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  1. heyo,I edited Win10 with NT Lite and it went from a 4,7GB ISO file to 1,7GB .The installation is quick af,it takes ~2 mins on a dual core PC,3GB RAM,128MB video until I get this annoying error: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-36-qvO1Oo&feature=youtu.be what the hell is that?I got it on Oracle VM box and now I get it on VMware too.Google didn't help at all.I tried with quad core virtualization,different GPU memory and nothing happens.This error appears after I install the windows successfully and on the welcome screen it just crashes.I updated the latest GPU driver few days ag
  2. I always was able to optimize my SSD at least 1 time per week..I haven't used my PC for a week or so and I found out that I can't trim it anymore..any ideas?Yesterday I trimmed it manually through cmd,but this ain't satisfying me.I didn't do anything and suddenly I can't trim my SSD anymore without touching any setting
  3. ye ik just I don't want to buy a book and get "outdated" after 3 months and then I have to buy the newer one cuz it has some newer stuff which I don't know about
  4. sup fams,I wanna buy Cisco CCNA 200-125,but what if a newer exam is going to be released soon?The current one is released on 05.08.2016..soon it's gonna be 2k19. How can I know if a new exam is coming soon?I can't find info anywhere.Just I don't want to buy a 2k16 exam and a new one gets released on January 2k19 lol.I think CompTia have newer exams on almost all certifications except IT Fundamentals and A+(and maybe 1 other),but sup with Cisco?Newer IT Fundamentals will be released August 2k18 and newer A+ will be released February 2019,but sup with Cisco?
  5. nope,it's when I'm installing the game,not when I'm playing
  6. that sounds helpful,but it wasn't in my case.my last scan was on 25.07.18 and the installation of the game was 2 days ago which means the anti virus(nod32) wasn't scanning back then
  7. hey,when I'm installing Far cry 5 or Shadow of Mordor on my SSD (WD Green 2.5" SATA 120GB), it works on 100%(100% usage) and I can't even open OBS Studio or Mozilla while installing such heavy games...Then I tried installing those games on my HDD and again the installation uses 100% of my HDD and the HDD is so busy with the installation that it can't open some light softwares like OBS Studio.Even though the SSD is faster than my HDD(it's crap SSD anyways,but still it's faster than a HDD by nature) it works on 100% when installing games on it.How can I fix that?I don't want to install a game an
  8. yes,that's what I'm looking for,because I don't have time atm to name 365 images for all the 365 days
  9. hello, can someone tell me if there is any software/live wallpaper for windows which countdowns the days of the year?The main point is to count the days remaining till the year ends.For example on 1st January my desktop says: "364 days remaining till bla bla" or on 2nd January my desktop says "363 days remaining till bla bla".
  10. nope.... when I'm typing on youtube search box or facebook,just my letters have some delay.it's really annoying.I feel like I'm using PC from the medieval times when I have that delay lol,even I don't have any background apps.I just have NOD32,utorrent,Adobe Acrobat reader...
  11. when typing on microsoft edge and firefox,I have delay when typing....2% cpu usage and 32% ram usage,can someone help me solve this?2700x,16gb 3200mhz is my build and I have no clue why I have delay when typing
  12. 2700x will be better at rendering and softwares which are coded for multi threading i7 8700k will be "better" on more or less games and softwares which are designed for lower cores idk if you will even notice a difference between 2700x and 8700k in gaming..maybe 5-6 fps difference on some games,but that's nothing.I never had Intel cpu and I'm using 2700x atm..it just does perfect job for me
  13. get more powerful psu asap before it damages your pc.it's not powerful enough to make your pc run at full performance
  14. what do you think about Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W?is it good?(I mean if it's a good brand or model,not if the 600W are enough)
  15. im not saying asus is a better brand. just this asus monitor is better for gaming,because it has more hz which means you can play on more fps if your gpu is good enough.if you are lazy,go to 01:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLT7-UiScLU
  16. you are comparing a 144 hz monitor with a 70hz one..which means you will play a 144 fps (if your GPU supports that) and the other one will have max 70 fps check that link https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/
  17. Im using 2700x + gtx 1060 and I'm satisfied....btw FOUNDER'S edition have bad cooling.the only reason why you should go for intel + 1070 is if you are gonna play 1440p with lots of fps.Ppl say 1060 isn't 1440p card.I played far cry 1440p ultra settings and it runned smoothly,but if you want to have 1000000% good 1440p card,maybe you should go for 1070.I haven't tried any other 1440p ultra games,but far cry was running perfectly
  18. hey,I got BSOD with amd xata sys error.Can someone tell me how to fix it?I've no idea to which device is it related to.Used driver verifier>got BSOD on purpose to check what's the issue and it's just amd xata sys>idk how to fix that amd xata sys thing.I didn't install any drivers manually....except NVIDIA GTX 1060 and I downloaded AMD Ryzen Master(i doubt it's the solution..),therefore Win10 installed some wrong driver for me...what a friend .....
  19. I didn't hear anything about them regarding the durability,but it's good brand..especially the X470 models.I'm pretty sure you will like it.I have a Gigabyte mobo which is alive for 8 years or more
  20. when I was younger,I read somewhere that Mac has good security like Linux and you don't even need an antivirus on Mac just like Linux,but maybe it's not like that anymore(talking about MACs)
  21. idk if you will ever notice a difference between both motherboards what do you mean if it's reliable?My motherboard which is produced in 2005 still works lol..it's still "reliable".I guess H370 will be useful for years..ofc depending on your requirements