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  1. I have a similar noise happen on my 1060, not sure if it is the same issue, but when the fans go from idle and start to ramp up they make a similar rattle noise. What's the fan speed and temps when it happens? You could also set your fans to a static rate and see if it still happens too. If it is that, there's not much you can do about it that I know about except always having the fans at a constant speed / changing the fan curve.
  2. I basically said a similar thing in another post but I have a h500 (which is basically the same as the h510 I believe, might be wrong) with an overclocked 2700x, gtx1080 and rx570, system never throttles or anything of the sort, playing some heavy titles under 100% load my 1080 will hit 78-80c but that's it, don't do anything heavy on the rx570 but it idles at 40c. CPU barely goes past 65c under full load (I do have a bit of a beefy cooler though). Dust is really the only "problem", gets a bit more dust build up than other cases but its not like a daily clean, I personally do it every 1-2 mont
  3. I have an h500 with an overclocked 2700x, gtx1080 and rx570 (for virtual machines), system never throttles or anything of the sort, playing some heavy titles under 100% load my 1080 will hit 79-80 but that's it, don't do anything heavy on the rx570 but it idles at 40C. CPU barely goes past 65C under full load (I do have a bit of a beefy cooler). Dust is really the only "problem", gets a bit more dust build up than other cases but its not like a daily clean, I personally do it every 1-2 months (should do it more ) and its pretty easy to clean the front filters anyways, but cleaning more always
  4. So I have 2 Drives, a 500gb NMVe SSD with Windows 10 installed and a 250gb SATA SSD with PopOS installed. I wanted to try PopOS so I installed it on the spare SSD I had, been trying it for about a month, set up a Windows VM with PCIe passthrough and would like to use it as my primary OS now, but of course I've run out of space, but I also want to keep a drive with windows 10 installed as I still have stuff on there that I want that won't work on linux or the VM, as well as a 'just in case something goes wrong' drive. So what would be the easiest way to swap the drives while keeping
  5. I'd like to thank everyone for the help. I've finally decided to go for the Fulla 3 from a store not to far away from me, bit more than what I was hoping to spend but should be worth it in the end. Thanks again
  6. Just saw this the other day haha
  7. I think I might just get the mic later then, and get the g5 or g6. But since I can find the Fulla 3 for a similar price, would the g6 or fulla 3 be better?
  8. Not trying to be rude or anything, but for the Syba Sonic or e10k, what would you mean they sound terrible? Can't say I'm super into audio just need something that's better than the onboard audio of my PC to get rid of this awful humming and what not.
  9. Just googled the impedance of my headphones and got 38 ohms for my ATH-ws1100is pair and couldn't find anything specific for my BOSE pair apart from this which says "Impedance at 1kHz: 488 Ohms". But since its made to be used for smartphones I'm assuming similar to my other pair, 32 ohms?
  10. So you say the DAC-X6 is good? After some looking around thinking maybe I should get that and maybe change my mic plans, I can find the DAC-X6 for cheaper than the g5/6. So I could spend a little more to get a ModMic Uni, since it's separate from the headphones it shouldn't have the grounding problem.
  11. I don't have headphones that require alot of power and are fine with mobile devices etc. Only problem is I'm planning on getting a V-Moda Boom Pro for my headphones and seen that if I were to split the mic into the motherboard but headphones into a DAC is can cause grounding problems, I do have a ground noise loop isolator but not sure if that would do anything.
  12. Ah ok, didn't know that haha. I've already got some audio software with equalizers / volume options, the software side doesn't really add any value for me personally. It seems the U5 and and U7 is quite a bit more pricey than the other DACs I had linked above as well as having mixed reviews. I see some other sound cards like the Sound Blaster cards, but for the price seem not as good value as some of the other DACs. But thanks for the suggestions. Sorry what's an aoc port? Like the mic in or optical? I've heard good things about the Fulla line but most of
  13. I think I'd rather go for a DAC and spend a little more, read its better than usin a sound card.
  14. Well the first one I use wired (TRS) and yes I use a splitter. I made a post earlier trying to ask with help for this problem and tried several things but nothing worked, so I've decided to just get a DAC.
  15. I use Bose QC 35, Audio Technica ATH-WS1100IS and razer hammerhead v2. Nothing that requires alot of power.
  16. I've been having problems with garbage audio (buzzing/humming/static-ish noises) on my PC, so I've decided to get a DAC. I'm not to knowledgeable about this topic so I'd like to ask about some recommendations. I live in Australia so a lot of stuff from amazon and what not has crazy shipping prices. But I've been recommended these so far: FiiO E10K Syba Sonic (mostly likely to buy atm just because of the mic port) and Dac-X6 Any other recommendations would be helpful. I would prefer it to be around $100aud but not more than about $200aud. Thanks for a
  17. Righteo, might do that then. Thanks.
  18. Seems even after resetting my OC the buzzing is till there, my ground noise loop isolator does help but is still audible. I think going with a DAC is gonna be the best option going forward. I think I might end up going with an: E10k Syba Sonic Or this DAC-X6 Any other recommendations are welcome. I live in Aus if that helps. Thanks for the help so far
  19. I'll try that in the morning and see what results I get. Thanks for the help
  20. Ah, I wonder if that might be something, I do have my 2700x overclocked on a b450 so might be the same. I'm not to familiar with good DAC/AMP combos but I've seen some stuff on the Schiit Fulla and E10k being good value for money. Would you (or anyone else) have any recommendations?
  21. Yeah I just plug my headphones into the motherboard audio out and assumed it was something like that, but I didn't think it would get to the point where it was super audible. Seen some stuff about getting a DAC can help prevent something like EMI. But wasn't too sure either if it could be be something else as well. When I drag windows or scroll in firefox the buzzing gets much louder for as long as doing that action.
  22. I've always had a very, almost inaudible, humming when I was playing games when my GPU was pinned close to 100%, but recently its gotten quite audible and during idle which has gotten very annoying. What would causes for this be? I was doing some cable management for external wires (eg. keyboard wires, headphone wires, mouse wires, hdmi and display port cables etc) and had a bunch in close proximity and thought maybe it was that for some reason but changing it back did nothing. I'm now using a ground noise loop isolator that I normally use for my switch which reduced the volume of the buzzing
  23. Do you have G-Sync enabled? I've had similar problems in Firefox but when I've had G-Sync on, once I turned G-Sync off it went back to being perfectly smooth. Was weird but ?
  24. Just do the rice/pea method. I've done it for both Intel and Ryzen and temps are perfectly fine. Other methods aren't worth the hassle in my opinion. For what? 1-2 degrees? If even that.