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  1. Hello Drallen, Just a thought, perhaps you are running out of cpu lanes? Try removing one of your video cards and try to boot and see if it is visible. When I put together my system on the Omega I had to do the math to ensure that I did not run out of those direct lanes. Not a solution but at least you will know what the issue is...
  2. I asked as I was under the impression that if the CPU had only 16 PCI express lanes, then I would be bottle necked as 2 cards in SLI at 16x each would take up 24... And then if I wanted to add an M.2 card / stick, it would not run at its full potential? My concern is that I do not want to buy a 9900K and then be bottlenecked by its 16 PCIe lanes. I read some where that this was an actual limitation and that I should avoid that CPU. Tks
  3. Hello :) I saw that in a recent LTT youtube video, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCfmM71NOTo) they built a high end PC with a 9900K, 2 RTX video cards in SLi and also had m.2 cards. I thought that the 9900K has a max of 16 PCI Express lanes. If both the video cards take 8 each, then what performance impact or issues will there be with the m.2 ssd drives? Would they also not benefit by using a PCIe lane or will they be working at a slower rate due to the lanes beign maxed out? Thoughts?
  4. I read that you're suggesting the 8700K , I see that there are the following; 16 - PCIE Express lanes 2 - Number of memory channels 1st concern, if I get a GPU, won't it use all 16 lanes. I was also thinking of putting in 2 x m.2 cards. Will I be limited / bottle necked after that? 2nd concern - I read that even though 2 memory lanes is ...ok, it might be better to have 4 for the quad core memory. I've never considered Ryzen and have read that they are pretty good. Only a few Intel CPU's surpass them, price aside... Can't say that I am ready for AMD but
  5. Thanks for the replies! 1 - I will use my PC for work as well and yes I plan on running at least 1 Virtual Machine when I do. 2 - And based on the above it looks like your suggesting that I go with memory at 3000 Mhz? Is this to allow for some headroom? Again, thanks for you input
  6. Hi Folks, Looking for a little assistance here. I plan on buying a Intel I9 9900k and pairing it with some ram. I see that the cpu has a memory type of DDR4 2666. The motherboard manufacturer states that the memory speed will be dictated by the cpu. That being said, if the board can run 4400 Mhz memory, when the cpu is installed, will it cap out at 2666 Mhz? So that any ram with a speed over 2666 would be wasted? I guess that perhaps the lower speed might have lower CAS timings so maybe it might not be that bad? Thoughts?