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  1. Budget for Graphics card £130 CPU £130 RAM £100 (atleast 12 GB) New PC Total for the PC Under 420
  2. Ok lol, also what CPU would be a good choice for under £130 as well
  3. Hello, I know this may start an argument but what is the best graphics card to get for under £130? The games I mainly want to play are City Skylines, Transport Fever and modded minecraft Thanks
  4. Windows 10 No idea what "pinging" means The cable isnt being found by the computer
  5. Hello, I was on my computer had the Ethernet plugged in, shut it down, went to bed came on it this morning only to find that the Ethernet wasn't working. I am on a Laptop so have Wireless internet but Ethernet is so much faster. I have tried 2 cables, moved the cables in different outputs on the router, still doesn't work Any help? Thanks.
  6. Would that error count for a replacement? It is in warranty. I used the Seagate tool thing and it said it wasn't defective, but there wasnt a SMART check in the tool like it had in the tutorial. Thanks for responding.
  7. Anyone know how to get to seagate's website so I can get a refund (or replace it) Because I have looked and cant find it.
  8. Hello, i downloaded crystal disk info and this comes up on my 3 month old HDD, anyone know what it means?? Please check the attached images Please respond quickly, Thank you!
  9. Hello, when deleting data from my external drive, should it be clicking, not in time or anything just every so often start clicking. Also, should it be clicking every 20 - 50 seconds quietly? Any reason why my 2TB Drive says it only stores 1.8 TB Thanks!!
  10. Hello, anyone able to get this below £500? I want 12 GBs of RAM at least. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/JamesCrawford/saved/#view=y6ZTHx Thank you!
  11. Do you know of any CPUs that include GPUs that ISNT a AMD - Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor, because when I try to use it in the part picker it comes up with the error This is my part picker that I am thinking of getting, any tips on it? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/JamesCrawford/saved/6QYFdC Thanks!!
  12. It is a new PC, does the AMD Ryzen 5 include graphics?
  13. Would a AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor be better?
  14. My laptop is about 5yrs old, and gets to 75 degrees C on the cores fast. It is £500 for the whole PC
  15. Budget, under £500. I want to get a desktop and at the min have a HP laptop with 8gb RAM i5 dual core running at 2.4GHz intel integrated graphics (2gb ram). I want to play city skylines with HD textures, with lots of mods and assets in and for it not to lag or jump. does that help? thanks
  16. I want to play city skylines but don't know what graphics card to get, can anyone help?