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  1. Well yeah but most GPUs actually don't even use all it's memory chip slots (disabled by core), to unlock that you have to buy a highest end, or hack its core I guess? It's strange why they have to spent time and effort to design something to like this
  2. yeah nobody replies to a good design, I'm not an Apple engineer after all XD
  3. Try: Test with furmark Remove a GPU, use just one to play games, and then switch to another one I think something else is hitting high temps
  4. The 2nd idea I came up with to improve a graphics card design, it's was sooo much work to draw it out. It may be too fictional, but it is an idea, not an implementation. As I don't know how actually to control fan speed on hardware side. This card gives 3 modes for user: default bypass - nothing set, just like fresh install of other graphic cards, for users who don't change settings Summer without AC - reduce target temp and ramp up fan speed Performance - ramp up everything Pros: no more slow controller software download-installation and
  5. Just add 2 examples of Nvidia GTX 1080 and AMD RX Vega, which shows this layout is totally possible without changing the GPU size, nor the fan size, it's just the layout of other components and cost At this point I feel blower cards are not using a larger radii fan could be due to it's thickness limitation*, but that can be solved by open up the other side of fan's PCB board completely aswell... so that might give a better design and a smaller card *e.g., air becomes too fast to get to the end of fan blade as blower fans usually runs faster, causing some high
  6. I've switched powersupply-end cable slot back, and I still didn't reproduce the issue, the ladt try could be about the hdmi cable was not fully plugged in
  7. Final update: 80% more heat transfer area, and took VRM and capacitors' height into consideration, one of those fan can be shrinked to 80mm for a thinner card tho
  8. I've switched the powercable on powersupply back, I'm still unable to recreate the problem, I guess it was only a glitch...
  9. That's not the issue, and why bother to design, if you don't have limitations?
  10. Check later: RTX 2070 instantaneous boot voltage/wattage and R5 2600 1.37v OC wattage
  11. Hey you are being picky, you haven't came up with any flaw you've said
  12. It's because of multi gpu, sfx PC, servers and data centers. Which makes blower design popular. I just put myself a restriction to design a better blower card than any others (that sounded bold but I didn't make it terrible atleast XD)
  13. uhhh the light it's back, I'll try fix it tomorrow... 1: open HWMonitor and look for voltages, it might be wrong - done for the LED off situation 2: windows10 pcie power plan - it is full power for PCIE slots 3: switch a power cable, it might be old - tried to wiggle this cable around but LED won't light up This is really strange because I never had an issue with power on my GTX 1070, and it really doesn't look like the power supply is not right
  14. I know, part of my ideas were actually from this video
  15. Yeah, but that's the exact same size, 10mm as most blower fans
  16. If you dont like internal cables, you can always add R Gee Bee on it lol
  17. It is 150% because usually the heatsink is smaller and not even high enough fot 2 pcie slots, and I don't see why you need a fan hub when the graphic card can just control the fan with some circuits
  18. Oh shit the left up corner was not connected, r/mildlyinfurating warning...
  19. So I suddenly came up with an idea and decided to spend my whole day on it. This thing combines a double fan, tilted fin and a separated video port slot, with no feature lost. Compare to conventional blower cards, this design gives 150% of cooler fins' area with enough space to mount 4 narrow heatpipes, the video ports are gone so air can pass the pcie shield easily, 2 fans can pump much more air, and that's about it, I guess. I think this board also has enough space to cut 2 some holes for the 2 fans to draw more air from the back of this card. !Please note
  20. Maybe that slot was used for a long time to power my gtx 970, 1070 and now 2070. So it somehow glitched
  21. Consider buy a 2nd hand case? Or you can wait until Christmas
  22. I've bought a 2nd hand RTX 2070 to replace my GTX 1070, everything was working prefectly but I've got a briiiiight white power LED on the RTX 2070. The card is a Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2070 8g, but not important as the problem may apply to all Gigabyte/Aorus cards. I'm listing all attempts I've tried and failed so you may get away with these steps: At1: use an eraser to clean up potential dust build ups on PCIE pins (gentally) - fail At2: download Gigabyte lighting software to find the LED switch - fail At3: download Gigabyte AORUS ENginE, AORUS eXTrEMe a
  23. Thanks, I'm worried that it would degrade even more that I have to replace it soon, and then I won't be upgrading my CPU for faster encodes
  24. Well, I re-pasted this card as soon as I bought it, and it wasn't an issue, I believe this is because heat damage by running f@h too long, the card stays at a high temperature