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    Jordan_C21 got a reaction from Alex Ushigome in Should I take 400 on my STRIX 2070 Super   
    I have an ebay viewbot, i just pushed mine to the front page and put 450 on it with good pictures and hoped for the best LOL. i paid 550 for this back in december. with the new cards coming out this is absolutely the best its gonna get, but the offer stands for like 6 more hours so i can wait and see
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to herb in Should I take 400 on my STRIX 2070 Super   
    yes you can get a better 3000 series card with that
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Skiiwee29 in Should I take 400 on my STRIX 2070 Super   
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Glenwing in Aoc G2460PF White and blacks   
    You may have to restart, I'm not sure
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    Jordan_C21 got a reaction from Slottr in the lightbox project   
    thanks man. ive never had to have this done so i wouldnt know, but i do now
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to xg32 in RTX 2060 Super Founders freezes and crashes, Nvidia Denied warranty   
    since you bought it from a random ebay seller, this isn't really on nvidia, but if you paid with paypal you can try filing a dispute for a defective product.
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Viper9 in Cheaper RTX 2070 or Rx 5700 XT?   
    I would choose the RTX 2070. 
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to amdorintel in $1500 1440p build   
    might as well buy the 3600X for a few pesos more, getting better silicone, maybe a better fan if its like the 2600 and 2600X
    your mobo
    MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard
    6 phase vrm using 60A power stages.
    3900X is ok depends on airflow, heat sink looks anemic. Componentry is good. SLI is good.
    not bad not bad
    get the Tomahawk MAX
    your ram should really be speeds of 3400+ like the Viper Steel 2x8GB
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to minibois in What is the normal temperature of CPU and GPU   
    Of course it depends on the GPU and CPU you have and of course also the ambient temps and cooling situation..
    But 70 degrees C is kind of the expected amount in most scenarios.
    What is it nowadays with so many people asking about temps..? 
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to minibois in Best AMD chipset?   
    The differences between chipsets are minimal, mainly the amount of USB options, PCI lanes and overclocking support or not (A320 doesn't support OC'ing, all the others do).
    There are good and bad boards in every chipset though, so you shouldn't judge a board by its chipset.
    ^This shows a list of boards, ordered by what sort of use case (CPU type and OC'ing) it is good for.
    That should limit some choices. Then you can look at physical sizes, and for example limit out the boards that won't fit in your case. Then you can check features, like RAM slot amounts, M.2 slot amounts, ports on the back, etc.
    If you want some suggestions, please do post the build you are planning out, tell us some of your demands for the board, possible budget, etc. 
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Slottr in HELP R5 3600x running SLOW   
    Knowing how hot it is would help
    What case you're using, what power supply that is
    Specifics are important
    -Moved to Troubleshooting-
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in Best RX 5700xt model?   
    Yeah definitely get what is best for your use case and also best for your money. There will always be time to experiment with stuff and carry out projects of your own. Doesn't have to be now.
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    Ah yeah completely forgot, my bad haha. Have you tried looking at the GPU cooling tier list for ideas?
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    That's fair enough, sounds like the RTX 2070 Super is the right card for you. I recommend the EVGA XC Ultra and the MSI Gaming (X) Trio - both great cards with really good cooling.
  15. Informative
    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in Best RX 5700xt model?   
    I really like it and it goes with my motherboard (synchronized RGB and all that). It was the exact same price as the Red Devil (£400) and after looking at HardwareUnboxed's review I was convinced and decided to give it a shot. I prefer the look of the Aorus card over the Red Devil but I still think the Red Devil is nice and would've gone for it if the Aorus didn't exist. Don't like the look of the Nitro+ even if the memory cooling is superior to all the other AIB models. With respect to acoustics the card is dead quiet even when playing BFV at 1440p. In terms of temps it's good but I might adjust the fan curve to a slightly more aggressive profile to improve cooling because I like to run my system nice and cool but it's definitely not a must with this card. 
    Overall, would recommend. ?
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in Best RX 5700xt model?   
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Triboal in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    Just as a heads up, I'm not entirely sure what the pricing situation is where you live but the Strix models you often pay a premium for the name compared to other good brands that offer the same quality (in terms of cooling and acoustics) as the Strix models. Get it if you love the look of the card and feel it will fit your build extremely well but definitely don't get it purely because it's Strix. EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI all make extremely good cards depending on which models you go for. 
    If you're unsure in terms of cooling performance just use the GPU cooling tier list to help make your decision:
    Good luck with your build!
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    Jordan_C21 got a reaction from DoctorNick in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    16 years old, first job, not my first pc but first one completely done by me. will do pictures when done for the rgb goopness this forum has been insanely helpful
  19. Informative
    Jordan_C21 reacted to DoctorNick in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    Haha the strix is 299.7mm so you got plenty of space. Don't worry, it's perfectly fine.
  20. Informative
    Jordan_C21 reacted to DoctorNick in 2070 Super AIB Models?   
    You want RGB? If not get this:
    If yes, get this:
    EVGA is solid - Also their support is super nice and fast. Had a GTX 570. Overclocked it to death. Replaced within 2 weeks. Only payed for shipping.
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    Jordan_C21 reacted to Atmos in worried about gpu clearance..   
    Happy gaming man, glad I could point out some stuff.
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    Jordan_C21 got a reaction from Atmos in worried about gpu clearance..   
    I found a guy on pcpartpicker post pics of him getting the card in the black version of my case so I'm sure it will work. Thanks dude
  23. Agree
    Jordan_C21 reacted to Princess Luna in Good 2070 or Crap 2080 Super?   
    450 dollars for a 2080 Super sounds a no brainer for me.
  24. Informative
    Jordan_C21 reacted to Quadriplegic in 5700xt or 2070 super   
    If you use Adobe, Nvidia card will have the advantage.

    If you use da Vinci Resolve, AMD card will have the advantage
  25. Informative
    Jordan_C21 reacted to WickedStarfish in 2070 Super vs 5700xt   
    Personally i would go a 2070 super, due to my liking of the design of the MSI 2070S Gaming X Trio though if at the time of purchase this one was unavaliable and didnt look like it was going to be back in stock soon than my decision would turn to a choice between the MSI RX 5700 XT Gaming X and the Gigabyte 2070S Aorus 8GB, both designs i dont mind so i would then turn to performance benchmarks to decide between them