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  1. I am not an adult i am still a teen most people that played the game are like 2 years younger or less
  2. No but after explaining there is no malicious intent and we actually live thousands km away so we were bluffing there is no reason to arrest us.
  3. How could that live to suicidal thoughts like let me tell you the scenario we were "hiring" for staff in our server. Do you live in uk,x city? OMG YES HOW DID YOU KNOW Well we live nearby wanna do the interview for staff face to face? Nooooo Come outside so we can see you we will be there in 30min. How would that lead to depression we didnt say ohh we are coming to hurt you and your family and kill you....
  4. It is a prank,when there is no malicious intent scaring someone as a prank is safe harmless and fun for the pranker,whether thats through the internet or irl.
  5. I live in europe greece, we were just bluffing so I think we are safe,thanks.
  6. I just wanna know if it is legal, people can have fun sometimes with being morally wrong. Now about the intimidating lanuage, i totally agree with what you said but when asked where did I live I always answered truthfully in greece and the other person lived in the us so its clear we were bluffing. The only people I think we scared were bellow 12 in my opinion because anyone smart or old enough would have understood it was all for fun. We were like can you come outside in a bit so we can recognise you or like what color is your house. It was clear we were bluffing and talking out of
  7. I live in europe greece to be exact.
  8. I want to add that I know this is not okay but it was fun if it is legal.
  9. No im just trying to say that many sites log ip's so what if I directed someone to my site and just got their ip that way without using a logger why would that be illegal since so many sites do it. Coming from this point of view I wanna know since ip is public information why would it be legal?
  10. Well I dont think it was really creepy but rather funny also some clever people that joined either understood it was grabify or when we got their ip they were like ok idc there is nothing you can do with it. I understand that the host has the right to do whatever they want I just want to find out if the ban was unfair and if what i was doing was illegal.
  11. We told most of them(because some just turned their pc's off that it was a prank. However since these things are practicly accesible in any site you join how are they an invasion of privacy. Also the chat was in a server with the person me and my friend noone else so nothing leaked in public
  12. I would get the h510 elite i think the thermals will be fine these 2 big fans will do a great job.
  13. Hey, my friend and I decided to troll some kids in minecraft and used grabify which is an ip logger to get their regions or pc specs and ask like stupid question like: How is the lockdown in Amsterdam? Or we live near bye stay online so we can track your adress and meet in person. All innocent jokes. However we got banned from the server and I am not sure if this is legal or not and whether I should appeal for an unban. We are just 2 16 year olds that wanted to have some fun and we had no malicious intent. All opinions and help appreciated! Info that
  14. I want to compare 2 amp/dac combos and I want them to be at the same volume. However 1 is way louder than the other is there a way to see how much is amp/dac is outputting so I can change the volume accordingly?
  15. Because he says "I got the pc from linus" but the linus is mispronounced and i dont know how to write linus the way he said it like LYNOUS or something yes that is more accurate.
  16. First of all the pc came broken and he mispronounced the name. LOL
  17. Thanks that helped a lot but what did it do exactly? What is the pagefile?
  18. I didnt inlude the others because they are like less than 10 like 0.3 or 0.4 and stuff
  19. yes but like if I add up the amounts in the screenshot. Its not even 1 gig
  20. None of these are bloatware. I have them open because i use them for example when in loading screen browsing insta and listening to music. I also take screenshots very often and ICUE is for my k95 platinum to work. Discord is for talking to my friends. Also I have 1 firewall and 1 antivirus.
  21. I have some basic apps open like chrome with 3 tabs,discord,spotify,insta which most of them open when my is boots but the ram usage is 90% why is the ram usage so high like even you add all those things they are barely a gig and I have 8 ok 2 for windows so should be 3/8 which is like 40% instead its 90%. Whats wrong???