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    AMD Phenom X3 8600B
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    Biostar TF560 A2+
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    Kingston 3 x 1GB DDR2 800MHz
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  1. Hello good people! I have an angular 7 application that is configured through environment files to target different backend servers based on dev/prod build flag. For example, if project is built with --dev flag, it will target https://dev.backend and if it's built for production, target would be https://prod.backend. Now, the app is hosted on Heroku machine and I've made two instances, one for dev (or staging) and one for production. In package.json I have a standard Heroku postbuild that looks like this: "heroku-postbuild": "ng build --configuration=production"
  2. Simply put, my boss doesn't like windows and I'm building this for the office.
  3. Yeah, especially considering it needs to run on linux. It would be much easier if I were able to use windows for this.
  4. Thought about that but I didn't find any mid range motherboard with 2 DP or 2 HDMI outputs so it's not that much about the strength of a GPU as it is about output capabilities.
  5. No, just office work, chrome, youtube and stuff like that. Don't you think 1060 is a bit too much for that?
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone have any experience in driving a 4k monitor (preferably two) on Ubuntu or some other linux distribution? The story goes like this: I need to run two 4k monitors or at least one 4k and another 2k in a non gaming scenario so essentially nothing that 3D intensive and Windows is not an option. The cpu will probably be i5 8400 and I am wondering if maybe it's integrated gpu can do the trick? If not, I am looking at GTX 1050 or RX 560 but I have no idea how well those would work on linux under multi monitor configuration. Any insight is ap
  7. Could be interesting. Reminds me of Rapture a bit except it's not under water. It's a smart move by them because oil won't last that much longer the way I see it and building self sustaining cities now makes sure that they won't end up holding only sand in the future, not to mention focus on science and technology which is the number one growth booster in this age. Looking forward to seeing it.
  8. Nvidia already announced their new tensor cores for Volta (probably enterprise only) so it's only natural that AMD is looking in a similar direction as AI is currently one of the fastest expanding tech fields.
  9. Yes, I'm sure Pinocchio cared about encryption before he became a real boy. Now he doesn't bother with frivolous things like privacy. On a serious note, UK has become a complete surveillance country and just when I think there's nothing else they can do, they think of something new.
  10. I really like soundcloud. It has a nice clean interface, good sound quality and all of my playlists are there so I would be sad to see them go but I never understood how they make money because everything is for free and there are no ads.
  11. I love how "mega-tasking" is a thing now.
  12. In my country they do it for free, you just name the parts you want.
  13. Nope. I would imagine that this is at least 3-4 years away for commercial use.
  14. So, it's better to have a browser up all the time than to have a standalone lightweight desktop application because who cares about system resources, right? I get that they are doing it for ads but let's not pretend that everything is better if it's web based. Switched to qBittorrent long time ago and as some of the previous posts already said, it is good.