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  1. The 7 pro is not going to sell quite a lot in India. The base model is priced at Rs. 49999 (approx 710 USD) and the higher end models go up to approx. 850 USD. Anyone in India who has the capacity to spend that much for a phone will definitely get the iphone xr which is just approximately 100 USD more than the base model of the 7 pro. But, for the oneplus 7, it is a different story. It is priced less than the oneplus 6t(when it was launched) and has improved specs and camera. Probably will sell quite more than the 7 pro.
  2. Here's the link- https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/pd500220
  3. In the product overview page of Lenovo's legion series of laptops(mainly Legion Y530, Y7000P), GTX 1160 has been listed as graphic card. The listing has to versions of the GTX 1160 which maybe is similar to the current-gen GTX 1060 card. Link to the website- https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/pd500220 Lenovo's maybe preparing for the launch of GTX 11** series cards and just couldn't wait for NVIDIA to announce them. Personally, I think these might be just current-gen(GTX 10**) rebranded cards but, you never know what OEMs can do. Let's see if NVIDIA d
  4. You could also try flint os. They also have a cloud ready like os and have been given quite good reviews. What's the harm anyway? Here's the link- https://flintos.io/
  5. I have decided to purchase a legion y530. In my country, India, the laptop with the i5-8300H and gtx 1050ti version is priced at Rs. 89000(approx. 1215 US dollars) and the i7-8570H but, with gtx 1050 is priced at Rs. 93000(approx. 1270 US dollars). I am really confused between those two variants (only these two variants are available in my country). Which one should I get? Is the difference between the 1050 and 1050ti too much or the i7 variant a good deal?
  6. So, I installed philz recovery on my htc desire 816g. And decided to flash this rom- https://forum.xda-developers.com/des...t6592-t3448796The recovery showed that there is an error in the file. I had completely wiped my stock rom and had forgot to take backup. After showing that error, the recovery automatically rebooted the device without an os. It is now stuck in bootloop and it is not being detected by my laptop via adb. Please help!!
  7. Thanks bro for the suggestions. Will definitely looki into them!
  8. I have a friend who is studying architecture and is in need of a laptop. His budget is about ₹60000. Country- India Website links- https://www.amazon.in https://www.flipkart.com
  9. I don't face any of these kind of these issues. Last year in December I bought a new laptop and decides to give EDGE a try and since then it has become my primary browser. I tried chrome and firefox a few times but, I don't know why, they seem to work superslow.
  10. Its NTFS, that's why I think it was showing as corrupt. After rooting do I have to do additional stuff or it will detect the HDD automatically? My phone model is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4(mido)
  11. The HDD actually powered up and I could feel the hard drive spinning
  12. I have an external hdd which has some movies and I am travelling right now, so I wanted to watch them on my phone. Using an otg cable I connected the hdd to my phone and it started spinning. But, my phone was showing it as corrupt although as soon as I checked it using a laptop, everything was intact and I was able to write and read data easily. What caused this problem?
  13. There's this program called partition wizard using which you can migrate your os from your hdd to your ssd seamlessly. I myself have used that application for this purpose. If you want to have a look at it, here is the link to its website- https://www.partitionwizard.com