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About LukeSavenije

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    psu cultist
  • Birthday Jan 27, 2002

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    Dodging exploding FETs
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    surviving 2021


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-10400f @stock
    Intel Core i5-8600k @5ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI B460 Mortar
    MSI Z390i gaming edge
  • RAM
    Trident Z black/white 2x8gb MFR
    OC: 3400 mhz 15-18-18-36
  • GPU
    EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 TI SC Gaming Black
  • Case
    Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB
    Cooler Master Masterbox MB500 Front Panel
  • Storage
    Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB
    1 TB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda
    1 TB 5400 rpm Samsung Ecogreen
  • PSU
    Cooler Master V-1300 Platinum
    Seasonic Focus GX-650
    Corsair CX550M
  • Display(s)
    TCL P64 43" (1080p@120hz)
  • Cooling
    Gelid Phantom Black
  • Keyboard
    Drevo Calibur - Outemu Blue - Hyperx Pudding
    Glorious GMMK - ZealPC Tealios 65g - GMK Dualshot
  • Mouse
    Logitech G305 Lightspeed White
    Logitech G305 Lightspeed Black
  • Sound
    Sony WH-CH700N
  • Laptop
    TongFang GK5NR0O
    4800h, 2060 (90w), 16gb ram, S11 pro+970 evo
  • Phone
    Poco x3

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  1. it's time for a bit of appreciation, it's not a special day, it's not because i have reasons for it… it just feels right to do now



    the girl that got me into keyboards by buying way too many switches, burned my eyes, brought joy with kpop gifs and made my life just a bit more white. you'll always be seoz to me.



    the guy that just… posts... everything. from memes to news to gal gadot, he's there, he's weird, but that makes it so much fun to be around. even if he hasn't joined the discord yet


    @Crunchy Dragon

    the one that made derpy my icon, who sparked enough curiosity in me to do a stupid challenge with an outcome I'd never expected. even if he banned me once, he's more than worth the mention



    a guy I've always seen as my build mirror, a guy that posts way too much, tries to master everything and does his very best to make your life a bit easier



    I'm not french, but this guy thinks i am to this day. a guy that's always up for a good game of lukewrecking in destiny, voicechats everyone away and also a great alrounder



    the motherboard master of the forum, pimped up the tier list without breaking a sweat, but is too bored to calculate for intel boards. you may call him buildzoid's son.



    my true rival, a guy that tries to beat me in posts, reputation, influence, or whatever he feels like doing. he'll always be there to support taiwan, and would secretly tier every taiwanese unit up to tier s. even if he can't put a single post of me in his sig, he is great with PSUs



    the kickstarter of the dog thread, a pinner of many topics, a moderator you can trust, a guy that loves his dogs, and loves to show them to everyone



    2000 notifications and he'd still finish them all, he may not be active, but if he's there, he's there



    the guy with the most amazing thread ever created, a great place to make horrible jokes, share memes and just laugh at the power that rules over all of us


    @Origami Cactus

    the cactus might not be origami anymore, but he's still the dude that shows up to many, many status updates. a true supporter of the people he follows



    legend says he's doing nothing important, but he's the mememod of the forum, a guy with a horrible taste for his PSU, but who knows, maybe I'll get him as far as replacing it some day


    @Queen Chrysallis

    his pricing might suck, but his hardware sure doesn't. it started with just questions for a new build, but ended up as one of the nicest people to just blow off some steam with.



    ik heb geen aardappel in mijn mond. a guy that knows his way around PSUs and keyboards, maybe the best psu cat on the forum.



    corrupting all wishes is what he likes to do, and in the meantime keep complete silence. why we don't know to this day



    he might not be the one i wake up to, posted 10 status updates and went through all of mine in just that night, but he got me a great headset, and whenever the time comes, he'll have a great PSU for his personal datacentre.



    a magician when it comes to guessing old cases, even surpassing casemod. he might be busy all week long, but whenever he comes, you just know he has something to share



    the casegod, the casemod or whatever you want to call him. he has way too much time free to check cases, and will share it with as many as possible. he might just become mod while daily spamming the whole case subforum, but he'll have a case for you.



    the guy that got me into linux with ubuntu, and gave me the best os I've tried: arch. the only person I've seen in real life so far, he doesn't care when he's drunk, he's way too far into my little pony, but he's a great dude that can solder above a broken hdd to make a server work.



    some speak about paul having two sides: a nice and an evil side. I'm happy I've only seen the nice side, and I'll hope to see it as long as i can.



    he might not be the luckiest with keyboards, but whenever you need him, he's there to have a fun bit of discussion about minecraft, his keycaps or whatever you are there to talk about. and it all started with just a bit of help on linux. 



    even if he flags himself as an arch user while he isn't, he's been one of the first people that joined my adventure on discord, gave the small touches to lists and has lost the rep war damn hard.



    we might have our opinions on intel vs amd, but you can give some weird energy to every conversation i see you in, and i somehow like that sometimes


    @Princess Luna

    the goddess of ponies, someone who hides everywhere, just waiting to make a perfect reply. she might have infinite resources to ponies, so be warned, so try not to get ddos'ed by it.



    a guy that knows way too much about laptops, i wouldn't even bother to reply if i see him in a topic. no-one is perfect, but in laptops this guy comes damn close



    he might look down, but he's banned me many times, and so i did to him.



    just a pony-schnoz, has way too many memes, and has been one of the people i convinced into the pony world



    buy a gpu dude, we've been a couple hundred replies in pm too far. ebay might not be his best friend, but he'll get there one day



    a guy that types way too fast and loves chromebooks so much he set his profile picture to a chrome pony.


    @Ave with a model o

    he might get mad at me for saying he's wrong, but he's a lover of hugs, he passed his exam and does way too much research into weird PSUs.


    @Stefan Payne

    your average angry dutchman, or as they call it: German. he might reeee all around the forum with way too much info, but he's damn right



    you know too much about coolers dude



    a guy that knows his boards, has some weird memes, but can win a lot. even if he puts an x470 and a drp4 together for a 2200g machine, he's a great dude.



    even if his keyboard still hasn't arrived, he'll lurk at many places, and wait until his time comes.



    he might need a renewal on his PSUs, but that's just him watching too many birds for the last 2 years


    @Herman Mcpootis

    a guy that knows his own pricing, but can also do some great magic at any given pricepoint, a true build master



    even if he likes to burn down every unit for an issue, he'll be there whenever you got confused about silverstone's lineup



    a guy that shares many videos and a good amount of status updates, he'll be there in the morning, waiting to have a conversation of some sort.



    still trying to break my notifications with memes to this very day



    and don't think if you aren't in my list I'm ignoring you, a lot of you have been a great community i hope to enjoy for years to come. thank you

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Your greatest accomplishment is holding onto 500-1000+ notifications each week on the forum! none of us would ever do that.

    3. LukeSavenije


      i would


      but i'm too much here to ever reach close to that number

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      i get nauseated when i reach page 3 sometimes,  that's about as far as i'd go in terms of manually clicking to see what it is.