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    Watashi Kininarimasu!
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    Intel Core I7-5820k 3.3Ghz OCed to 4.0Ghz
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 2400Mhz
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  1. Feel free to post manga in this topic, lots of people read but just don't really talk about it outside of discord or mangadex comment sections.
  2. Oh that's interesting, any indicators to show what company made it? Any idea when it was last serviced(if it ever was)?
  3. Oh nice now we have a horology thread! Got a couple of watches but I haven't taken pictures of most of them. Orient Ray 2 here, it's gains 5 seconds every week pretty accurate out of the box never regulated. Swapped the bracelet with a blue perlon strap(old picture here though). That's a real nice citizen watch. Love the tachymeter on the watch, got a Seiko mini flight master with a similar design except with more complications. I'd like to own a Grand Seiko SBGA407 Blue Snowflake someday, Seiko's Spring Drives are amazing pieces o
  4. Ahh my condolences. That sort of behavior exists on basically every social media platform that's out there. I assume she's monitoring everything you do online because your still young?
  5. Man that really is invasive... Just noticed your profile says you can't use discord, why? Way more moeblob anime coming out these days compared to the past. Unfortunately.... I see you read the Overlord Light Novels, man of culture. I enjoyed how different it was when Overlord came out, the guys your rooting for are basically the villains of the world in that one.
  6. Astolfo is a guy lol, the trap meme has been stuck with him since the beginning of his introduction. As for the first post of this thread, OP isn't active on this forum anymore. It's been a long time since I've visited the forum myself.
  7. I can confirm the OnePlus One can no longer run the game. I play every single day when I go out for my daily walk.
  8. Nothing Organic about this power bank.... Just ignore these ads, theses products are pointless.
  9. That gave me a good chuckle. Maybe they're call center is closed? Strange though you should be able to call your local Microcenter store. I'd imagine contact via phone would be more important with Covid being a thing right now...
  10. Looks like you know where you need to start then.
  11. Have you checked out any logo design guidelines online? Lots of professional graphic designers have made guides on what to look out for and implement when creating a logo.
  12. A common goal a lot of long term high capital investors is to just live off of dividend payouts. DRIPs(Dividend Reinvestment Plans) are pretty common, there are benefits for investors and the company.