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  1. I was able to get this resolved by plugging in things externally (monitor/keyboard) while leaving the lid closed and getting in through device manager to disable it. I was then able to get into registry edit and found the DWords that enable the touchscreen function and set them to 0. I then renabled the driver just to test that the registry edits indeed did disable the touchscreen inputs. If I remember correctly from last night the were in... currentuser/software/microsoft/wisp/touch I also did the same thing in the local machine registry. I used TouchGate on local machine and c
  2. Hi All, My cousin has a laptop (model) above that has a touchscreen that is on the fritz making inputs like spaz. This issue has been on-going for about 2 years for her. In the past I have been able to get into device manager and disable to driver for the touchscreen and she can use the laptop with no issues. The problem is, every time windows updates it re-enables the driver and the issue comes back. At this point the touchscreen is making inputs at a fast enough rate I cannot log into windows and get into device manager and disable the touch screen. Does anyone know if this can be
  3. I am mostly looking for more information from the company. I am annoyed because now I am getting 10-15 phishing emails in my inbox every day. I'm sure this is happening to other people as well. I would guess some people don't know any better and are now losing their personal information and ending up with their Identities stolen. So yeah, annoyance for me, potential major issue other people. It would be nice to get something more than a 'Whoopsie, We apologize, here is some vague information' email from a major company like Amazon.
  4. I get that this isn't Amazon's fault but they do have some level of responsibility for the protection of customer data. Something similar to if a UPS driver road rages and hits something with his truck, UPS has a level of responsibility for both the damage caused and the damage/delay to the packages the driver was carrying. Or if a cook decided to spit in your order at a restaurant, the restaurant has some level of responsibility to the customer. While in the examples the Company isn't attempting to do something nefarious and it is something out of their control, it was something that was d
  5. Anyone else receive one of these yesterday? Looks like it is legit from Amazon and would explain the spam train I have been getting the past couple days. I am attempting to reach out to a CSR for more detailed information but it is slow going so far. I'll update with more information when available. Update: I went through the Chat CSR help, the original CSR decided quickly this was over their head and connected me with an Account Security CSR via a phone call. The Account Security CSR (SCSR) he was very polite and nice but not very helpful. Here are a couple Q&As (I am trying
  6. This is going to be for my boss's laptop. I mainly work with desktops so this is uncharted waters for me. The laptop appears to have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. To my knowledge you can plug USB-C devices into thunderbolt ports, but I could be wrong. If you can plug USB-C into thunderbolt then a USB-C dock/dongle will work fine for him. If not then I guess it will need to be a TB3 dock/dongle. He is wanting to plug his laptop into 2 Monitors 1080p (HDMI/Display/DVI) and also a 4k TV which only has HDMI ports to plug into. HP Spectre x360 w/ i7-8550U
  7. Does anyone know of any or have recommendations for a 3 display USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 dongle? Could be a mix of HDMI & Display Port or all HDMI
  8. That would make things easier, unfortunately wall mounting is not an option for me in my apartment.
  9. I recently bought an awesome 32:9 49" inch 1440p monitor. It looks amazing but.... -The Stand takes up a lot of desk real estate -I would like to mount it above my 24" 240hz monitor. I am having difficulty finding an arm mount for it. The arm mount will need to -Allow the monitor to clear the height of the 24" -Support 33+ Lbs Anyone know of an arm mount that will work? I am considering just screwing some 2x4s to my desk to make a raised mounting point for the mounts that I have found that will support the weight (but aren't tall enough). But would rather not damage the nice
  10. You already knew this. I was watching and not partaking. Have a great weekend LTT Staff!
  11. This is a form of measurement I could get behind.
  12. That is cool. Thanks for the info. I was just thinking it might have become the standard in the early days of television manufacturing back in the 1940s and 1950s and just happened to stick and here we are about 75 years later and the world is still measuring TVs in inches.
  13. Hi everyone, I had this question during the video on the Chinese only Huawei TV. I noticed on the box it has 55" written on the box which I found odd since the product isn't intended for sale anywhere outside China. I always assumed screens in other countries of the world would be advertised and measured in cm as anyone outside the USA always says imperial measurements are stupid. Just wondering if inches is the standard measurement for monitor/television screens across globe or if this was an odd occurrence. Thanks for the input!
  14. Wait until the returns from this deal hit amazon warehouse and then buy used for $500. Note: This is how I buy all my monitors and have had nothing but good experiences.