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  1. Honor View 20 Huawei Nova 5T Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro LG G8S ThinQ Xiaomi Mi 8 Huawei P20 Pro and a couple more... Also why do you think that I wont use the s pen?
  2. Not just because it has something different when you have 10 phones from different brands in a price range that are close to identical you are looking for something to make your choice easier, thats the s pen for me...
  3. I mean I dont need it but I can see it being useful and in this phone market that everything is the same and me being confused by what to pick the added functionality of the s pen makes my choice easier.
  4. I was thinking of getting the note 10 lite. Will the processor make my experience with the phone worst in daily usage and small games like pokemon go?
  5. I have never used any apple device in the past. Also I dont like smart phones and thats why im still rocking my s3 plus. I am thinking of buying the iphone se 2020. But I need to be able to use it as I would if I were to buy a 500 dollar android smartphone. For example, will the 1800mah small battery allow me to play pokemon go or other relatively lite games for 2-3 hour sessions?Also how well does it compare to the competition in terms of photography as I like to take pictures of my animals and my trips to nature.
  6. Whats a good solution for someone that doesnt want to carry a selfphone but needs a device small like the apple watch for basic tasks like calls and spotify music listening? Also the iphone se where i live costs twice the cost of the applewatch so its out of my budget.
  7. If someone uses their phone or phone replacement as just a call and music device wouldnt the apple watch work for these 2 simple tasks on its own.
  8. Hello I need to get rid of my s3 mini. However as I dont like mobile phones because I prefer devices with bigger screen like tablets/laptops and pc's. I was thinking about buying a cellular apple watch as I only need the smart watch to acess the internet for information once in a blue moon but mainly for answering calls and music in spotify. I will use it as my main cellphone without another device. Here are the prices should I get one?? Apple Watch Series 3 Aluminium 38mm (Silver) 230 euros Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Aluminium 38mm 260 euros (on sale) Apple Watch S
  9. Any subreddits that you know off and might be useful?
  10. Hello guys, with quarantine i decided to learn some python programming and after some months of learning I can create small but usefull programs for example menus linked to prices that sum up total cost based on an order,language decoders,solutions to math or physics problems, etc... I created a fiverr gig to do this for other people(wont include link to not selfadvertise),but it doesnt seem to work very well because its hard to mention what I offer since it is personalized to the costumer. Where could I pitch my services and possible get a few bucks?
  11. I want to be able to clean the dust on my screen,keyboard,speakers and general desk setup. I dont want to just spread the dust by using a blower since me and my sisters beds are near so stirring up the dust would be a bad idea. Also I want to be able to clean the dust fast and easy with a litlle less elbow grease required compared to a microfiber cloth. Thanks,Manos.
  12. Sorry i posted another question and vw2 was about the question so i can categorize them as im learning and write the number someone so i can revisit it should have wrote no2. Btw do you know why some things dont work until resetting the kernel?
  13. I just restarted the kernel and it worked why would it do that?
  14. This used to work and now it doesnt whats wrong?
  15. Why is it that sometimes a thing works and then when I restart jupyter notebook it has an error or just doesnt output anything str = """song""" x = str.lower().count("random word") print=(x) This doesnt do anything not even an output or an error when it used to work like a day ago why is that?
  16. Thanks is there a way to make this my python background too?
  17. Thanks guys it worked,btw how is yours this good dark blue background?
  18. Also how do you have this cool dark blue background mine is white
  19. I am not sure as I encountered another problem when i paste the song it only considers the string the first row and not the rest how do i fix that?
  20. I want to paste a song in python and count how many times a word is said from what I know i did this eminem="pasted the song" eminem.lower (Because I dont wanna miss the words with caps) eminem.lower.count("the word") but it doesnt work if someone knows how to do that pls tell me. Im using jupyter notebook if that helps! Thanks,Manos!
  21. Also you guys that are talking about understanding how it might be offending to other people but not to me and stuff. You blasted me with so much h8 because you didnt find what I was doing funny. I will assure you scaring the fuck out of people is a thing that many people find funny and i thought I was under the limits of funny and not awful. I will listen to your opinion and never do it again but I want to mention that how most of you acted was not nice as I was not aware of the consequences and i didnt even consider it being legal since it was a public tool easily accesible by anyone with j
  22. I did stop it, you had honestly the best respone so thanks for not blasting me with hate.
  23. I am trying to understand why what I did was wrong just saying it was wrong because it scared kids doesnt really help make me a better person learning to know why it was wrong does tho.
  24. A lot of people worry that their IP address might reveal their name, home address, age, what they look at online and more. That's just not the case. Sure, they might find out some interesting information, but nothing revealing. Thats what I knew about ip adresses...