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  1. Have you considered you might be holding it wrong /s
  2. Yeah at least. To be safe I'd go with a 850w, which would also leave more headroom for a higher end CPU down the line, but a 750w should do fine. I wouldn't push it and go 650w, the cards have spikes in power draw that can trigger overcurrent protection
  3. And I bet you'll still fill it up in a shorter amount of time that you think you will lol, happens to me with my SSD all the time
  4. If it was there when your card was shipped, it's probably part of the design and shouldn't be touched. The die has horrible thermal paste application RN, try repasting it
  5. I wouldn't be worried if it's under full load for an extended period, but if it's only like 50-70%, then you might want to try repasting it 88c won't damage the card
  6. Never used it, so couldn't give a review.
  7. If you want something right now, maybe a 2060 super or 2070 super if you can find one. AMD 6000 series might be a good option once they arrive and if they live up to expectations, or if you want to wait a while see how a 3060 does.
  8. Elgato makes some great stuff, I use their PCIe ones for broadcast video and have had no problems with it. I think the HD60 pro has passthrough, so you would be able to plug your HDMI from the console into the capture card, bring that signal into OBS or something for separate streaming/recording, and then it would be "laglessly" passed through to the HDMI out port of the card so you could plug a TV or monitor into that cable.
  9. lol didn't realize my signature even said that anymore since I have them disabled
  10. MC servers are completely single threaded, so better performance will come from faster CPU cores. RAM is important, so I'd go with at least 3.5-8GB per server allocation, depending on how many slots each server is going to handle. If you're just running some minigame instances on some of your servers, they don't need as much RAM, but for a main lobby/hub you'll want more RAM (you can change RAM allocation with the java command you use to start the server). Make sure to also leave a little bit of overhead for your (I'm assuming) linux OS running on the server. So maybe you might want to look in
  11. Try reseating your CPU as another step. Could just be bad contact is causing an issue.
  12. IMO if ryzen had a large reputation for dying you'd be hearing more about it. Never had any problems with my 3900x. Not saying ryzen doesn't die, but random failures can/do happen, and often don't point to a massive lifespan problem with an entire line. It's a little premature in my opinion to look for a controversy over one chip dying. See if you can get some sort of warranty service from your prebuilt company
  13. I always route my fan cables right next to or under heatsinks to make them less noticeable. Don't be afraid to run a cable behind the back panel only to feed it through the same hole back to the front again. That will get rid of a lot of the excess in the fan wires. If there's a ton of slack in the cables at the front, pull them a little tighter, especially for fans and IO. Also, route that 12pin to dual 8 pin under the GPU a bit, that will let the front of the card be less obstructed (just make sure it doesn't interfere with the fan blades there).
  14. Make sure the RAM is at least 3000mhz, since you didn't list the speed here. Honestly I'd spend a bit more on the SSD, you're going to fill up a 240gb really fast, and for heavier video files you don't want to be working off a HDD. 1tb SATA SSDs have really been coming down in price recently, so if you have the budget definitely look for something larger with a DRAM cache.
  15. I've been happy with my mATX b550 ASRock board, and heard good things about gigabyte's b550 stuff. My last mobo was an Asus, and if you value RGB, Aura Sync was a complete nightmare. ASRock's software might not look as good, but at least it's stable. I have no reference for the MSI board, but they've also had some bad press and issues with other x570 boards. Take that opinion with a grain of salt tho. If I were going to get one I'd probably do the Gigabyte just because the IO is pretty good, and that's really the differentiating factor besides appearance with the A
  16. I'd install it in the 3rd slot since that's all the card needs, and also it likely isn't bifurcated with the same lanes as the ones the GPU is using. That also frees up the other 2 full slots for other expansion cards you might want in the future.
  17. Installing even a WifI 6 card will have no impact whatsoever on your GPU's PCIe bandwidth
  18. Wait till you can get your hands on a 5000 series - they're released right now, just out of stock in most places. According to reviews it's definitely worth it
  19. Yeah, they are. Most newer corsair fans are pretty good in terms of performance and noise.
  20. If you got it from a micro center, I know they allow you to bring the board back and they will update it for you (might cost you a few dollars, and they might even do it if you didn’t buy the board there). If you didn’t get it from micro center you might want to check with your retailer on whether they offer the same services.
  21. My best guess is that integrated graphics are picked up this way by CPUz. Probably has something to do with them being on-die and not actually in a PCIe slot.
  22. I’m guessing so - most mobos have options to change which temperature sensor is referenced in fan curves. Ive never had a gigabyte board, so I can’t say for sure.
  23. https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-43UD79-B-4k-uhd-led-monitor LG makes a 43” monitor that can take 4 separate display inputs and display them in their own corners, if that works for what you need. I’ve never seen something with more displays in one, but you could probably look into some kind of video switcher that could display them in one software window.
  24. Usually it’s labeled t1 or t2 (something along those lines). That would be marked in the manual of whatever motherboard you have - but without knowing your mobo I can’t look it up for ya