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  1. Bios updated version 1.60 by ASRock released for Intel Z370
  2. Yes it is, Voltage was Auto I think max goes up to 1.36v-1.380. It works fine when lower Voltage to 1.135 as fixed temp 68-73
  3. I have the i7 8700K with ASRock Taichi Z370 run @ 4.700 4400 Voltage Auto using large good made water cooling CPU Temp it reach 80 - 83 when running P95 standard temp 22-48 I have tried many ways also upgrade to XSPC RayStorm Pro WaterBlock, it did not work. I give up trying. I am still not sure about i7 8700K if it will be able to run at low temp with p95 while cpu running at 4.700 but will run ok at basic speed 3.700 Temp 60-63.