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  1. CXM uses a platform completely different from CX
  2. this is the Gray label, only RM has a "black" label for the current model
  3. expect tier a unless I find something off about it
  4. LukeSavenije

    Phison controller not reliable?

    I mean... E16 does, but that makes sense if you modify an E12 to accept pcie 4
  5. LukeSavenije

    Phison controller not reliable?

    If that was true, a quarter of the market would be trash There have been some things about Phison's ECC, but this doesn't really matter on a consumer level
  6. there is info about them since. It's a CWT GPU, making it tier A multirail, since it's very similar to Bitfenix Whisper, Deepcool DQ-M (V1) and Enermax Revolution DF
  7. hm... I've seen them show off a prototype before in I think 2019@computex took them a decent while
  8. oh, of course some of these can be caused by different issues it's just that I took some out that were longer than "DOA" or alike. It's to give a view of the general picture
  9. TL;DR Gigabyte is refusing to support a product they know to be problematic. This is as of the time of writing still in production with the same components. We haven't asked Gigabyte for a public statement. Most likely problem - Main FETs To start, a quote from Aristeidis Mpitziopoulos', which in this article will be referred to as Aris, review on Techpowerup about this very unit below. This is something alarming on it's own already. The main FETs on the power supply explode after having handled a heavy load. They didn't fail during the actual OPP/OCP testi
  10. highpower #817, expected is tier b when we add it
  11. from a very quick look it looks like a Greatwall EPS1250DA variation... which would likely place it in tier c
  12. This thread is for questions around the list and possible additions to it, we have a whole forum for recommendations around specific cases
  13. looks like a Greatwall to me... very similar to CX
  14. Cooler master themselves and well... Aris' public testing if you want something more public
  15. current batch has this issue fixed, so it's not an issue
  16. LukeSavenije

    Happy late birthday I guess?

    let's just say you were 364 days early
  17. yes.. no... kinda... the japcap trend was because of the so-called "capacitor plague", which is already a debate on what caused it. But the main thing with Japanese caps is that it's more expensive to integrate since most PSU ODMs are in China and will have to import and store a big quantity of them, which because of them having to be under specific conditions, is really expensive. So you won't really see someone use cheap capacitors for that but that doesn't say that Chinese/Taiwanese/German/US companies can't make as good, if not better capacitors than Japanese and a
  18. LukeSavenije

    Just testing something, please reply if you wan…

    I love this already... spam the admin until he finds the bug
  19. and it's really outdated... currently busy with other things