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  1. ah okay as on this motherboard each channel is the 2 slots together, i just checked and that is already the case so the C-dies are next to each other and the d-dies are next to each other
  2. so i would put the memory as C-Die | D-Die | C-Die | D-Die?
  3. no sadly i had 2 and bought 2 extra from the same model as i heard mixing ram is not the best idea
  4. so better to just get a 32GB Kit as i was upgrading yes?
  5. i have checked the voltages and it goes to 1.35V by default tried going higher all the way up to 1.45V , but didnt change anything, and the bios xmp shows 2933 as the one lower than 3200, when i tried that i was getting BSODs and when i did a mem test after 5 minutes there was a lot of errors coming up.
  6. So i have been having an issue where i have 4 Hyper X fury 8 GB Sticks, all of them are rated for 3200Mhz speeds, however when i enable XMP all 4 sticks never boot, i looked further in the issue and apparently each 2 sticks have different dies on them, using Thaiphoon burner i found that 2 of the sticks are Samsung C-Die and 2 are Hynix D-Die, and i have tried manually setting the timings for them but with no solution, could use some help on this System specs, Ryzen 5 2600 MSI B450 pro carbon max wifi power supply is cougar cmx 700w 4x8 GB Hyper X fury 3200Mhz RAM st
  7. Yes its not a deadly shock but just a static buzzing feeling that there is electricity there.
  8. I live in egypt and the appartment building is like 5 years old but that is the normal here, i'll call the electrcian and see if he has any solutions but my thought is there isnt much that can be done
  9. I am not sure honestly i would think so but there is no ground wiring here so what could i possibly do!
  10. I have done that but thats just every wall outlet in the house the whole apartment building is built this way...
  11. Hi, i am not sure if this is the right place to post this but i have been going at this for days and i cant seem to find a solution, basically i have been having an issue with static electricity, i can feel it on my metal keyboard, now it only happens when my lcd monitors are connected to the power outlet when disconnected i cant feel any static same with the condencer microphone connected over usb, the wall outlets dont have ground in them and i am thinking that might be the problem but i am not sure how to solve them, it seems that the static i can feel on the keyvoard travel from the montir