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  1. My ifi is connected with a usb to my pc
  2. I have the ifi idsd nano le and it is always showing the cyan led how can i up the sound quality up to magenta or something?
  3. I agree but it would be fun to try its already half way,join too!
  4. This is an experiment from a big ytber with over 1 million subs. He wants to see whether youtube will send a playbutton for a channel with no videos if he reaches 100k subs.I am not affiliated anyway to this channel i just thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you. Also this channel will never upload anything so dont worry about content,notifications,etc.
  5. Yes I am currently trying that out and its working well enough. Can I do something similar with chrome too?
  6. Memes and anything else for exampe save images that corespong to the search EMINEM ,MEMES,VIDEOGAMES,etc.
  7. I want to download images based on a search or a hashtag
  8. I want to build a program that can suck images from instagram or chrome from different accounts,searches or hashtags and put them in a folder in my computer. Is this feasible?Also I am a total noobie never done any coding whatsoever before. Thanks,Manos
  9. Ι dont really know my handsize propably average but it depends on who I ask. Its about 17cm or 6.8 inches
  10. Why logitech g pro and not the razer viper?
  11. I bought a gaming oem mouse a while ago but it is very heavy and it is making my hand hurt because of the weight. I want to buy an ultralight gaming mouse. I am currently between the razer viper, the model o ,and the Cooler Master mm710. If you have any other recommendations let me know,if not which of these 3 mice should i buy?
  12. My mic keeps going bz bz bz bz bz bz all the time and its very annoying when talking to my friends what can I do to fix it.
  13. No I just want for example when i open my webcam to show an image or something else which is set I want this to somewhat prank my friends.
  14. I want to be able to have my web cam on and show something different than what it captures for example an image or video from my pc how do i do that?
  15. Enough to get my point across to the reptile store staff and enough to order the correct size products based on the size. But I want it to be easy to make it.
  16. I have a big 90cm by 40cm terrarium and i want to make it nice for my reptile like attaching plants branches etc. I want to be able to make it as a realistic render and as a sketch with measurements etc not necessarily with the same programm with that should i tru
  17. I am student and other than a couple of online lessons a week i play videogames like 15 hours a day.Videogames give you the feeling of reward and stuff but i dont wanna spend all my time there.The bad thing about me is that i get bored really quick. So is there something rewarding and easy that has to do with computers and be creative,fun or helpful in any way? I just dont wanna spend time on something again and quit because im unmotivated. Thanks in advance!
  18. Thats the problem my parents want to organise something like a fishing trip and such but my friends dont want to come. Also just normal parties,I havent been in a party with more than 5 people invited since 4 years ago.
  19. Well ive read and heard so many stories about partys and having fun going to trips or holidays together with friends and with the friends I have now I am not able to do these things. I dont want to grow and then be too late and miss my teen years. I already miss my child years. Thats what im trying to avoid. I dont want to be like some people who are miserable adults because they didnt have fun as teens. I want to do so much like go hunting fishing trips holidays have partys learn about new things from people that I meet. How can I do such things if I have only 2 friends which for the most par
  20. What if those friends are not enough for you and I dont have 5 friends to spend time with I have 2.
  21. This isnt really meant for this forum but since its my favourite and I trust the people here I will say it anyway. I am mid-teens and I live in Greece,Europe and Im in the first grade of highschool. My problem is that I cant make friends easily. I have like 5 friends that we are talking daily as a result of school and other lessons and 2 best friends that ive known the 1st close to 8 years and then second 4. My 5 friends have each their best friends so we dont hang out together so I only talk outside of school with my 2 best friends. I want to live a happy life so I would lik
  22. Ok also the psu is a smart thermaltake model and i think the fans speed only when its loaded to be more efficient.
  23. Ok what can i do to figure out whats wrong with the pc? other than trying the psu to a different system and checking if all the cables are plugged correctly?