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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from J.b091 in Naga Hex like mice   
    I'm not anti-fanboying, i just don't like razer. The products they make really aren't that good, and tend to be overpriced IMO.
    Besides, the top of the Hex is glossy plastic, so i would never use it anyhow. Using glossy mice drives me up the wall.
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from J.b091 in Naga Hex like mice   
    I don't think you really understand what fanboying is.
    Fanboying is saying that literally everything Razer, for example, is perfect, and that anyone who uses something else is an idiot.
    Therefore, anti fanboying would be saying that everything Razer makes is literally the worst thing you could buy, and that anyone who uses something made by Razer is an idiot. That's not what i'm saying. I'm saying i don't like razer products.
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from J.b091 in Why do people hate Apple so much?   
    They charge a lot of money for their products, and claim everything they do they invented.
    "Our phone has a screen, it's absolutely revolutionary"
    Edit: "It's never been done before, innovation at it's finest"
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from mrchow19910319 in The Utterly Imbalanced CaseLabs TX10-D build(s)!   
    I don't even know how to respond to something like that...holy mother of cable management and ugly fans...
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to tcolecruz in Why Microsoft Can't Keep $150 Xbox Controller In Stock   
    Totally agree. People spend just as much money on a mech keyboard, which is objectivley used within gaming for similar purposes
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from Madfang in Node - 3D Printed Case   
    For 4000 dollars you might as well get your own printer
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from Tedster in The ghetto scrub build?   
    That actually looks pretty decent
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from silberdrachi in Russia makes certain memes illegal   
    Guys, this stuff isn't allowed in the constitution, how could they do this?!?!
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from Sidiox in Russia makes certain memes illegal   
    Guys, this stuff isn't allowed in the constitution, how could they do this?!?!
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from SubTract in Russia makes certain memes illegal   
    Guys, this stuff isn't allowed in the constitution, how could they do this?!?!
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to Volbet in Objectivism?   
    Ayn Rand suffers from the same problem that most, if not all, political theorists suffer from. Their ideas sound very good on paper, but they aren't that good when applied in practice.
    To quote the great philisopher Homer Simpson "In theory communism works". The same thing goes for objectivism. 
    Objectivism in turn suffers from faulty usage of aristotelian logic and a borderline dogmatic adherence to the Austrian school of economic thought.
    Ayn Rand's mastery of aristotelian logic is certainly noteworthy, however, she fails in one of the most basic ways. 
    She fails to recognize that logically coherent ≠ emperically coherent.
    Said in another way: Just because the ideas she had made sense in her head they don't necessarily make sense in the real world.
    Logic is only capable of showing a correlation between concepts and ideas. Logic can't be used to prove anything empirically.
    Her adherence (and most modern libertarians' adherence) to the Austrian school is quite laughable. 
    Ludwig van Mises, one of the most prominent thinkers whitin the Austrian school, admitted in his book Human Action that the Austrian school's ideas could not be verified nor falsified by emperical data. So basically, it all just in their heads and they don't have any real world data to back up their claims.
    It also reminds me a lot the claims made by most religous and spiritual ideas, which Ayn Rand opposed.
    Ayn Rand's rejection of the subjective side of the human experience is also really strange.
    Humans are subjective entities and we use our subjective experiences to make decisions all the time.
    If we only used logic to make choices, it would take us a lot of time to make said choices.
    Yes, I'm sad to inform you that Big Bang Theory is not correct in this matter.
    Objectivism also builds its ideas on a rejection of humans as natural beings.
    Basically, objectivism rejects the way humans have naturally formed societies throughout their history.
    Humans have evolved as flock animals and therefore we tend to be very social animals with a strong social bond. 
    She also bases her thesis in The Virtue of Selfishness on a very flawed understanding of biology.
    Her thesis roughly says that humans are biological machines, who's only function is self preservation. This is then the excuse she gives for acting selfishly.
    That is not entirely correct. Human beings desire selfpreservation becuase we want to protect our genes and have as much chance as possible to our genes to survive throughout the generations. Selfishness is a very poor way of doing this.
    Humans, as said, are flock animals. There is a reason for this. Humans were never the strongest nor the fastest animals, so we had to stick together to survive.
    By cooperating we ensured the passing of our genes.
    She also draws a very wrong parrallel. Natural ≠ moral. She is commiting a logical fallacy called an argument from nature.
    Ayn Rand also rejected human evolution due to its incompatability with her philosophy.
    It doesn't seem all that objective to reject reality becuase it's incompatible with your ideals.
    Lastly, and this is just a personal gripe, I really don't like either Atlas Shrugged or Foutainhead. I thought both of those books were terribly written.
    Both of them, especially Atlas Shrugged, could easily have been written much shorter. Both books contain subplots that leads absolutly nowhere.
    I would say that both books suffers from Nietzsche syndrom. The writter might be able of great thoughts, but they are obviously not capable of great writting.
    I have always been fond of this quote by John Rogers
    Edit: I guess I forgot to answer the question.
    No, I'm not an objectivist. I think the objectivist train of thought is way too flawed and way too reductionistic to have any workable, real world application.
    And @OP. How can you be in the lowere end of objectivism? Ayn Rand coined it as an either/or philosophy. 
    You are either an objectivist with all that entails or you are not an objectivist.
    Not even close. 
    Atheism was known throughout the ancient world with thinkers such as Epicurus and potentially Socrates (if he ever existed).
    Atheism was also prevalent in the Arabic Empire during the middle age with philosphers and scholars like Ibn al-Rawandi, Al-Maʿarri and Abu Isa al-Warraq.
    Hell, you even had the European Enlightenment who had a lot of prominent atheists like Baron d'Holbach, Étienne Dolet, David Hume and Christopher Marlowe.
    Even Lenin created a secular political system before Ayn Rand began writting political manifests.
    So, objectivism is not a beginning but rather just one philosophy in a long line of philosophical systems to incorporate atheism as part of its doctrine.  
    And eventhough Ayn Rand denied it thoroughly, the philosophers that influenced her were also atheistic thinkers.
    I can't believe that I have to explain this again.
    Agnosticism is an epistemological position, while atheism is a theological one. 
    Someone saying "I'm an agnostic" tells you very little about the person. When it comes to theological questions one could easily be an agnostic theist.
    Agnosticism and atheism doesn't answer the same question.
    Basically, you can seperate the epistemological answers into a person being either agnostic or gnostic on a given subject.
    For example,  I'm an agnostic atheist for the most part (it depends on the word game we are playing) becuase I don't have the data to claim something as non-existent.
    I'm agnostic about my beliefs in a deity the same way I'm agnostic about my belief in the existence of unicorns, leprechauns and fairies. 
    I'm not vehemently against the belief in a deity just because I'm an atheist. I just don't accept the god hypothesis' that have been presented to me. 
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to VioDuskar in Objectivism?   
    agnostics either don't know or don't recognize. 
    atheists are adamantly against the idea or belief of a god. 
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from redtute in [Upgrade LOG] Project: Red Rampage - A X99 Powered Build.   
    I thought it wasn't released yet
    Any initial thoughts? I'm considering getting one, want to do a quick review for me?
    I'd love you 5ever
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to dizmo in ASUS ZenFone 3 Will Have USB Type-C, says ASUS Chairman   
    Eh. Very unsurprising. It's almost like saying "the sun will rise tomorrow".
    It allows you to insert the plug either way, much like the Lightening connector.
    It also has a much higher connect-disconnect rating.
    Incorrect. Type C has absolutely nothing to do with speeds. Its the interconnect.
    I'm excited. I'm hoping their sales were good enough for them to perhaps attempt a high end device next year. Something to truly dethrone the rest.
    If they were to make something with metal, I think they have the potential to make a really amazing device seeing how far they've come in only a few years.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to Whorax in I looked into femenism and found a dark secret.   
    I didn't watch any of those videos but I can confirm that feminism is pretty much a joke.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to ThinkWithPortals in Hiss?   
    And IMO it should never happen again.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to TheMcSame in Hiss?   
    Just another stupid thing every 12 year old is doing to be 'cool'.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to 8uhbbhu8 in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
    The only reason AMD cards were hot was because the STOCK (and some of the aftermarket) coolers sucked big time. if nvidia had the same coolers as amd/ati you could be damn sure they'ed be just as hot. Hell maybe even hotter in some cases!
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to MageTank in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
    Like i said before, you are entitled to list your opinion, no matter how bashful it might be towards AMD. That being said, you cannot deny people have a valid point when they say you are biased when it comes to talking about AMD. In fact, i've taken the liberty to dig through 6 pages of your topics, to find every one that has a negative input, or bad press, towards AMD. Here we go.
    Take a moment and reflect on the information i have presented you. Then look back at the negative press you give Intel, and Nvidia, and see how it pales in comparison to the amount of insults and bad press you give towards AMD. There are even posts from you, saying you will do absolutely anything to destroy them. You are a 35 year old man. An adult. Do you really feel it is healthy to have this kind of animosity towards a company? One that could care less how you feel, and sleeps well at night regardless of your hatred towards them? 
    When i say people do not have to worship and love brands, i also mean it the other way around too. You do not have to hate a brand, or attack it. If you do not like a brand, the most damage you can ever do to it, is not buy their product, and do not talk about them. Remember the saying "no such thing as bad press"? Yeah, it is still very relevant. This is why people question your intentions in this specific section of this forum. Your history of posting anti-AMD threads have rubbed people the wrong way, and now any thread you do regarding AMD will be met with the same scrutiny. I highly suggest letting go of any anger you have towards them, and move on. You will feel better in the long run.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to Zah in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to SurvivorNVL in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to cesrai in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
    I don't get it AMD cards aren't that hot anyway the difference in TDP isn't that huge between AMD cards and it Nvidia counterparts.
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to Lazeralus in AMD's Phil Rogers jumps to nVidia   
    Oh, wow. And here I was thinking average 65C overclocked was a good temp. Silly me. 
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    Norman_the_Owl reacted to ShadowCaptain in iPhone 6s camera shows no improvement over the 6   
    Well it HAS improved, since it gets the same score but with a higher resolution, also 4k vidoe and better performance etc
    Sure dynamic range and ISO performance might not have changed, but the camera is still an improvment, and still in the top 10
    lets not forget, its an S phone which is more about performance upgrade!, lets see what the iPhone 7 can bring
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    Norman_the_Owl got a reaction from Oberon.Smite in Is Scattervolt reliable   
    He doesn't understand that xeons can be used to game, and he doesn't understand that it makes more sense to get 2 295x2 than 4 980s for 4k.