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  1. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube Red, and Private Internet Access
  2. Then it's not going to be much of a noticeable difference, only around 20-30% faster, to really justify the price difference. I'd say to put your money more towards reliability (aka brands that tend to last longer, but as it's a lottery system with HDD, longer warranties) than speed.
  3. If you're using it with system files, then I'd suggest the faster speeds, but if its just for storage or a nas, there's no point really unless they're the same price.
  4. Me too, cause if it's sata II (3gb/s) then 280ish would make sense and no amount of rma will fix it
  5. Do you know what sata version your motherboard is?
  6. So is the issue that the laptop actually isn't charging or that the status stays at 95%? And it's not a soldered battery, there's a lot of YouTube tutorials out there for it to remove it.
  7. Hi, I've recently acquired a Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One machine that's pretty capable, but the glaring issue with is that the screen is broken (was hit by something and now has a large crack that broke the panel as well). Contacting Dell Support, the screen itself would be around $1k, which to me isn't worth the price, the display out still works perfectly fine as well as the rest of the machine, so I could easily use it as a bulky desktop. My main question I'm asking is if it is possible to take a screen from another monitor of similar size and shape to replace the broken one in my AIO, a
  8. Yes it is 100% and actually commonly used by large data storage companies (who use tape drives, of course) since with tapes, there's a lot more than just read/write speed that plays into how fast you can get data on and off of tapes. If you want to read more about it: https://www.versity.com/blog/designing-a-high-performance-tape-archive
  9. Have you looked at his second keyboard readme? According to it, you should be able to identify the second one for macros. I'm not 100% familiar with this program, but I do use a similar, older one. https://github.com/TaranVH/2nd-keyboard/blob/master/LUAMACROS/README.md
  10. I've worked at a e-waste recycling center fixing and repairing computers and it was very frowned upon anything leaving free (and they did not understand depreciation value, they still wanted $50 for a 60gb HDD..) so I'd say that if you're well known enough or you know a guy who knows a guy that it'd be hard to really get much for free. But it all depends on the owner, no harm in asking as long as you're not a dick about it (and remember, beggars cant be choosers)
  11. At least the supervisors I was under wanted us to be +/-8 and we weren't supposed to have +/-10, and true I have seen worse as well, but if he's consistently getting bad signal that's causing him problems, that should be addressed as well. And that's more of what I was leaning towards as well, though knowing all the variables is always helpful, hence my kindof long checklist of things that'd I'd like to know.
  12. (Coming from a former spectrum field tech) Defiantly your signal level is barely in spec when you seem to be having connection issues, which would make sense why you're loosing speed. How old is your coaxial wire, and do you know if it's rg6 or 69? Do you know if there is any splitters between your modem the ISP? (Including any outside wall box). Also following the line, is there any major kinks or sharp bends and is it held in by any staples across the wire that might be pinching it? And do any of the wires run along side electrical wire or come in near your junction box for your power? Do yo
  13. So happy my work computers got upgraded..to 8.1.......??

  14. Currently watching a literal pallet of desktops fall out of a truck...someone's losing a paycheck (thankfully, not me)