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  1. Well the question is in the title, but if you want the full story here you go! I recently had my current monitor broken whilst rearanging my room. It was a LG 29UM69G-B 29.0" 2560x1080 75 Hz Monitor which has since been disconntuined. And im consdiering on getting an upgrade rather then just a replacement. Ive already picked out the monitors im looking at, both for a replacement and an upgarde. Im just not sure if my GPU (RTX 2060) could handle 1440p ultrawide. Im not looking for massive FPS but if its at least above 60FPS im happy.
  2. Its a bad GPU, Ive had this problem myself a while ago. The PC doesnt actually crash itself just what ever is being displayed and with a second monitor going off a diffrent GPU everything is fine on its side. Sadly I was never able to find a way to fix it. Just had to replace it
  3. For some reason I get random disconnects from my ethernet, the wifi works perfectly fine its just the etherenet. Ive checked the cable, replaced the cable, checked the wall adapter, replaced the wall adapter, tried using a diffrent wall socket, checking the router, turning the routrer on and off, checked the wall adapter at the router side, replaced the wall adpater at the router side, tried connecting to the router itself, updated the drivers, unistalled and reinstalled the drivers, checked that windows 10 hadnt had it set to "turn off to save power" or eco mode or what ever its called. It do
  4. Thats actually part of the design im going for lol. Im getting a corsair H5 sf as the pump, rad and fans for it lmao
  5. Budget (including currency): ??? AUD Country: Australia Im looking for a CAD designer to help me design a custom waterblock for my laptop im planning on turning into a watercooled gaming frakenstein. Its a G7 17 (7790) that has an i7-9750H and RTX 2060 in it and I use it alot for gaming and other general uses. Although I dont play any super intesive games it still get very very hot due to the Aussie heat and poor cooling design from Dell. Even with the undervolt I have on it (-0.128V), any lower and it becomes unstable over long term. Its constantly bordering thermal throttlin
  6. Im pretty sure you can get them from OEM stores, but most places ive found online look either sketchy or are in a diffrent language
  7. I dont want to sell the a laptop and get a new one. as I plan on modifying it a bunch anway. Im gonna water cool it along with a few other things
  8. So you're probably wondering why I want a laptop CPU Long story short I want to upgrade my laptops CPU I am aware of the diffuicult of the task and I have done all the required reseach for compadability and support. The only issues I will have is the inability to overclock due to the BIOS, which I am okay with as I want the higher binned CPU anyway and further down the line I might decide to find a way around it. For now though all I'll be doing is usoldering the old CPU (i7 9750H) and soldering on the new one (i9 9980HK). I'll probably even get a professional to do it
  9. I have a 9750H, but wouldnt unlocking using the method the guy is talking about be able to by pass that? Or is that another step further? because I know they are locked via micro coding (as far as I know), what I dont know is the method hes unlocking it would change that.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, but damn you were right! Thank you so much! I went back to the factory settings and now im able to undervolt! Im sorry for doubting you. Thanks so much for the help! Im gonna try that USB flash one as unlocking overclocking sounds sweet as hell. Thank you so much! I actually checked through all of the settings in the BIOS between the defult setting and the factory setting and theres no diffrence, theres obviosuly some background stuff happening with it. Which makes it feel really cheasy. But either way it works so thank you very much!
  11. I havent tried that yet however I dont think it will do much... Its dell were talking here, their BIOS has less options then Mac
  12. I want to adjust my laptops voltages and I personally dont see plundervolt as a risk in my case. I have nothing of value on my laptop and dont use it for anything other then gaming, I dont save any passwords on it and there is little to no reason for a hacker to bother hacking me. So I dont want to have the voltages locked because my laptop gets really really hot, Im using a Dell G7 7790, so its nothing new. the undervolts I had prior to the patch increased my laptops performace by roughly 20% and I would really like to get that back as I am no getting large amounts of stuttering in games with