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  • CPU
    i5 8400
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z370 PC-Pro
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    1660 Super
  • Case
    NZXT H510
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung 970 Evo
  • PSU
    550W Seasonic Prime Ultra Gold
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i

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  1. Well the mining itself can be profitable, it's the crypto that is volatile. I think it depends on your power draw mainly, my 1660S is profitable, makes at least a few dollars a day profit, but it is a very power efficient card. I still am gambling somewhat on what I choose to then 'invest' my mining profits on, I have put in a small chunk of change as well usually to just meet some minimums or move things around. I think if the numbers crunch out at breakeven or better I'd personally probably still mine, however if it's effectively deeply negative you'd be
  2. Yeah that graph doesn't look great though, feel like if it was less rampy and zoomy it would look less concerning. I'd say it's bouncing between 2 different values that it has the resolution for, if it had better resolution it wouldn't look as bad, more gradual or minor and if the scale was altered to show how slight those changes are I'd say this post would never have been made. If you put a voltmeter on a PC PSU the reading will fluctuate both due to the actual voltage varying and the measurement itself like accuracy, drift, calibration etc. The main t
  3. The real kicker is how the market may fluctuate also if you don't cash out and how you use the crypto You could be break even and the market is on a bull run and suddenly you're hugely profitable or in a bear market or crypto winter you could go from being up initially to in the red as the value wipes. You also get changes in difficulty, total hash rate and transaction count that can vary how profitable it is also. There are various options with the crypto say staking, savings, liquidity pools and so on. Stablecoins can hedge against fluctuations.
  4. Gold and silver also are somewhat based on how "ooh shiny" they are. Both and other precious metals do have utility of course but their perceived worth is not for those reasons alone. The argument that crypto has no intrinsic value I think is a bit short sighted. In terms of infrastructure and potential future uses then it in of itself could be valuable, if the chain or resources on it are worth money, provide a service, societal good, lubricate a financial system etc.
  5. If you're keeping it casual, just use nicehash, you'll be paid in BTC. If you want to then put that into another coin, get an exchange account. Withdraw from nicehash to there and do what you want from there. Bit convulated but I convert to XLM on nicehash due to quick and cheap withdrawls with low minimums (also a fan of XLM) and I take out once it hits 10USDT worth as that is the minimum for trades on what I'm using. BTC and ETH can be costly and slow to move small amounts around. You are currently wasting your own time and money with your curr
  6. It's not a problem, even the miners aren't the problem. It's human nature, can't blame the cogs that are just part of the machine... To me the main blame is in those that created the demand or have done nothing about it. 1. PoW algorithms in the first place. There are alternatives like PoS, PoP/PoA etc. 2. PoW algorithms that work well with GPUs, ASICs are an issue too but are dedicated hardware not impacting on the PC market directly. 3. GPU manufacturer supply shortages 4. GPU manufacturers not limiting mining usefulness of cards or making compelling mi
  7. It's way low for a 980 Ti. https://www.anandtech.com/show/9306/the-nvidia-geforce-gtx-980-ti-review/16 I'd be thinking 500-600W if not higher is more sensible, depending on future ambitions. What would be the intended replacement GPU? Upper 30 series as an example are 750-850W+ recommended.
  8. So are you trying to run just the fans off a PSU and nothing else ? Bit like driving a nail in with a wrecking ball ? If so can just use a 12VDC plugpack, a generic 1A from the parts should do (unless they are very power hungry industrial fans). I thought it was advisable to have a more significant minimum load on an ATX PSU depending on topology. However don't take that as gospel. Did you do the paperclip test method to start it ?
  9. Don't bother with analog unless using existing cables. Run UTP and put in IP For value for money on a budget Hikvision or Dahua are same same but different. Uniview is close. Generally cheapest to get an NVR and cameras in a kit for your budget You can get NVRs with PoE on the onboard ports already. You can get some smaller cheaper PTZ variants, however they are more expensive and a bit less reliable than a fixed camera. PTZs shine most when they are manned by an operator, however it can be handy to move on demand or change a view. Like checking
  10. Some coins have worse transfer fees than others, typically it is better to move large amounts where possible. Some transfers can have a fixed and % fee and some wallets/exchanges can slug different fees. I know recently a RVN transfer was a lot cheaper than BTC. However RVN is not as widely supported. Also watch for minimums when moving small amounts around, sometimes you can end up stuck as say you do a trade or transfer which gets you 0.09 COIN, then an exchange may have a 0.1 COIN minimum for a trade or withdrawal. It can be hard at times as some more ob
  11. Yeah well I believe nicehash quickminer is ETH algo but you get paid out in BTC. There is a CPU mining option (monero algo IIRC) however due to the tiny payouts it would take you a long while to accumulate enough to meet minimums to transfer out of nicehash to get your hands on it. I don't bother on top of my GPU as the extra power use and thermals is quite possibly losing money on nicehash with my setup and electricity costs. There is Nicehash miner but haven't used it so don't know if it's feasible. Unfortunately don't know what the options ar
  12. Yeah nicehash quickminer tends to want a GPU with 5-6GB VRAM minimum due to DAG size now.
  13. Is there not a better drive method where you could have say a belt and pulley/cog and chain straight to the wheel ?
  14. Forward voltage and current could be an issue, depending on what is driving them. Like say if you had a 2V forward drop green LED that was on a 3V supply. You can't use a 5V forward voltage drop white LED. Also even if say you had a 9V rail with a simple current limiting resistor, you could use either but the current through each would be different with the as is, in circuit resistor. This can also vary with brightness and efficiency of the LED. Possibly doable but may need to order more specific parts or change other components also. There is a repair video
  15. Mate... I order stuff that'll transit through the US in a day, go round the world maybe via Singapore in another. Then it sits in the back of a truck or corner of a warehouse for a week because no one can be bothered.