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  1. Hi, i am using Windows 10 Pro 2004, and i really don´t like the default emoji that come with Windows (from Win + . emoji picker). Is it possible to replace the default emojis in entire Windows? (or Firefox/UWP apps/else)
  2. So, i purchased a ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GAMING motherboard and a Fortron CMT340 case. When i wanted to plug in the RGB, i discovered that my motherboard and case have different RGB headers than my MB, so i can´t plug the case RGB controller into the motherboard. (the third image is the fan+rgb case controller). Is there any way i can connect the RGB sync to the motherboard? Am i missing some header on the motherboard? Will i have to purchase a reduction? Will i have to eat shit?
  3. ok, so i want to build a PC, and i am not sure if i should choose Ryzen 2700 or Ryzen 3600, because in my country, the 3600 is much more expensive than 2700 (150 or 210 EUR) my question is - should i pay the additional 60 EUR for the better processor? i want to pair with GTX 1650 SUPER, and i want to play on 1080p, and i may upgrade to 1440p in the future.
  4. the "uninstall" works with apps from the Microsoft Store. The fact that trying to "uninstall" standard program takes me to the Control Panel wouldn´t bother me if the app i am trying to uninstall would be already selected and i wouldn´t have to look for it in the list of all of the programs
  5. Why is Windows 10 hated? Is it because of the Settings? The way how the Windows 10 "cares" about your privacy? It´s new update system? The bloatware that comes with the OS (Candy Crush)? Or is there another reason?