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  1. Hey if this reaches anyone who knows, what would it mean if the ID pin is broken?
  2. While there is a difference I think the extra room provided on the contact plate may have it still on there. I guess I just need to sit down and do some measurements this'll be fun
  3. Hey everyone. I'm planning my first cooling loop and thus purchased an ekwb ga x370 monoblock which fits all of gigabyte's mainstream x370 boards if not all of their x370 boards. I noticed the VRMs are in similar positions and the only visible difference is the addition of a couple extra pieces up top. The cold plate that makes contact with the top VRM is 7.5 cm wide. Is there some way to measure if this would fit on one of the updated x470 boards?
  4. I wish I had seen/known this before I reset windows. Either way I got it working again
  5. Hey guys, so I was playing with my overclock on my gtx 1080 using afterburner. Sadly a very risky oc got saved on my "start a boot" profile and now I can't adjust the OC before the card crashes. I hope someone knows a way to help and I hope everyone's having a wonderful day.
  6. So with the new information (crashes are being caused by either an unstable GPU clock or hard drive failure) I want to start by resetting MSI afterburner, however my computer doesn't stay active long enough for me to reset in software. Is there a way to just remove the AB overclock before opening windows?
  7. I sure did. However here is where it gets interesting. I finally narrowed it down. Nothing is wrong with the CPU/Mobo (although the voltage thing is kinda concerning). I had a spare boot drive that I forgot about that I used to boot a different instance if windows. Everything ran fine when neither GPU drivers nor MSI afterburner were present. I think some instability with my GPU is crashing and causing the boot loop. That or hard drive failure.
  8. Okay, so specs. Mobo: aorus gaming k5 Cpu: ryzen 5 1600 Ram: Corsair vengeance RGB ddr4 3000 GPU: reference gtx 1080 Boot drive: WD blue m.2 nvme PSU: 650w bronze certified Case: R6 I've tried clearing my CMOS and backing everything back down to base however the vcore is still set at 1.42 (which wasn't what I was running my OC at). I've tried manually undervolting to stock however the problem still occurs. And I would like to stress that it's booting into windows fine. It could stay on the lock screen and never crash, however the second I sign in
  9. Hi, I've been running my ryzen 5 1600 at 3.85 stable for some time now. Temps stayed nice and low and everything was fine. However I recently started having a crashing problem after I tried bumping it up just a bit further. I have since reset my CMOS. however, after the reset my bios had 1.42 set as the base voltage at all times. Now my PC will boot into windows, however it crashes within seconds of logging in. Please help me figure out what's going on. I can't afford a major problem right now.
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I had thought to check out barrow, but didn't find this at first. I guess all I'll have to worry about is not over tightening. Lol
  11. To be completely honest, I've found an aluminum ball valve in g1/4 already. My only real problem is the fill port. EK has a T splitter already in their fluid gaming series
  12. So I'm planning my first custom loop and my intentions are to use EK's fluid gaming lineup for a better cost to performance ratio. However, they do not yet have an aluminum fill port or any aluminum ball valves. I would thoroughly enjoy having these luxuries as they make maintenance a breeze. Does anyone know of a place to possibly find these parts that will be of good quality? Thank you for your help!
  13. Well if developers would put the time in to support it, crossfire and SLI wouldn't BE shit.
  14. Hey, does anyone have the sizes for the thread inserts? and possibly a good brand to get?
  15. Hi, planning to set up a lan center in my town and need to know where I can possibly find bulk gpu's that aren't just being resold after mining use. If that just means bulk ordering new cards is there a better alternative than just paying full price for every unit? Thanks for any tips!