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  1. Found this short video of a cute bird chilling with his gaming human. Made me think of Luke's WAN Show guest star:
  2. My bad, thank you. Posted in a frenzy after finding out.
  3. Hi everyone, wasn't sure if anyone posted a topic for this yet. Head over to UFD tech on YouTube and help at their GoFundMe if you are able. They are going through an incredibly rough time. Great Techtuber and incredible family. Kyle over at BitWit has already donated too.
  4. Yeah, Gamers Nexus Steve said it's probably the worst stock cooler they've ever tested. I'll be waiting until next month when the AIBs slap on their better coolers.
  5. You guys are right... I can't believe I let my common sense get plowed over by a new tech that's not worth it right now (or even in the near future.) Oy, I for real feel like I was so caught up in the hype and can't miss out syndrome. I am so glad you guys smacked me with truth. Save the $100 and get an excellent GPU that pretty much matches the RTX 2070 Super in raw FPS. Alright, well I will be giving my money to the company deserves it, AMD. All AMD build here I come!
  6. I do agree, the AMD cards are the better deal. I personally, and say what you will, want to have Ray Tracing support. Call me a sucker and that I have FOMO but I guess my philosophy is that I'm buying a GPU that I want to last me at least 5 years and of course I could wait until 2nd gen Navi when AMD will probably have DXR support but I'd like to know that I at least have the capability to play DXR/RTX enabled games in the next year and going forward. My one fear is that, of course, AMD has a brand new architecture that is yet unproven which leaves the potential for performance gains through d
  7. Hello everyone! So I feel like I may already know the answer to this one but wanted to reach out and see what others' thoughts/speculations we're about Nvidia's willingness to drop prices on their new Super cards in the wake of AMD's pre launch price cuts. Does anyone think it's at all a possibility within the next couple months or would Nvidia have already done it pre launch if they were going to drop pricing? Or was the release of the Super cards the only amount they were willing to budge? Nvidia can be pretty stubborn but they've also not had any serious competition
  8. That was an excellent video from G.N., thanks for the share. Honestly with the core efficiency improvements and tighter IPC gap that the Ryzen 2000 series has brought I'd be fine with the 2600X's 6 cores (I don't plan on doing a lot of heavy editing.) I have a GTX1060 6GB card and I'm currently gaming on a 1080P 144Hz panel.
  9. Hello everyone! The venerable, the mighty, the legendary Core i5 2500k. Barring the benefits of a new platform (m.2, USB 3.1, etc.) would it grant noticeable performance gains in games to upgrade to either the Ryzen 2600X or 2700X? If not in max FPS, perhaps at least the 1% lows would be minimized? I have a GTX1060 6GB at the moment and I do encounter noticeable stuttering in some games especially GTAV and Far Cry 5 (regardless of settings.) I know the Ryzen chips have a lower IPC compared to 8th gen Intel parts but from what I've read it's typically within 5-10% and gi
  10. Ermm, I don't know what you're talking about, MassDrop is great, I just didn't like the panel.
  11. Have you seen a recent TN panel? The quality issue only really comes down to the viewing angles at this point, I mean sure I wouldn't use it for professional video editing but, each technology really, is slowly ironing out their inherent flaws. At this point, each of the 3 LCD types can be solid options for their intended audiences: TNs for people who need fast response times for FPSs and the like (assuming the panel itself is of good quality;) VAs for people who want exceptional contrast ratio and a decent panel for prosumer video/image editing and even light gaming duty; and IPS for people w
  12. Alright so after about an hour and a half of testing different known good cables (HDMI & Dual Link DVI), hooking up my old TN (with the same cables) and even mirroring the displays at different refresh rates, cable swaps, different resolutions, and on and on. The issue is indeed the new monitor. List of what I tested: Running the displays independently and judging subjectively. Mirroring displays (matching refresh rates, matching cables) for side-by-side (more objective) comparison. Multiple games (Call of Duty MW3, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 5) with A LOT o
  13. Yeah, no it's definitely Vertical Alignment.
  14. Yeah, will do. I'll be getting around to testing it tomorrow.