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  1. Can you strap a heat-sink to your cpu, wrap/ attach it to the blower end of an air compressor and then cool your pc? An exhaust tube could be run out the back through the I/O port, or if you have a case with liquid cooling tube holes cut already, they might work. I am not sure how small a form factor you can get an air compressor in, but tubing is flexible and as long as it isn't the same size as the computer it might be practical. Any other ideas, or refinements? TL:DR swap the fans on a cpu cooler for an air compressor blower.
  2. Can you use compressed air to cool you CPU or GPU? Air gets cooler as it is compressed. So why not utilize that reaction to pressure to its greatest effect. The first way to utilize compressed air, I was theorizing, would be to replace the liquid in a liquid cooling loop. Seems like a like-for-like swap push the air into one side, and then receive from another back into an compressor. I feel like it would require a significant number of gaskets, fittings and tubes to reach smooth flow(?). Thanks Edit: Thanks everyone. I got turned around on the temperature and p