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    Dodging exploding FETs
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    Intel Core i5-10400f @stock
    Intel Core i5-8600k @5ghz
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    MSI B460 Mortar
    MSI Z390i gaming edge
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    Trident Z black/white 2x8gb MFR
    OC: 3400 mhz 15-18-18-36
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    EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 TI SC Gaming Black
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    Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB
    Cooler Master Masterbox MB500 Front Panel
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    Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB
    1 TB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda
    1 TB 5400 rpm Samsung Ecogreen
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    Cooler Master V-1300 Platinum
    Seasonic Focus GX-650
    Corsair CX550M
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    TCL P64 43" (1080p@120hz)
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    Gelid Phantom Black
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    Drevo Calibur - Outemu Blue - Hyperx Pudding
    Glorious GMMK - ZealPC Tealios 65g - GMK Dualshot
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    Logitech G305 Lightspeed White
    Logitech G305 Lightspeed Black
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    Sony WH-CH700N
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    TongFang GK5NR0O
    4800h, 2060 (90w), 16gb ram, S11 pro+970 evo
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    Poco x3

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  1. yes.. no... kinda... the japcap trend was because of the so-called "capacitor plague", which is already a debate on what caused it. But the main thing with Japanese caps is that it's more expensive to integrate since most PSU ODMs are in China and will have to import and store a big quantity of them, which because of them having to be under specific conditions, is really expensive. So you won't really see someone use cheap capacitors for that but that doesn't say that Chinese/Taiwanese/German/US companies can't make as good, if not better capacitors than Japanese and a
  2. and it's really outdated... currently busy with other things
  3. they can supply you with a replacement screw kit (plastic ones), but then they should come back to you first... might want to try your retailer as well
  4. 2021 shall be the year i declare war and come back on top on the post count

    ..... maybe.


    but the reputation? that's not happening anytime soon

    1. LukeSavenije


      another year, another day you expect to pass me

  5. The v1 is based off the CWT GPU platform also used in Bitfenix Whisper and Enermax Revolution DF. The v2 is based off the CWT GPX platform, essentially a costdown of said platform. Because of it being lower quality it's indeed not able to handle a low-voltage burn-in test as shown at Corsair where they put GPX under their RM/RMx burn-in test and failed 3/3 times on the same component. Because of the lower quality parts it's also a lot louder than the v1, isn't as efficient and so on. In almost every single way, DQ-M-V2L is a downgrade from DQ-M
  6. GX is ALWAYS focus v3, so you have nothing to worry about. It's just that PX specifically has the same naming on both the old and the new version, but they look visually different. The old versions are Focus Gold FM, Focus Plus Gold FX and Focus Plus Platinum PX, the new ones are Focus GM, Focus GX and Focus PX
  7. nah, we can use this as info, it's not too bad to post it here Jon was (of course) right about the group reg df part, I'll look into it internally if we can find out what it is exactly
  8. Prime GX is the newer revision with minor changes to Prime Gold, which is in tier A single rail
  9. CWT confirmed it not having OTP, the rest is still the same edit: I'm late I see
  10. There's also these two... the first was sent to a reviewer, the second was the retail unit of it. The first is a decent dc-dc CWT PUQ-B, the other is a CWT GPM that can't do over 500w while being sold as an 850w. Tier e isn't only for issues that happen with the unit itself, but also when we choose to distrust a company because we can't guarantee they actually ship what they promise. And yes, a Brazilian reviewer actually hooked this thing up to a sunmoon, loaded it up and got over 1v of ripple out of it without the unit shutting down. This is the main reason we chose to comp