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  1. Does the VGA light come on before Windows starts? If it does then DDU'ing your drivers wont make a difference if Windows is not running. If that's the case then your GPU might be screwing with something...
  2. It's possible it is just coil whine. My GPU has some coil whine when I'm gaming sometimes as well. Also please wait at least a few hours before bumping a thread. People will reply it just takes time.
  3. $4.99 for a fan that's the equivalent of a jet engine... I see no reason as to not buy it
  4. I can't appear to find it anywhere online. Can you link it possibly? I WANT to see this thing
  5. Banned for bringing up fake news. The truth must be hidden using a more fitting term like propaganda
  6. Banned for not quoting anyone in your post and for using the dreaded @everyone tag
  7. Banned for being anti-free speech in the public domain
  8. Is it just me or has Ontario had nothing exciting happen for the last 8-10 years...?
  9. Banned because TF2 is still a cool game (in my opinion. to avoid debate)
  10. Banned for bringing up anti-Linux
  11. Banned because I forgot that the LTT forum existed
  12. The S10+ review had a moment in the selfie shot test where Linus looked drunk so I made a meme out of it.
  13. Banned for pointing out that it was a lie he/she already knew about
  14. Banned because you brought kappa onto the forum.
  15. Banned for forcing me to be a Honey badger
  16. Banned for calling me a Honey badger