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  1. Most of the games I play are CPU intensive but whenever I open any game the noise starts occurring at a louder rate. Happens slightly when in idle
  2. On my old build, I had a i7 7700k with a Corsair AIO pump, GTX 1060 6 GB, and a 750 Watt Corsair PSU. I just got a 10th gen i7 with a new motherboard. The GPU and PSU stayed the same. Ever since I replaced the parts, I am getting this whirling sound. It is so annoying. I can't tell where it is coming from either. I hear it from the GPU and I hear it from the PSU. I never had this issue before replacing parts. Now, my AIO pump is 4 years old and I hear air bubbles inside it, could this be causing the whirling sound since pumps don't like pumping air? The closest th
  3. I am trying to use ethernet but I am on the floor right above the router and my mother does not want a cord drilled into the wall/up against the wall. So I found these online: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/tp-link-av1000-gigabit-powerline-starter-kit-bridge-wall-pluggable/apd/a9823883/networking?gacd=9646510-1025-5761040-0-0&dgc=st&gclid=CjwKCAjwp-X0BRAFEiwAheRuiwz-FBdGJbQcCKSYJhLt3cGrcT6n_Z_LM66H9PJfe4kIw4BEgobxAhoCefYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds They are these things that you plug into the outlet and then use ethernet cables. Will these cause issues like lag spikes and high
  4. This happened ever since the windows update on 4/13/20. I can't seem to reverse this update either.
  5. How do I fix this then? This has never happened before. Do I need to buy a GPU cooler? @muito_gostoso
  6. Recently, my computer does this thing where every hour or so, I hear a buzzing and then every program I have freezes. After 3 seconds of being frozen, my screen turns off for a second then quickly turns on. When it turns on, there is a 2 second period of my screen just glitching out with green and blue pixels before it refreshes and everything begins working again. This has never started happening until today. I checked my CPU temps are they are at 35 degrees Celsius at idle which seems normal. I even updated my graphics drivers. I can't figure it out.
  7. My motherboard is the Asus Rog Strix z270e. It has built in wifi. The built in wifi is stable but the ping is always high. I tried using over 8 different PCIe wifi cards and all of them give me faster ping in games(decreases the ping by 20-30) but I get a big lag spike every 5-10 minutes. I also make sure to disable and delete the built in wifi card every time I try to use a PCIe wifi card. On CMD, if you type the command "netsh wlan show interface", the PCIe wifi cards ALWAYS show 90 percent or lower and the transmit rate and receive rate are never at max. This command shows 100 percent signa
  8. @homeap5 Bro, I am looking at TP link's AX3000 router. Seems tough and I love TP link since I use their PCIe wifi card. However, reviews say they crash a lot as well? Not sure what to do.
  9. @seanondemand BRO WHAT IS THAT THING? Is that a mesh network? Is it actually a router?
  10. First off, I would like to say, NEVER BUY A LINKSYS ROUTER! I have an EA8300 Tri Band MU MIMO router and it CONSTANTLY CRASHES! Apparently this is an issue for most Linksys routers as well. If someone has a fix for this then please comment so I don't have to purchase another router. I am looking for a router that has pretty good speed and will not crash. I tried Asus's routers but for some reason they would crash. However, I only bought 1 so I am not going to bash it like I did with Linkys's routers. Nighthawk would never crash but I would get insane lag spikes when I played on som
  11. @Jurrunio Thank you so much! Do you know if using a device like this can cause stability issues?
  12. @Jurrunio Thank you for your insight. May I ask if there is a M.2 Key A or E to PCIe adapter that I could use? That way, it would be possible to use this card?
  13. I am looking at this wifi card that apparently works for desktops even though I am pretty sure that plug in is for laptops. So I am asking if this: https://www.newegg.com/fenvi-fv-ax200h-m-2/p/0XM-00JK-00063 works with my Asus Rog Strix Z270e motherboard. If it is, can you pull up a picture of the motherboard and maybe circle or highlight where this could be located? Thank you!
  14. I have updated the wifi card drivers as well. I am the only PC in this household that shows that 7.
  15. Ever since I installed a wifi card, I lagged a lot. I deleted the drivers and then went back to my old one which was slow but at least stable. However, ever since I switched back I have been getting insane lag spikes. I right clicked the wifi logo on the bottom right, went to "Open Network and Internet Settings", then I went to "Change Adapter Options". My wifi is showing up as 7 copies of itself. I will put a attach a image. Basically, my brother and my fathers PC's just say "Mom_Use_This_Two" without the 7 while mine does. I am not sure if this is one of the reasons why my wifi is not