help on your original post, I could write a note as to why I would be hesitant to answer those questions and this assignment is bad if th
  8. In my younger days I prefered a stack of salvaged older hifi gear, blew those things out of the water. I still have the older variant of the Yamaha MCR-B043, been meaning to sell it. It's the classier more compact step up. Was a nice gift from the wife, just never really had anywhere to put it and rarely have a chance to play music out loud at home. I tend to be a car and headphones listener these days and the bluetooth speaker is more convenient. It has an ipod dock, ahh memories, remember those... ?
  9. Check the actual ingredients of the spray. Pesticides vary in toxicity and degradability. Not great in my eyes but realistically probably very low risk as to the amount of residue so low exposure that is probably not toxic to humans at that level, more so if washed off.
  10. Sibling was wrapping ear bud wires tightly around an ipod and wondering why they kept breaking... Face meet palm
  11. To be honest, good luck. I work in comms/security and we do have similar panels at times with our controllers, power supllies and relays but it's ELV. Also occasionaly BMS, lift or automatic door boards with their sparkies sorting interfacing. It's a pretty niche thing. Even if it was exactly my field I'd be hesitant on several fronts, personal privacy info reasons, can be security issues on revealing site or employee details in certain sectors, safety or compliance risks, they need to make 200% sure the board is up to standards and any worker in a photo is
  12. People's 'experience' with a power supply is pretty useless for the most part. Any issues unless widespread will be subjective and biased. Really fan noise, ease of installation and aesthetics maybe are what a typical end user could tell you? To know the quality and likely reliability you need a deep knowledge of the OEMs involved, SMPS design, topology and layout, component choice and assembly quality then also meaure it with test equipment right up to it's limits to confirm how it performs. That is why @jonnyGURU has pointed you to reviews.
  13. Depends how much you want to outsource and how much you want to do yourself but at a minimum an assembly space with parts bins and dedicated tools. Even if you say have a case fully made you may still need to assemble some parts. If doing some fabrication, drill press, bench grinder, sander, sheet metal bender, plastic hot bender, router/routing table, bandsaw, cnc machine, laser engraver, paint booth, PPE and gun,.... Depends how much you want to do.
  14. Not as badly or as quickly. Lighting does produce some UV and you will probably have some amount of reflected/diffused sunlight.
  15. Some white plastics will degrade and yellow over time due to UV, depends if you're rocking a black light or have it exposed to sunlight and then also how intense the sun is where you are. White paint tends to wear well and can't really fade comparatively to colours or dark shades.