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  1. Does this allow you to fit it back on without voiding the warranty though?
  2. I've added you mate, should have a request from 'BlackHammer' ? Do you have any F2P games that you want me to run tests on? - I'm going to get PUBG at some point to test too.
  3. Hi mate, I've gather the info you have requested. Armoury Crate Geforce Experience driver 442.19 GPU driver WiFi driver Bluetooth Driver If you need any more info, just let me know. Currently installing a few games so I can test CPU drops.
  4. OK I'll get it installed after work and perform a few test games and feedback.
  5. yeah that's true, the customer should never experience these types of issues. What's the most demanding game you play that has drops? - I think I'll install it and give it a test.
  6. At least it's playable now though. Have you removed the air vent covers yet?
  7. Interesting, how many hours of gaming did you do? I've not experienced this myself yet.
  8. No worries, bro. I will gather a full list of the system spec, including drivers, relevant programs ect. Hopefully it's a case of proccess of elimination to determine the root of the issue.
  9. Glad to hear it's made a difference. Is the game freezing at all now? CPU: Are you using software to enable the Turbo Mode or BIOS?
  10. @Bobbydigital Thanks, I will join and drop him a message.
  11. I've not experienced this, but I will perform some tests after work and let you know the results.
  12. I suggest the following: 1. Perform a full clean of the inside of your case Dust can gather/block in the heat sinks, fans and vents if left to settle over time, causing no airflow which leads to overheating and then performance issues. If however, you already done the above then I suggest the following. 1. Backup your important files 2. Perform a Clean windows installation
  13. It's just odd that's all, you'd think something that important would be mentioned at least somewhere on their site. But anyway, thanks @Bobbydigital for the BIOS bro.
  14. Can you try the following? 1. Remove GPU - test boot 2. Remove 1 stick of RAM - test boot Does the system make any beep noises for indication of an error code? Is it also possible, that during the process of the build the CPU fan got legitimately damaged?
  15. Does the application go into a unresponsive state? Also, have you experienced any other performance issues with any other games or in general use of the system?