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  1. I'm also using Avast free and they're making it worse and worse with more bloatware and popups. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything better free AV than it.
  2. Hi, on load 85-90 isn't a good temperature and if I were you I wouldn't overclock the CPU if I had this result. First advice I would give you is to downclock back to factory and see the result on load. If it's still so bad, I would suggest you to replace thermal paste and use the good one. Personally I used Arctic (brand) thermal greases and they seem good. If this still doesn't help, than I would advice you to get a better cooler, especially if you want to overclock your PC. Your main goal should be to have good temps both on idle and load, preferably less than 80 on load. As for
  3. Never had a single problem with rufus and I own 6 usb flashes. Has been installing with rufus Windows, Linux OSes and etc... Not a single problem. Never in my life used Windows media creating too. Problem here isn't in rufus.
  4. it doesn't matter which one he uses rufus or windows media creating tool. They both work. Personally I never used windows media creating too, but rufus and never had a single problem with rufus. Anyway to the OP: If you made a windows bootable properly via rufus, you should plug it now to your PC and make sure it will boot from your usb stick not your hard drive. You can check these settings in your bios. Once you boot from your usb flash drive, you should have a dialog of windows installing window where you can proceed and install Windows. For the future, never use tho
  5. try to reset bios and check after that. Usually it's F7 to reset and then F10 to save and exit and see if it helps.
  6. If it's better, than keep it, however the cooler you were aiming is a very good cooler (speaking from my own experience).
  7. Entered in safe mode, but safe mode wasn't very stable. Explorer was taking a lot of time, crashing and couldn't even manage to enter in my hard drives. So, I went to plan B and inserted usb drive with WinPe and restarted the system. Portable Windows booted up and tried to delete those folders, but again it gave me the error and didn't allow me to delete those folders, even in WinPE mode! So, I went to my last plan and inserted another usb drive - Kubuntu which offers you portable Linux along with installation ability. So, I booted up Kubuntu, went to my hard drives and finally I was able to e
  8. I just went on their website to download, install and then uninstall it, but their website is on non-secure state and when I downloaded the file, my browser blocked it and said exe file might be dangerous. I don't even know if this software is safe now and should I still download it or no.
  9. No, I was using those hard drives and I mainly use them for video files. Maybe in the past I tried that software, but I really don't remember. I will try to enter in OS in safe mode and will see if I can delete those folders. If this doesn't help, I will use WinPE and let's see.
  10. Today, by accident I noticed this hidden folder called "winmend folder hidden" in my both hard drives. It was hidden and can be seen only if you untick "hide protected operating system files (recommended)". I googled it and seems like it's a software for hiding files and folders in Windows. I don't remember installing such software in my computer. It's not in "Apps" too. I tried to delete this file and I get this message: However when I go inside, it's empty and when I click "try again", explorer restarts. What the heck is this folder and why it's there?
  11. It's normal. I have the same CPU. Check this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/intel/comments/jyrgg1/i5_10400f_max_ghz/
  12. Laptops for gaming suck. They overheat and their GPUs are weaker than their desktop relatives. Add smaller displays and smaller keyboard to those things and think twice if you still want a laptop for gaming. I'm not even mentioning the thing that you won't be able to upgrade your laptop the way you can upgrade desktop computer (for example changing the GPU). If you want computer for gaming, I wouldn't advise you to buy a laptop. If you don't care for gaming and bigger screen and mechanical keyboard, then just go with laptop. Any laptop with SSD and at least 8GB and modern CPU would be fine for
  13. Sandboxes ain't 100% safe either. I've read an article few weeks ago about some advanced virus/worm or something that it could bypass the sandbox (it could detect if it's in sandbox and disable itself and sandbox couldn't detect it as a worm. However once you run it in a normal environment it could infect your computer and spread it through the network). Here's a article about those viruses that can bypass the sandbox: https://hakin9.org/sandbox-evading-malware-are-coming-7-most-recent-attacks/
  14. Brands don't matter. They all can be overclocked.
  15. Whichever is cheapest to just a have a signal in your monitor. If you add more money and buy slightly "better", you will regret, because those old, mid-range GPUs suck nowadays. Just get the cheapest, weakest one and when this shortage of GPUs will be over after some years (I hope), buy a normal, powerful GPU for gaming.
  16. Yeah, seems like a monitor problem, sadly. I had this weird thing few months ago: When I was turning on my PC, when there's a logo of your motherboard before system goes to operating system, there was one vertical stripe and everything looked with chromatic aberration effect, but after it would pass boot screen and would go to Windows, colors were normal and stripe would disappear. It was happening randomly, not very often. Later I changed monitor and to be honest after that this phenomena never happened, but I don't think it was caused by monitor. Your case seems more like it's ca
  17. Ok, so to make it clear, you're getting these weird stripes in boot menu only? And after boot logo, when it goes to Windows, everything is fine?
  18. It won't ruin it. Next time when you will be buying a new video card, try to get 3 fans version. They seem cooler and more quiet.
  19. Is it stuck in restarting loop? Or it just restarts once during a work and then starts normal? In most cases, when computer is stuck in a restarting loop it's a motherboard's fault.
  20. 80°C is totally safe for video cards. It's not an ideal temperature, but it definitely won't get damaged if you're worrying about it.
  21. I have i5 10400f with base of 2.90 GHz & turbo of 4.30 GHz and I use my PC for video gaming (not streaming though), photoshop and illustrator & photo editing and I'm pretty satisfied with my CPU. It's handling everything perfectly. I also have 1440p monitor and my current GPU is more bottlnecking my system than this CPU and actually this CPU is doing fine in everything including gaming on 1440p.