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  1. Hi guys, sorry to revive an old thread. So, I bought the Phanteks P500A and installed 3 intake fans, 2 exhaust on top along with the CLC 280 and one exhaust in the rear, all Lian Li UNI Fan 140mms. Temps are much better. I checked temps using Ryzen Master. I ran Cinebench R23 and here are the results: 5900X at stock clockspeeds Multi-core: 19931pts Temp 68-69C Single-core: 1553pts Temp: 63-67C When playing Modern Warfare temps never went above 72C. I hope all is good from now on...
  2. Hi all, I own an Alienware AW3418DW. Couple months ago my rig was an 8700K, on an Z390 Aorus Master board with 32GB G Skill Trident Z Neo and a ROG Strix 1080Ti. I ONLY upgraded the CPU and motherboard (now a 5900X on an X570 Aorus Master board) I never had this display problem with the 8700K setup... I don't know if it's the GPU, CPU, or monitor, I only have problems when browsing the web or when all windows are minimized. Never had an issue on Steam full picture mode, Youtube full screen mode, or widescreen gaming... It appears as when a pop-up window is being blocked
  3. I appreciate the help. Can't wait for my case to arrive!!!!!
  4. Glad to hear that! Honestly Phanteks makes some of the best cases, and I feel bad I never heard of the mid-priced tier cases before, I would've bought a case from them a long time ago... Now, Kitguru says the preinstalled fans on the p500a are NOT PWM, but techpower up AND Phanteks' website says they ARE PWM, soooo, have they listened to complaints and are now installing PWM fans? Just before I ordered, their page says the p500a has 3 140mm DRGB PWM fans. I hope the info is correct...
  5. I ordered the p500a. This case is getting lots of praise!
  6. First time some's taken pictures to reply to me!! I truly appreciate the effort. I didn't wait long enough to get replies, so I went out of my way and settled for a Phanteks p500a, and Steve from Gamers Nexus said between the Lancool II Mesh and P500A you can go with either one. So yesterday I bought the case and forgot about the post and I'm now reading your reply a little too late, sorry about that I opted for the p500a since it can fit 3 140mm fans as intake and cable management is great imo... AGAIN, I APPRECIATE THE PICTURES!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks a lot for the recommendations!!
  8. Hi all, I own a Corsair Obsidian 500D but I need something better in terms of airflow. My rig: X570 Aorus Master 5900x ROG Strix 1080Ti (I will eventually upgrade to an Aorus Xtreme 3080 or 3090) 1200W PSU x4 2.5 SSDs EVGA CLC 280 -I need something that will have extra space in the back to hide cables away -something that will fit a long PSU like the T2 series -must fit a 280mm AIO (will probably upgrade to a 420 Eisbaer if it can fit) -Quiet -Great airflow -at least 3 SSD trays included I've taken a lo
  9. I replaced the Evga with thermaltake riing plus fans, and they're connected to the fan controller, they're currently running at around 500-600rpm
  10. The aio is connected to the motherboard, it's using the cpu_fan header and I set it to 100% in the bios. I applied noctua nth1 thermal paste
  11. The aio is mounted on the top of my Corsair Obsidian 500D in a push configuration. Thing is, I replaced the Evga fans with thermaltake riing plus and they're connected to the fan controller, did I mess up? I had this set up before when I was using an 8700k and never had problems
  12. Hi all, I own a 5900X cooled with an EVGA CLC 280 on an X570 Aorus Master board. While I was playing multiplayer in Modern Warfare I took 4 screenshots all within the same match. My question is, what is the item and column, and exact number that is the equivalent of what I see on Ryzen Master? and are those temps normal for a 5900X? Am I damaging my CPU?? Also, I'm running CPU/GPU at stock speeds. THANKS