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    Intel Core I7-5820k 3.3Ghz OCed to 4.0Ghz
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  1. Lots of stuff to compliment MadVR too. Really good stuff
  2. Not surprised he'd say something like that, though historically Crypto has bounced back in every big drop thus far. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like every major crash doesn't drop below the previous crashes price level. Haven't touched anything crypto since Mt Gox days though, I'll stick with my stocks and futures.
  3. Fansub + MPC player master race lol
  4. Seems like your best bet is contacting Logitech or buying that receiver sub68 linked. Also couldn't help but notice your thread title is you lost your receiver for your G602 but in your first post you said it's a G402.
  5. I made this mistake on my first loop as well, technically it should still have flow in the loop. It's just not optimal due to the outlet and inlet on the blocks being reversed.
  6. Let's not bring up that abomination Monster Hunter movie.
  7. Right good that you mentioned that, I did remember reading about some drama having to do with WD not listing SMR drives accurately. That's fair, I did hear about how Seagate has been been trying to repair they're reputation on reliability. Though it's somewhat ingrained in me to avoid Seagate drives now due to the fact all but one of the Seagate drives I've used have died.
  8. You could go with a simple two drive system like the Synology DS220+ if you want, Synology's software is pretty easy to use. A cheaper option would be something from QNAP's lineup of NAS options. I personally use a Synology DS920+ which is a 4 bay system and it's been doing pretty well for me. I have 4 HGST NAS drives in them, running in a RAID 10 config. I've almost always exclusively used Western Digital or HGST drives, rarely have I used any seagate drives since I remember they had a higher failure rate on backblaze stats. Since HGST is now integrated in WDC I'd pr
  9. Western live action adaptations generally are pretty bad. Japanese ones are a bit different. They've had more success than Western ones.
  10. Depending on what resolution your going to be playing at it'll be fine.
  11. Unfortunately the name of the thread wasn't a reference to that.
  12. It's a easy cash grab for something that already has a existing fanbase, plus they can have media taut how it's nostalgic. There are very few live action adaptations that have actually been good.
  13. The guy playing Spike is afraid of being compared to the OG animation version of him, not doing a good enough job. Meanwhile the one playing Faye is poking at fans and causing drama.
  14. There are a ton of anime's with ridiculously long names these days. It's become the norm.