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  • Birthday Dec 03, 1972

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    Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
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    console and pc gaming, building pcs, streaming gaming, harness racing, etc.
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    I am 45 years of age and have 2 teens. I have lived with anxiety disorders since the age of 12 or so which has made life difficult. I have made progress in certain areas in recent years but still am not at the point I want to be at in my life. I am divorced and am not looking to get into a relationship until I am self sufficient and able to truly take care of myself or I find a person that accepts me for who I am and supports me in the journey to become self sufficient, etc.
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    survey taker


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    Intel i5 2500K
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  • RAM
    8 GB
  • GPU
    GTX 670
  • Case
    HAF 912
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    3 TB Seagate hard drive plus a 1 TB or so Western Digital hard drive
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    Windows 7 64 bit

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  1. Let me just say I am back to running a GTX 670 in my pc and when coil whine wants to happen at it's peak it is quite hard on the ears. LOL!
  2. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/full-tower/haf-x/ https://bit-tech.net/previews/tech/cases/cooler-master-haf-x-and-the-future/1/ I am sure there are other cases I am not thinking of that I liked from then but searching all over the internet for specific years of cases is not going to be a fun task right now. Already sent too much time on the website tonight. LOL!
  3. Clearly I did. Also I understand that AMD cpus benefit from faster ram but that applies to if the person wants to use the on chip graphics. Seriously if you are going to tell me that the AMD cpu that he picked and even an RX 570 is not going to do what it seems he wants it to do then you are allowed to do that but you'd be wrong.
  4. You try again. Yes I read the initial post and then read the responses after and then applied something to my response to make things clear. Did you read my post?
  5. Yes it is good enough for 2019 gaming if you mean being able to play games at 1080p and 1440p at decent or max graphical levels. As for 4K gaming it is going to be a not so fun experience to do anything with newer games. I just looked up some older games at 4K with the card and not sure of the settings they used but the only game to reach 30 FPS 4K was GTA V I believe it was. There will be games that run better with lowest settings but likely to be really old titles. PS: Just noticed someone said the cpu and mobo were not compatible but what I said above applies to an affordable build th
  6. Epic Games has every right to do what they want. Also Linux users there is this thing called dual boot you can do or you can partition a drive and use Linux on one part of it and Windows on the other and play games made by Epic Games. I remember having posts taken down just because I was said to be trolling by recommending this legitimately once or twice by Level 1 Tech mods Look you can fight for Linux to become more common place and give people more options but from what I experienced for years being part of the Level 1 Tech side of what was once Tek Syndicate I honestly have no sympathy f
  7. Considering what I went through with the Level 1 Tech Linux supporters there who actually had one of their main 3, Ryan, say that their company needs normies to grow the company and their communities reaction to it in how they treated normies I am not surprised at all with anything Linux snobs do, Also can they stop coming out with a billion versions of Linux type OSes and just focus on making one version of the OS great or at least make it far less than they have available now? Anyway @Muhammad Tajy I recommend you going to Level 1 Tech as you will fit right in there and hell maybe you will
  8. Linus I don't think you are going to be happy but I agree with you on something.
  9. Forget the SSD. Stick with spinning rust until per dollar you get what hard drives give. Hard drives for life!
  10. Thanks for confirming this. I was just telling some guy at EB Games he reminded me of Riley. I didn't remember the name Riley but could not forget the hair. LOL! Anyway definitely have a reason to watch to watch some of this LTT related content now.
  11. This is just ridiculous. No need for an i9 in a device like this. Didn't even bother to watch the video due to it's ridiculousness.
  12. Wait a sec! Is the guy on the left the guy who used to have that slick looking greased up hair in the NCIX vids when Linus was gone from them? If so I may be interested in The WAN Show again. Guy was funny as hell in the NCIX vids. As for not seeing Linus in his own show he started which I think has gone on for some time now that is just strange though. I haven't watched in ages so I don't know how long it has been since Linus has not been a regular part of it or has missed some. What is the deal there? PS: I assume Linus might want to spend more time with the family as he gets older a
  13. A cocktail hour .... Never thought I'd hear that mentioned in relation to Linus Tech Tips. : S LOL! I guess it is done to **** the *** of the sponsors to make that $$$$$$$$$$$$. Hate it but get it.
  14. Look I am on a budget for things and like to save money but instead of buying some mining card just spend the extra $100 or so to get a new GTX 1060 6 GB and have the warranty and be done with it. Heck also if you got to go used they are only $200 now used and are the real gaming card. Also with the cheap AMD offerings out there that perform as well or better the heck with Nvidia. (Coming from a guy that pushed Green Team forever .. PhysX) Get an RX 570 for $179 or $199 and maybe be lucky to get free games with it and also have a new card.
  15. Luke gone? Everybody gotta die sometime. : S