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  1. So if the psu is fully functional and recieving power. Even if it is not connected to a system. Plugging a molex fan should make it spin?
  2. No I havent. I would also like to ask you if the psu was ok wouldnt plugging a molex fan in make it spin as soon as it has power even if the rest of the system wasnt on?
  3. There is no screen as the motherboard is very cheap like 60 bucks or something like that
  4. If everyting was working fine,shouldnt pluging a fan directly to molex from the psu work as soon as i turn on the power?
  5. Mobo asus b450m-k ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram ddr4 rx 580
  6. I just built a new system and as sson as i plugged the power a static orange light in the mobo is on.I plugged a molex fan to the psu and it didnt start spinning. What is wrong?
  7. It doesnt however i cleaned the cpu cooler and the heatsink because there was A LOT of dust accumulation and now im idling at about 40-45 ish lol with basic things like chrome open which i feel is pretty good
  8. Wouldnt a 4cm gap allow enough air with both side panels out?
  9. Well its not a case issue as i said above i might try to get some thermal paste and mount the cooler again.
  10. The case sidepanels are open and the cpu fan is close to my closet but it has like a 4cm gap for air so its not at all chocking.
  11. Im not gaming i just have chrome and stuff like spotify and insta on. Right now with only 3% usage on my cpu from task manager. My temps are around 60C
  12. For me the best option would be upgrading the gpu honestly but your psu seems decent even for a 1650 which is quite power efficient anyways so go with a 4 tb hard drive.You can also try deleting stuff or use a cleaner app so to empty some space from your existing hardrives.
  13. I attached a hardware info pic for more info about usage voltages and stuff. Stock cooler yes the fan is spinning. Amd ryzen 5 2600x. thanks
  14. How would i bo about mounting the tv from the upper bed with wires.
  15. How would i go about clamping the tv from the bed above without screws
  16. Doesnt this option include drilling holes into the wood if yes i need a other solution.
  17. The x box app should not really affect anything,maybe download a stress test and try stressing the pc for a while to see if it blue screens again. If it does then up the voltage or down the clock add more av offset or for safety better not overclock at all as there is not much headroom with ryzen
  18. Maybe its about the stability of your powerline because a pc consumes continuous power under full load.
  19. I am planning to get an x box controller a sub 300dollars 4k tv (i already have a pc) and make a setup here on my bed. How do i go about mounting my tv without screwing anything and ruining the wood?Also why you are here feel free to recommend a sub 300 dollar 4k tv and anything else that would make this a better setup. Thanks a lot,manos!
  20. Because they are refurbished grade A so its one of the 3 categories. Not all phones were faulty and repaired.