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  1. But thats like people watching free videos on Youtube and the Content Creators putting up their patreon (especially with all the ad flagging thats been happening). Or why people donate to Twitch streamers. Its clear evidence that people are willing to give money to people/group they would like to support. Seems to be a lot of people who are still willing to give/spend money despite the free option being completely available. The only groups who should be worried about getting no support when their content is freely available (through some means whether illegal/legal) are the people
  2. Agree with most things you've stated, but the overall ranking system is still stupid for MyCareer. It makes sense that a rookie is usually not 80 overall to start, but what doesn't make sense is how they determine your overall rating in this game. I'm not sure if you've noticed but your overall ranking in MyCareer is based on the number of upgrades of your stats you have bought. It literally has nothing to do with your actual stat values in proportion to your position. So, the best way to improve overall rating is just to keep buying the cheapest upgrade. I think they also removed
  3. At first I thought it meant the fan spinning would cause no sound at all, but if its just stopping the fan, then its really not a true 'fan with 0db'. I think they just modified the PWM feature so if it reaches a low enough speed, they just make it stop spinning instead. Probably could emulate similar things with software fan curves anyway, instead of having the fan decide for itself.
  4. From their website, Nice doesn't sound like an outsourced customer support, but rather seems more like a data analysis company. Sucks that Verizon's partner is screwed up, but personally identifying data should be masked when Verizon sends data over to them.
  5. Just thinking about Telltale games coming soon to Netflix. Would probably be the only way for me to try those games if it was included in the normal Netflix subscription.
  6. What is even worse is the fact that they're going for an online subscription model, just like the other consoles. Huge turn off as someone just looking to upgrade their 3DS, especially when Nintendo's online services isn't that great. Don't understand how they are willing to provide a monthly game download, yet not provide more storage space to start as well...
  7. I know that, but comparing to the Xbox One/PS4, this is really nothing new. I don't understand how people can expect Nintendo Switch to have a minimum 60FPS when there are many games on the more powerful consoles that still have the minimum 30FPS. It just seems like that everyone is comparing the Switch (a mobile console) to a Xbox One/PS4 (or sometimes a PC), when nothing different is truly happening between the platforms. The Switch really doesn't do anything new/mind blowing, but seems to bring quite a bit of features in a much smaller device.
  8. They're good devices, but not nearly as successful as the 3DS. If specs were the only thing that mattered, then according to that same logic, the PS Vita should have been more successful because it was more powerful. Also, there are a couple of games that sometimes run past the 30fps on Nintendo 3DS. I find it hard to believe that Nintendo would say "30fps games only" when there are many games that reach higher rates (disregarding the stupid 3D feature).
  9. If this was true, then wouldn't the PS Vita have done better than the Nintendo 3DS, considering the PS Vita should technically be more powerful than the Nintendo 3DS? Technically, doesn't the developer be the one that chooses what kind of frame rates that they would target? We all should know that the PS4(Xbox One sometimes) is capable of outputting 60fps, yet there are still many games launching that still are locked at 30fps. Hell, apparently the PS4 Pro doesn't necessarily play all games at 60fps, as it is still the devs that choose how it runs on the better console.
  10. In my opinion, Xbox One and PS4 both compete with the PC, mainly because they have a lot of games shared across as well as its own sets of exclusives (although exclusive PC games are not really large unless you include the indie scene). I see Nintendo's Switch as a continuation of their rule into the portable gaming console market (PS Vita was a pretty sad competitor despite its more outstanding specs, PSP was a good first attempt at it though). Because I see the Switch as a portable console, I cannot really justify it as a competitor to the Xbox One and PS4 (or the PC). Maybe more
  11. Even if you take a look at other fighting games, the fact that it is aimed at kids and casuals is good. Smash can easily be compared to other games in the fighting genre, and is the least intimidating out of all of them. Anyone can pick up Smash, but not everyone would like to do other more serious fighting games. Street Fighter (which I think is the most competitive out of them all) has yet to revitalize the franchise and instead has ruined it with the very odd incomplete release (and business model) of Street Fighter V. It's also odd that you complain about Smash, yet every game in the fight
  12. Never said it's a bad thing, just wanted to point out that the argument he presented is a bit flawed in a sense. Same as you in terms of the Dark Souls series, but what I really want is Nioh to port over, just because I'm more interested in the Japanese theme.
  13. Isn't that what most games are (the same thing over and over)? Each iteration of Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Super Smash, Zelda game is just about the same as each iteration of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fallout, and many other series...
  14. Wasn't the shield tablet run games mostly by streaming (or otherwise play much older games)? Can't see how you can compare the battery life of a tablet that streams from a PC/Cloud to a handheld device meant for doing its own processing... Plus, the I don't think the shield tablet actually did well (in gaming), so trying to copy aspects of it wouldn't really help.