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  1. Intel Core I7-9700k NZXT Kraken X63 MSI Z390-A PRO G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2x16 GB) Crucial P1 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME SSD Geforce 970 (will be replacing with 3070) Fractal Design Meshify C EVGA SuperNOVA G3 850W Bought a new pc ant built it (Without graphics card, waiting for the new ones to come out) Everything works good, have no issues. Followed the guide: https://www.msi.com/blog/intel-9th-cpu-overclocking-5ghz-with-z390-motherboards I look at temperatures and it does not get above 65. When I do a stress test the
  2. Just moved to a new town and started renting a new room. phone (iphone 6S) consistantly getting 100Mb/s while PC with wireless card gets stable 16Mb/s (both tests done using speedtest.net) and confirmed speeds of 2MB/s currently while downloading using steam. I had the same network and same speed before (100Mb/s Virgin media) where I lived and had no issues, both PC and phone used to get full speed. I have ASUS PCE-AC56 Network Adapter because wired connection is/was not an option. Nothing has changed except me moving, the router is even closer t
  3. How to check that and if that's the case how to fix it?
  4. I've found both HDMI and DVI cable which did nothing to change the situation.
  5. Using DVI. I don't have a different cable, why would that change when I both used the same cable and graphics card on another system? The rx580 is not mine as was borrowed from my brother who is completely not using his system during the pandemic. Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi, I have bought a new graphics card (1060 6gb) which I want to swap for my RX 580. But when I put in my new graphics card in (uninstalled drivers using DDU) after the motherboard logo I keep getting no signal detected on my monitor. Old graphics card has no issues. I thought that the problem was the graphics card, but putting into my friends system it worked fine. I followed this by thinking my 420 watt PSU is not enough, I borrowed my friends 600 watt PSU and it did not help. I reinstalled windows which did nothing to h
  7. He just borrowed a cable that was used for full HD monitor by his friend. The issue was not fixed. any ideas?
  8. His new monitor only has 1 port which is VGA (a part from the power port)
  9. Hi, my friend got a new monitor (Samsung 2043NW) after his last one died (LG l1752sq) 1280x1024 is what the resolution he keeps getting with graphics drivers. After uninstalling GPU (550 ti) drivers using DDU the resolution went to 1600x1200, but everything looks distorted according to him. Installing drivers (tried both new and old drivers) makes the resolution go back to 1280x1024. I cannot check my self as we're in different countries so I'm helping over teamviewer. I've checked the new monitor specs and according to t
  10. Hi, I have EVGA SuperNova G2 650 W 80+ Gold PSU. I am thinking of buying a new GPU (PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB Red Devil Graphics Card) But after reading more on it I found that you need 2x8 Power cables. Opened up my case, to find that my current GPU (R9 290) Uses 8+6 (6+2 and 6) which comes from a single split cable that connects to my PSU. I vaguely remember there being a 2nd cable like this but after going through my house twice I was not able to find it. I need a replacement for it. Looking at EVGA site I found individually sleeved ones tha
  11. Hi, I have reinstalled my windows today (changed motherboard, cpu, ram) The only issue that I cannot fix (and there were many hoops that I jumped through) is my browser speed. I have tested downloading using steam, torrents, skype, no issues, 10mb/s. While checking speedtest.net I get 100Mbps down and up. Which was like that previously. I have tried; Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox and the same problem: 100-400kb/s download. I have tried different sites, different files, ranging from random files of 2 GB to even down
  12. Ended up buying a new USB drive which then worked perfectly... I have no idea why but the previous USB has worked on about 20 different computers, going from 10 years old to today's best computers. But does not work on this computer. NO IDEA WHY. Thank's for the ideas.
  13. I am not sure about GPT or MBR. I looked for the ISO file and clicked start. Will have a look. As for secure boot, I tried it both disabled and not. Either way, wouldnt the usb show up in bios regardless of it? If I go into usb info it shows my keyboard and mouse but not the flash drive. Or am I stupid and wrong about that
  14. Hi. I made a bootable USB using rufus to install windows on my (mostly) new PC. I bought MSI B350M gaming pro, ryzen 1200 and hyperX 1x8 3200mhz to replace my old parts. I replaced them without any problems. I booted until bios and can't seem to figure out why my USB does not show in BIOS. I go a screen showing that changes have been made and the displayed changes matches the new parts without any issues. Trying to load into old windows 7 gives me blue screen (Trying to install windows 10) I have tried multiple combinations of UEFI, U
  15. Have since replaced my PSU and the problems have disappeared. P.S I also replaced my motherboard, cpu and ram. Have not changed GPU. From all the evidence, it was the power supply.