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  1. How are we supposed to see 1080p upscaled from 1440p on a 1080p monitor?
  2. The Deepcool Gammax L360 v2 and the Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Sync and the TH360 ARGB are missing from the list
  3. The ones with * at the end of their name are AIO, the ones without * are air coolers. Altho I must say, there is no Tier whose coolers have a difference between each other larger than the ones in Tier 1 have. Tier 1 has AIO all the way from crap 240mm to the best 360+ mm on the market. So just because you see an air cooler in Tier 1, doesn't mean it is on the same level as some (or many) of the AIOs in Tier 1. I honestly feel like there should be more tiers, it's kinda lame that there are shitty (relatively) 240mm AIOs compared to the best AIO has to offer in the SAME tier. Like, you cannot pu
  4. I've been using Logitech K270 for like 10 years now. I bought like 3 of em and it's that time of the thirth of a decade when I buy another one. BUT, I thought to myself, what if I upgrade it? And so here I am. Because frankly I have no complaints whatsoever, it's an amazing kb, BUT, if there's one thing I dislike, it's that when I played the newest tekken on steam, I couldn't do a lot of combos on King, because he needs many keys at once while my kb only supports I think like 3 keys at once, Anymore and some get lost. But idk what kb to upgrade with. I need it to be wireless, to not be big, b
  5. Unlike probably you, I don't live in the US I live in EU, where privacy is priority #1, where ISPs cant donate pitiful amounts of money to politicians and delete net neutrality just like that, WHERE UNLIMITED IS ACTUALLY UNLIMITEDDDDDDD!! Or so I thought, but when u mentioned that I decided to read the 15+ page contract and well, immediately on the page I found "Name of company reserves the right to limit the speed to consumers with abusive use, which is defined as 1) more than 10X the average daily usage of users on this plan, in which case the next day the speed becomes limited to 64 kbps,
  6. I use a lot of programs like discord twitch youtube teamviewer that can drain a lot of speed so it would help a lot if I could route some connections through one and the others through the other, is that possible and how do I do it? Also it's 80+ mbps cuz I was using mb/s not mbps
  7. Ok this might be a dumb question but, Ive got ethernet here, however it only reaches 6-7 mb/s most of the time. I've also got unlimited mobile data from my phone operator (it's a monthly fixed sub and it's cheap as hell, honestly idk how they even make money on this), so I can make a hotspot and then my pc with a wifi adapter can catch the hotspot. My mobile data speed is 50 mbit, so 6.25 mb/s. Ofc when I speedtested it, it only reached to about 5 mb/s. But still that's almost double my ethernet speed if I combine em together. But I'm wondering if there's a way, like when u use dual gpus, how
  8. Maybe there can be a second tier list for "not reviewed enough" coolers or smth like that?
  9. Yeah these stress tests tend to be bit unrealistic. Cpu works fine in games, but stress testing? Crash. Lmao. I remember something like, stress test would crash in like 20 mins? But my pc would only crash once every one-two days (those are arbitrary numbers, I do not remember the real ones but it was something hilarious like that). Funny as fuck LUL
  10. Also keep in mind that, by the time gpu prices come down to normal and u can find rtx 3080 at a decent price, you will likely have gotten more money till then. The 11400 is $190, while the 11600K is $260. That's only $70 more, and u might wait a long time for gpu prices to drop - https://medium.com/simplemining/what-happens-to-miners-with-beaconchain-eth-2-0-launch-33ee1d26aac8
  11. I might try it. But if I have to use a bit of cpu in exchange for websites loading faster due to ads not even getting downloaded in the first place, that seems like a good trade
  12. But on the page you linked me it says What’s more, unlike browser based ad-blockers which just prevent ads from being displayed in your browser, Pi-hole speeds up your browsing experience as it blocks ads from being downloaded in the first place. If that wasn’t enough, it even prevents those annoying “it looks like you’re using an ad-blocker” pop-ups. So there should be a benefit running it right?
  13. Can I run it on my pc? If my pc is off then pi-hole will be off too, but I won't be using it anyway. Or, can I use it with a vps/ssh or smth like that? Or does it need to be locally here? If it's remote, will it slow down? Cuz i kinda don't wanna buy raspberry pi for just this one thing.