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  1. Still have not managed to get this working. If anyone has some brilliant insights, please do share!
  2. Yes. I successfully connect my phone to the VPN, and i can access the router control page when inputting in the browser off the VPN phone. I can successfully ping most devices(probably all, but didn't try) from my phone over a VPN connection to my home network. I cannot access any shared files on the network, nor connect to the "server" to view the files. And i am 100% using the right credentials.
  3. So i did! No success unfortunately, this is really getting on my nerves and i need it up and running as soon as possible been tinkering back and forth. basically what i have running is a windows 7 pro PC with ~10tb of HDD's in raid 0 (ye i know shoot me). I've shared the raid on the network, and can view it's contents fine on my phone over wifi (using username and pass for the pc). however, when attempting the same over VPN, it's a no-go and the connection to the pc usually times out.
  4. The GPU hasn't been thought about that much, i just threw in some for reference. The one listed there is not the exact one i have, and the one listed there is also not the exact one i would be buying. Might even keep the old GPU and stick in the new system. I feel like i wouldn't be taking full advantage of a 1080, therefore can't really justify that extra 800-900$ I feel like the 1070 is enough for my tasks etc, especially since most of the things i do leverage CPU more than GPU.
  5. Hey! So, i've grown more and more tired of my PC slowing down my workflow. This is my current PC, so you get a hang of where I'm currently at: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NjXKBb This is what i had in mind: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CYrZRJ I intend to run 4x SSD's in raid 0 for a video/photo edit scratch disk. Thoughts? I intend to run a m.2 pcie ssd for my OS and general programs. Thoughts? What i do: I edit videos and a metric ****ton of pictures, often in batches of several hundred high res ones. I need to be
  6. Remote file Explorer, FilebrowserGO, Fileexplorer. They all advertise VPN compatibility. What credentials do you mean? The PC username and pass? And yes i'm using a DDNS built into my router. Connection is not the issue, i connect fine, and can ping LAN devices from my phone using a ping app.
  7. Hello. I recently established a server-ish PC at home, where i store all my family photos etc. I set-up an OpenVPN server using my RT-AC3200 and connected my Iphone to the VPN, to be able to access these pictures from anywhere. Now i need some help getting this stuff to work. Things that do currently work: Accessing everything when connected to the home WIFI with my Iphone Pinging my phone from a home PC when the phone is connected to the VPN. Pinging APPLE devices from my Iphone when connected through the VPN Things t
  8. What i mean with render offloading is that if i'm on the train and working with a project in Premiere or likewise, i need to be able to throw the project over to the server and render it there, instead of rendering it on my laptop and effectively locking it down for 30-40 minutes.
  9. Thanks for the personal insults and whatnot! Anyways, the pictures i take already has 3 backups(a couple of big eHDD's and a cold storage pc), this is not an issue, there's no need for you to debate this. The issue is i need to get rid of the ~100 flash drives i have on my hands aswell as get a better way of accessing these images and videos without having to (FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING) dig through a mountain of flash drives or take a 1 hr drive to my summerplace where my cold pc is, or plug in 6 different external HDD's trying to find what i'm looking for. Enough of that.
  10. Hooowdy! I'll star by giving you a quick intro to who i am, and what i do! I'm a professional photographer, i take a crapton of photos and i record very many videos. I run a team of 3 people ( me + two others). To all our customers, we sell lifetime storage of ALL the photos and videos we make for them for a set rate, around 85$ one time payment. (usually wedding stuff + some product photography and family shoots). Nothing complicated. Up until now i have been solving this by getting premium deals on usb flashdrives from a local tech shop i have