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  1. No im saying that send me a grabify link so you can see the same information about me that I saw about them when doing the prank IM NOT DISTRIBUTING ANYTHING STOP TALKING BULLSHIT.
  2. DO you wanna see the information that I got from others go to grabify make a link and then send it to me so you can see the same information about me that I saw about them. I would send a link to grabify but you propably would not trust it...
  3. What you are saying is totally false. Staff on minecraft can see your ip to make sure you dont have alt accounts from the same pc. Sites see your ip for analitycs and costumizing their website better.
  4. I dont mind if you know my city as i didnt know anything else about the people that I pranked. If I could get their home adress I would surely not do it.
  5. No i did not know that as I said I considered ip's public information so I did not think that it was that important. I am sorry again and I can not apologised to the ones i have pranked as I have been banned.
  6. No you got me wrong I am not thinking that everything revolves around me and stuff I just wanna say that it is hard for me to imagine what would another person feel when I dont feel the same.
  7. I live in greece athens thats what the programm gave away thats the limit I am willing to go to as far as my adress.
  8. My mother was worried about the legality not me but now i found I was wrong. I thought it would be a joke that would scare some people which is funny but again I didnt know it was that big of a deal.
  9. No thats just stupid. I dont have anything. Its just that I have learned with the few experiences that I have in life that nothing should affect you other than what friends or family say. And you should always try your best to not be offended or become angry as stuff to avoid being a dumbass.
  10. I had no idea it might be illegal as I thought that they just were public information. I have sometimes resulted to ask my friends before saying something as they know better than me what should I say and what not but when I do this I feel stupid and like i am a 5year old.
  11. Ok so how should I know what will damage another person if it it seems non threatening to me. Also that like saying what some stupid teachers in my school say,I made a deaf joke once and the teacher got mad because they said that one student could have a deaf family member and get offended. Thats plain stupid, when my grandpa died 1 year ago if someone made a joke about a grandpa being dead and not knowning my situation I wouldnt get offended and I believe its stupid if someone else got offended.
  12. If it doesnt matter to me how would I know if it mattered to someone also Im also considered a minor I will be 16 in august stop talking like I am pedophile or something.
  13. How am I supposed to know tho if I dont feel like its bad myself. My mum made me think its illegal i didnt even think of it.
  14. I am sorry and said that I wont do it again. I also want to honestly ask if someone did that prank to me I would not mind so it is hard to judge and I want to know how if you get what i mean.
  15. I dont know why I find it so hard but I think I have a reason. When I was a lot younger i used to have some behavioral problems and to get me through this period I followed the if you dont like it being done to you dont do it on others. However I have become a person that doesnt get offended by nothing as I am often bullied so I have learned not to be offended by anything. So this is a problem which is hard to fix as this has and still is my life moto but it is not working out
  16. Some people really didnt care and they wanted to join, I am sure I would be one of those people.
  17. No I just wanna say that I cant really feel what you are saying because I would not care if it happened to myself as some people that we pranked didnt to and just got that we were bluffing. So im trying to understand but this happens to me all the time and its really annoying you wont believe how many times I do things that I woudnt care about and I get in trouble and Im like how do I know that you would be offended since I wouldnt! Am I supposed to guess?!?!?
  18. The last one is true how am I supposed to know whats bad if I wouldnt mind it if it happened to me,like it has never happened, but im like 99,9% sure that i would not be taking any legal action.
  19. My mom just kept yelling at me that we are gonna get sued and stuff so I shit my pants a bit.
  20. I have talked to my mother and since there havent been any form of reason to believe that anything will happen I will not proceed to any sort of action with a lawyer for now.
  21. See the last thing I wrote.
  22. Ok guys I did not know it was THAT WRONG because if someone did this to me I would be like good one can you teach me how. So I did not understand that it was such a big deal as I might confess I feel different about these things than most people. I will not do it again, and I am sorry for making you angry as I didnt wanna cause any arguments. Sorry and hope you understand and excuse me,I just still think that what I did is still better than what most 16 year olds do when they wanna be mean as it was a harmless prank with lots of bluffing that only seemed intimidating.