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  1. Springstil feat Annabelle the Sheep - YouTube
  2. Oh that's cool too! I was referring to the wrong software though. Thanks anyway!
  3. Sorry, I realized it was Real Player's Annabelle the sheep, not llama. All done now
  4. Hi all, I downloaded several versions of Winamp, from 1.5 all the way to the latest and for the life of me I could not find the one that had about a dozen visualizations (or maybe less?) and one of the was a dancing llama cartoon. I remember downloading it a few years ago but wouldn't know which version it was. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it!!!
  5. Ok, so I just found out it may not make a difference at all since Japanese people completely ignore the Japanese legends on US layouts so they won't have to learn two different layouts just to type in their language. The method of typing by using the Japanese legends is not widely used in Japan either. They've grown so accustomed to the English alphabet when it comes to keyboards so it's like using Roomaji to type in Japanese. I guess any good PBT RGB keyboard will do then. Thank you for your time Thanks for the help!!
  6. Yes, JIS is perfectly fine for me. Now when I type on my IBM model M, when I type for example "Nihon" I hit the N/I/H/O/N keys and then I press spacebar and that generates the word in hiragana/Kanji. Now, on a keyboard like this is it the same method? because for instance on this Corsair, the "ni" hiragana character is on the "I" key...I' confused
  7. Anything below $150 would be ideal. I guess I'll get a Corsair then, thanks!
  8. I thought JIS was only a design for Apple, unless I'm wrong. I want the English on top and the Japanese symbols under. Sorry I'm a noob and I don't know much about layouts. I guess most Japanese keyboards have 4 keys between M and SHIFT and a shorter spacebar. I'd be good with that. what layout would this be? Corsair K70 RGB Japanese Keyboard Gaming Kb441 Ch-9109012-jp for sale online | eBay
  9. Hi all, I've been looking for the longest for a Japanese RGB gaming keyboard What I'm looking for: -Double-shot PBT keycaps -Cherry MX RED switches -RGB -Full size -and a very important one for me, I've only seen Corsair do it: I want BOTH the Japanese AND English characters to be backlit. (Other brands implement the backlighting on the English character ONLY) Now, I COULD purchase a Corsair keyboard, but I've seen that their PBT keycaps are smoother and also I'm looking into all possible options. If you also happen to know wh
  10. Hi sorry for the super late reply. I wasn't able to figure out how to enable all M.2 slots, so I just went back to using the middle and bottom M.2 slots, and then populated SATA ports 0, 1 and 2 for a total of 5 drives. I appreciate the suggestions!
  11. I'm not at home now but when I get home I'll remove the elgato card and see if that does it
  12. I'm using a 5900x, maybe I did run out of lanes?
  13. Hi all, I own an X570 AORUS MASTER board. I currently have 3 sata ssds on ports 0, 1 and 2, also 2 nvme m.2 drives one on the top slot and the other on the bottom. I have an elgato card on the bottom most pcie slot and a 3080 on the top most slot. The manual is confusing. I put an m.2 drive on the middle slot but the pc won't detect it. I know it's not the drive as it works on the other slots. How can I enable ALL THREE M.2 slots?
  14. If one Lian Li controller can control up to 16 fans, and therefore being plugged into one fan header on the mobo, then 6 fans/AIO to one header shouldn't be a problem?