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  1. My 90's rig... Power Mac G4 MDD Dual 1.25GHz G4 2 GB RAM Geforce 4600 TI 128MB M Audio Audiophile 2496 Lindy Firewire 400/USB PCI Card Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA Card Firmtek Seritek 1S2 Card 4 120GB PNY SSDs 2 DVD/CDR Pioneer Superdrives All Noctua Fans External USB Floppy Drive External USB Zip Drive Roland MA8 Speakers Apple USB Keyboard Microsoft USB Optical Intellimouse Output to a 65" Samsung 4K Curve TV, can play anything from SimCity Classic to Quake 3 Arena at over 300FPS.
  2. Performance and aesthetics are important to me. The card is in my 90's rig, and I haven't spared an expense yet. Thanks for your insight tho lavablade02.
  3. I have an NVIDIA Geforce 4600 TI with a very loud fan, obviously nearing failure. I was looking at a replacement unit for the card, and was hoping to use something a little nicer than the $8 replacements I see online. I would love to use a modern style replacement. Does anyone know what style I should look for?