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  1. Hey guys. First of all thanks alot for helping me out! So I was gaming as usual on my mid ranged PC and suddenly the monitor stopped working. Long story short the monitor is completely dead now and I am currently in a dilemma regarding which monitor should I buy. I am currently unemployed so I don't have a big budget. But these two monitors are what I found to be good. ( I used to have an old dell monitor, dell 2208wfp to be exact. It was a wide 16:10 monitor which sufficed me until now, and I can't find any good 16:10 22 inch monitors so I looked for 24 inch 16:9 instead, I used
  2. ah okay, alright. I guess thats the best i could do with it. Thanks guys But I am still wondering, why it works perfectly fine as a secondary disk and goes bonkers if i try to boot from it. Could anyone give me a good explanation why this drive is being so fussy?
  3. Hello guys, a few months back i bought a 240 gig msata ssd from amazon. Since i was tight on budget, i went with those cheapo "Dogfish" chinese ssds. Once i got it, i installed windows on it as usual. Not even a few minutes into windows and everything would completely freeze up without any way to get control, forcing me to force shut my laptop down. After doing so, when trying to get back in windows, the whole installation would always get corrupted. I know you what you are saying, the SSD is probably bad, return it. Thing is, i already did ask seller to give me a replacement. Howe
  4. oh yeah i had a budget of Rs3000 but i tried to stretch. It was just a bit more for a much better ssd so i got it. Also i got it on amazon. Initially i wanted to only spend under Rs3000 but after doing research + getting suggestions from you guys, i decided to get that one.
  5. Very informative answer. Thank you! I did not think of it in the sense and i guess youre right. I am buying an ssd from adata. I am not going for the su650 one but su800 which i think is better. It has dram whereas the su650 didnt have it. I guess dramless ssds arent bad either but i was getting this su800 one at a slightly higher cost (Rs3400) compared to the su650 (Rs2700) so i went for it.
  6. thanks alot! can i ask one more thing? how often do ssds fail? because i was seeing its reviews and a few said that the drive failed for them.
  7. its sata. and i think sata 2. my pc is kinda old. im using 3rd gen i7
  8. I am not very sure. I think maybe it doesnt. this is my motherboard. https://www.gigabyte.com/in/Motherboard/GA-H61M-S-rev-10/sp#sp After doing a bit of digging, i think its sata 2
  9. reposting because i got no response. Please check this link
  10. Hello guys , A fellow PC user here. Today morning when i woke up, i was greeted with a surprise. My PC wont boot into windows saying the windows boot is corrupt. After 30 minutes of troubleshooting i came to the realization that my 8 year old snail 512 GB HDD had finally given up at trying to survive. So i decided, its finally time to give the old geezer a burial and say hello to a brand new Solid state drive. But i have a very limited knowledge about what SSD i should go for. I am from India and on kind of a tight budget. I can spend around Rs3000 ($40) to get one. I shortl
  11. So i DDUd the drivers and also reseated everything. Sadly the lag still didnt get fixed. I realized it wasnt my gpu but my cpu that was the problem. it seemed that the cpu clock dropped from 4.4 ghz to merely 10 Mhz or something at times. I tested cpu stability using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and found that memory test made the huge lags happen. Then i realized i had swapped the 2 ram sticks i have around in the ram slots. I use one of those sodimm to dimm converter to use a 8 gb laptop ram on my desktop. I swapped them back to how they originally were and the lag is gone! So i guess that w
  12. Alright i'll try that. However it was working all fine before the clean. I had not updated the drivers or anything when the issue came up. I'll still give it a try. Hopefully its a driver issue
  13. I mostly play games like Doom/GTA 5/Minecraft . Some old MMOs. I use two screens,one for playing the game and other for surfing youtube. Before the cleaning everything worked fine. But not now.
  14. Thanks to everyone who help me. A few days back i decided to give my pc a clean up because i had not done it for a while. I reapplied thermal paste on cpu and on the gpu. I cleaned the fans n all. When i opened up the gpu i saw alot of the thermal paste was collected around the die and was in a hardened state. I decided to remove it with a soft plastic knife. I scraped with minimum force removing the hardened paste. Then cleaned the dye with a microfibre cloth,reapplied paste and that was it. To my dismay, once i fired up some games they had massive fps drops which wasnt the issue