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    DogKnight got a reaction from AgentAY in Ethernet speed keep resetting to 100Mbps   
    Worth checking your network equipment and other devices. Some older routers and switches would change all links down to the speed of the slowest device on the network. E.g. If you were using one of these devices and everything was gigabit except one device at 100mb, the whole network would be slowed down to 100mb maximum. Not really a problem with modern devices in my experience but worth checking. 
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    DogKnight reacted to imcaspar in 10Gbit switch for a home network   
    Cheapest Option I would have in mind
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Vishera in Illegal to install permanent networking in Australia (thoughts?)   
    I love this part. Wonder what the stance is on making your own cables? Guess my crimping tool is too dangerous.
    As others have said. It's probably just to protect idiots from themselves. Think you'll be fine. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from The_PurpleShroom in Have I won the sillicon lottery?   
    It is really hard to speculate given so many different factors that can impact these things. 
    Most pricing went up when Covid started as the AUD tanked. The dollar has now got back to pre Covid levels, but it will take a while for that to pass through to us.
    I suspect the RTX 3000 series will be at least the same as the RTX 2000 series. 
    As with most launches, you'll likely see higher prices initially when demand is high and supply is low. This will then go back down after a few months. 
    And nVidia will most likely launch with the highest end SKU's first and the fill out the rest of the product stack gradually.
    Normally it is a good time to pickup a cheap previous gen card at the time of a new launch. With stock levels so low at the moment though, new cards may disappear pretty quickly as distributors aren't likely sitting on much inventory like they were with the GTX 1000 series when RTX 2000 launched. 
    Second hand RTX 2000 cards may be a good option when RTX 3000 series comes out if you are wanting to save a few dollars. There is always a bunch of early adopters looking to flip their previous gen parts. 
    I would just base your plans off what current models are priced at. Despite the AUD improving, the benefit will probably be negated by launch prices. So around $1000 for a 2070 Super, $1500 for a 2080 Super and around $2250 for a 2080 TI. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from ZWELINHTET in Virtualization! I don't know where to start.   
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Dutch_Master in Help with over 100TB Server   
    Essentially, any setup with enough PCIE lanes to support your SAS cards (and any additional PCIE devices) should do the trick.
    Available PCIE lanes are determined by the CPU and chipset. HEDT parts generally have more lanes available than standard desktop options. 
    There is a good chance that whatever is in your gaming PC will perform exactly the same. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from GDRRiley in Help with over 100TB Server   
    Essentially, any setup with enough PCIE lanes to support your SAS cards (and any additional PCIE devices) should do the trick.
    Available PCIE lanes are determined by the CPU and chipset. HEDT parts generally have more lanes available than standard desktop options. 
    There is a good chance that whatever is in your gaming PC will perform exactly the same. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from leadeater in Help with over 100TB Server   
    Essentially, any setup with enough PCIE lanes to support your SAS cards (and any additional PCIE devices) should do the trick.
    Available PCIE lanes are determined by the CPU and chipset. HEDT parts generally have more lanes available than standard desktop options. 
    There is a good chance that whatever is in your gaming PC will perform exactly the same. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Windows7ge in General Virtualization Discussion Thread   
    Hey all, thought id join the thread. Nothing to add on current discussions yet. Currently run vSphere & vCenter Server for my home lab. Hopefully I can contribute and learn a thing or two along the way.
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    DogKnight reacted to jakkuh_t in LTT LAN Cave Wallpaper   
    Just in case any of y'all wanted it!

    Uncompressed DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16zqexgJ59n8g0yQAgOc_RHFMqGYc484H/view
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Donut417 in 100 mbit instead of 1 gbit   
    Worth noting if you have some older networking gear in your setup. 
    Some older equipment would run a whole network at 100base if even a single 100base device was detected. So you want to make sure all devices in your environment are using gigabit/1000base NICs. This is not really an issue with newer devices, but it was an issue I came across in the past.
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    DogKnight got a reaction from DeaconFrost in Can I run VM servers?   
    Alternatively, if you want a simple option and don't need to run VM's, you could buy a dedicated NAS from a company like Synology. These often have a wide range of apps preinstalled with many more you can download. All the functionality you mentioned I can do on either my Netgear or Synology NAS. Just not simultaneously as mine aren't spec'd high enough. More powerful models are available with higher specs and could handle that workload fairly easily. 
    Unless you want to get into the setting up a hypervisor and multiple VM's as a learning experience, I would just go with a dedicated NAS as it would be much simpler and almost definitely more power efficient. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Gung Pow Chicken in What kind of old hardware servers do you have?   
    I have a Powermac G5 coupled with an XServe RAID. The G5 has a couple fibre channel cards for connection to the XServe and is running OSX 10.5 Server. The XServe has 14 x 500gb PATA drives. For 7 TB's of pre-raid storage it was really cheap when I got it. 
    Essentially its some old tech I picked up several years ago to play around with. I do not run it regularly as with redundant PSU's, Fans, etc, its very noisy and very power hungry. But I use it as a data dump location when I need to format one of my machines. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in HomeLab/HomeDatacentre and PowerUsers of the Forum   
    So just to clarify, are you looking for people to share what they have done? Or projects currently underway? Or is this to contain links to other threads where the content is discussed? Just wanting to better understand the contributions you are looking for / the intent of this thread. 
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    DogKnight reacted to MarkoInBC in Mac File Server - freezes network access   
    Figured I'd post what happened here in case there was any worth to anyone... I tried swapping the switch, nothing.  Tried a different Mac, nothing.  Moved that Mac to a different location (in case it was a wiring problem), nothing.  Turns out it's a problem with the Samba protocol.  Apple changed it after OS Mavericks (10.9) from Samba 2 to Samba 3.  Since that, there have been known issues apparently with Samba sharing of external drives over networks.  There were no really concrete options or solutions I could find online that would deal with that, so I downgraded the Mini to 10.9.5 and haven't had the issue since.
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    DogKnight reacted to Electronics Wizardy in PCIE RAID assistance - Gigabyte Mobo running ESXI   
    the other raid cards have their own bios load screen you can press the key during and it will enter the raid menu.
    I don't think esxi has a raid menu built in, your spocto use the bios menu, or do it over the network with something like a drac. 
    But really, for a home lab, id just forget raid, or use a different hypervisor like hyper-v or proxmox that has good software raid support.
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    DogKnight got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in ESXI Home Lab Considerations   
    Hello all,
    When digging through some files I can across a small guide that I put together several years ago for those considering building their own home ESXI lab. It is far from comprehensive and mainly focuses on hardware considerations. However as this topic seems to come up fairly regularly, I thought it could be useful to some people. 
    Please remember this is a few years old so some of the information won't be ideal as of today, but it should still prove as a good starting point. If you find it helpful, let me know. 
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    DogKnight reacted to Diogo Jesus in Need opinion with our current setup   
    Thank you for your opinion, regarding the data, we got our server back when I started working here, 1 year and a half. so these 200Gb of disk space were taken during this time. As we're storing a lot of client informations (electricity consumption data), this value will increase over time. Plus if we get new clients. Back then the data was taken in paper, but because of law changement this data had to become virtual, and we coulnd't store more paper data...
    The idea that I got was to get the front end applications with the database stored on the SSD, because even if we're only around 200GB of data, we have millions of rows in our Database concerning client information and daily consumption (15 in 15 minutes to be exact). Some queries just take over 20 seconds to show up, so I thought maybe moving the most important ones to the SSD would be a win.
    We currently cannot add more storage because of how SoYouStart works, basicly they rent servers where they do 0 management and because of that they're pretty cheap. But they do not give the option to add more data or just to edit the actual server. If we want more data, that means a new server... Maybe in the future we might go out form then and rent a rack on a datacenter where we can put our own server. That way it could be easier to manage the actual server.
    I will keep working on this, because I want this new server in production by monday, so I guess i'll just update this thread for historic search in the future, it might be interesting for others aswell.
    Thank you,
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    DogKnight got a reaction from ScubaSteve404 in what are the best budget lga775 cpu   
    About a year ago I got a Q9505. Was very happy with that for the price. Core 2 Quad - 2.83ghz. Was $30 AUD ($21 USD). Was a nice upgrade over the E8500. 
    The Q9550 is almost the same but has double the cache and tends to sell for quite a bit more as you are getting closer to the top SKU's for the socket. 
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Yellow_ in Storage for movies and TV shows?   
    If you want something simple to share files over DLNA, a NAS box may be a good idea. Bit more expensive initially than using your existing parts, but cheaper to run in the long term (a NAS unit generally has a much lower power draw than a desktop tower). They can also provide some other neat features through apps they can run. 
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    DogKnight reacted to Slayerking92 in Should I get a home server   
    For some reason, that question reminded me of this:
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    DogKnight got a reaction from Exaco in Why people use MacOS?   
    Here's my two cents. I have had both Windows and Mac computers for a good 20 years now. 
    1) It has different software. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. It really depends on your intended use case.
    2) I rarely if ever game on my mac. I know the selection is more limited. It has improved a lot over the last 10 years. Simply having steam has been great. But I usually just game on a PC.
    3) May not be entirely true. Probably fairly proportionate to install base. There are lots of locations for pirated mac software if you know where to look. 
    4) Once again, depends on use case. If you need bleeding edge hardware, or you want gaming performance, your choices of Mac's are limited. However the average iMac or MacBook Pro easily meets the needs of the average home user or business user. 
    5) Use case dependent. Same as question 4. 
    6) This is down to personal preference. I like it, but there will be people on both sides. 
    My mac I use for certain purposes. I use it for photo's, email (when I want to use a mail client), document management, music library. It is getting a little old now so I don't use it as much for daily use as I used to (i7 2600, 16gb, SSD, 2gb 6970). 
    I have a Mac laptop for work. 95% of work is done in a web browser or MS Office suite. Current MBP is fast and easy to use. 
    On the PC front I have a primary PC, a PC for my garage and an ESXI server. These are used for a variety of tasks with the exception of the ESXI server which is very much a single role PC.
    My first computer was a Mac, a Performa 5260/120 (MacOS 7.5.3, 120mhz, 64mb RAM, 8GB HDD, etc). And my first PC was a 486-DX4 100 running Windows 95. 
    My major gripe with Apple computers is the inability to upgrade the hardware myself. I build all my PC's so it is frustrating for me. Looking forward to see the Mac Pro Apple are due to announce this year. If it is up-gradable like Mac Pro's have been in the past, i'll probably buy one to replace my aging iMac.  
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    DogKnight got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in Mac OS Server VM   
    Legally, the Mac OS EULA only allows for Mac OS to be run on Apple hardware. So officially, you need to run it on a mac. Whether it be using a Mac and software like VMWare Fusion, or installing ESXI directly on Mac hardware.
    An old colleague of mine found a 'tool' online that allowed patching of VMWare Workstation to allow Mac OS install. But you'll have to research that yourself.
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    DogKnight got a reaction from c0mplexx* in What's the difference between the Asus B450 MOBOs?   
    I have the Gigabyte B450M-DS3H in use with a Ryzen 5 2600. With the stock Ryzen cooler, I got this to 3.7ghz all cores. With an aftermarket cooler and better thermal paste, I got this to 4ghz all cores. Happy with the board. Note the one on the website states it is Micro ATX, which mine is not. The only Micro ATX boards on the Gigabyte website are Aorus ones. So not sure whats going on there. The Micro ATX ones often will cut out a few extra ports and often have only two DIMM slots instead of four.